CAPM Exam Updates 2023
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CAPM Exam Updates 2023: Everything You Need To Know

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification, offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is a widely recognized credential that signifies expertise in project management. For those aspiring to pursue a career in project management or seeking to obtain the CAPM certification, it is crucial to be informed about the changes that came into effect from January 2023 for CAPM Exam .


The PMI has recently released a revised Examination Content Outline (ECO) for the CAPM exam, outlining the domains that will be covered on the exam and the proportion of questions from each domain. This update marks the first change to the ECO since 2018, which emphasizes the significance of understanding and preparing for these updates before taking the exam.

What do these changes entail, and how can one prepare for them? This article will explore the current updates and provide tips on how to prepare for the revised exam.

Why is PMI making changes to the CAPM Exam?

Periodic assessments are conducted by the PMI to evaluate the job duties and responsibilities of individuals working in project management positions. These evaluations aim to ensure that the CAPM exam accurately assesses the skills and knowledge required for these roles. The assessment process involves gathering data through market research, job task analysis, and identifying emerging trends in the field. Based on these results, PMI may update the CAPM exam to ensure that it remains significant to both professionals and the firms which recruit them.

What are the changes in the New CAPM Exam?

With the latest update to the CAPM Exam, we can expect some significant changes. The previous version of the exam heavily focused on memorizing the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth edition, which may have put some candidates at a disadvantage.

This PMBOK guide term will come frequently so lets see what exactly ,

PMBOK 7 vs PMBOK 6 Top Differences

However, the new exam still assess fundamental principles, industry-standard practices, terminology, and processes. The difference is that it’ now include a broader range of professional practices, including agile, hybrid, and other delivery approaches and ways of working.

While this expanded scope may present a challenge for some candidates, particularly those who are not familiar with agile methodologies, it could also benefit others. Those who work in agile environments may find that the new exam more closely aligns with their real-world experience, making it easier to approach and understand.

Overall, the updated CAPM Exam is going to provide a more comprehensive and inclusive assessment of project management knowledge and skills, which will be beneficial for both aspiring project managers and those already working in the field.

The above information will help you in at the time of CAPM exam preparation.

Discover the Latest Updates to the CAPM 2023 Exam Content Outline:

Get ready for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) 2023 exam with the newly updated Examination Content Outline (ECO). The upcoming exam will feature a comprehensive assessment of project management practices, with a focus on the latest trends and techniques in the field.

One of the most significant changes in the ECO for 2023 is the redefined and divided exam domains. These domains reflect the current developments and critical areas of focus in project management. As a result, the exam will cover both foundational principles and emerging methodologies, such as agile practices and business analysis frameworks.

To prepare for the exam, it is crucial to understand the specifics of the domains being tested. Here’s a breakdown of the domains and the percentage of test items within each one.

  • Project management fundamentals and core concepts
  • Predictive plan-based methodologies
  • Agile frameworks/methodologies
  • Business analysis frameworks

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How are Questions Split?

Well, let’s take a closer look at the 2023 CAPM exam as an example. While it is based on the PMBOK® Guide Seventh Edition, some questions may not directly correlate with it. The reason behind this is that the exam is designed to include critical job tasks identified by a volunteer task force, who bring their own unique experiences and resources to the table.

In order to create a comprehensive exam, the task force has integrated both predictive and adaptive techniques across all four domains, without restricting them to any particular job or domain. This means that the exam questions will test your knowledge in various areas, and challenge you to apply your skills in different scenarios. So, get ready to put your thinking caps on and demonstrate your expertise in project management!

DomainPercentage of Questions
Project management fundamentals and core concepts36
Predictive, plan-based methodologies17
Agile frameworks/methodologies20
Business analysis frameworks27
CAPM Domain for Modified Exam 2023 Format

Let’s examine each domain separately:

Domain 1:

The foundational domain covers the fundamentals of project management, utilizing both predictive and adaptive techniques. These methods are essential building blocks for project management. Your understanding of project roles and responsibilities, project planning, and project life cycles and processes will be assessed.

Domain 2:

This domain delves deeper into predictive and adaptive project management methodologies. You need to be familiar with when and how to apply each approach. The second domain explores the implementation of project monitoring measures and interacting with project timelines.

Domain 3:

The third domain introduces Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, and other agile and adaptable development methodologies. You should comprehend how to schedule project iterations, document project controls, and prioritize activities.

Domain 4:

Business analysis (BA) makes up 27% of the exam questions in the fourth domain. You must understand what a business analyst does, how they gather and validate requirements, provide appropriate communication methods, and perform related duties.

Let’s see the differences and similarities in old and new CAPM Exam


Old Format:

The old CAPM content of 2018 used to have 4 chapters in the PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition.

These were:

  1.      Introduction to Project Management
  2.      Project Environment
  3.      Role of the Project Manager
  4.      10 Project Management Knowledge Areas

New Format:

The CAPM ECO for January 2023 has undergone a format change. It now aligns with the PMBOK® Guide Seventh Edition and comprises four domains:

  1. Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts,
  2. Predictive, Plan-Based Methodologies,
  3. Agile Frameworks/Methodologies
  4. Business Analysis Frameworks.


Despite the change in format, the number of questions and time limit for the exam remains the same for both the old and new versions. Each exam has 150 questions to be completed within three hours and can be attempted at testing center or online.

How Much Does CAPM Exam Cost?

According to PMI here is an exam fee required to earn the CAPM.

Member: ₹12,202.00 Non-Member: ₹16,218.00

Wrapping up: 

There’s no need to worry about changes to the CAPM exam updates 2023 . Even if there are updates in 2023 or beyond, people have been preparing for and passing the exam successfully for many years. You can confidently approach the exam by using effective exam preparation resources like study courses or practice exams and feeling adequately prepared. While the changes may seem frightening initially, they are simply a natural progression and evolution of the certification’s requirements.

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