What types of jobs can you get with a CCNA?

Cisco is one of the most reputed organizations in networking and security department. It offers multiple certifications to professionals who have the skills required to become network engineers, architects, administrators, and so on. Each certificate related to networking has a certain purpose and provides skillsets to the professionals. This is why choosing the right course and certification program is so necessary. Out of the major certifications offered by Cisco, CCNA is the moist chosen.

CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate is the entry-level program that every networking hardware company will assess in the professionals. This is why getting this certificate is so important for most professionals who are working in IT networking and security domain.

What are the types of CCNA certifications from Cisco?

You will get a plethora of different certification programs from CCNA that you can choose. These certifications will provide you with different skillset based on the program you choose. So, before you take any decision, do have a look at your caliber and the domain you have been working in. this will give you a specific idea about the certification you should do to advance further in your career.

Rest assured, the ten certifications that are under the umbrella of CCNA from Cisco are:

  1. CCNA Routing and Switching
  2. CCDA
  3. CCNA Cloud
  4. CCNA Collaboration
  5. CCNA Cyber Oops
  6. CCNA Data Center
  7. CCNA Industrial
  8. CCNA Security
  9. CCNA service provider
  10. CCNA Wireless

What are the job profiles to opt for after CCNA certification?

Once you have successfully completed your CCNA training, you can apply for a plethora of job options. This is one of the major benefits to pursue this job course, especially when the market is already crowded with the regular associate-level IT job.

So, if you are planning to do a CCNA certification or worried about the job prospects one usually get after the certification, this following guide will be beneficial for you. Here, we have described the major job roles where you can apply for with the CCNA certification in hand.

Although the specialization in certification will vary from the one job role to another, it would be better to check the job offers in general.

  1. Technical support Engineer

As the name suggest, you will be responsible to handle all the technical aspects of the network and routes. If there is a load overloading, you need to sort out the algorithm logic and immediately deviate the traffic or balance the load to ensure the servers remain up for the maximum time.

Similarly, if multiple routes to the main network are busy, you need to find an alternativities that won’t compromise the connection but can establish communication with the main server. So, you will provide the support and maintenance work needed on emergency or scheduled basis to the networking professionals.

2. System Engineer

As a system engineer, you will be in charge of overseeing the server and deployment aspects for any application or website. For instance, you will work on refreshing the database, applying patches, scheduling database refresh activities, work on environment bounce, and so on.

If there is any glitch in the environment or the source containers that have the updated codes to be pushed into the production or another environment, you will be responsible to identify the source of the error and redirect the same to the developer.

Also, you will be responsible to handle the part or full build of the environment before and after the release. Rebase of the environment, and incremental deployment of codes from one environment to another.

3. Network Administrator

If you are working as a network administrator, your job responsibility will be way more than a supporting engineer. You will supervise and administer all the networking components, whether it is the networking circuits and channels or deciding the routes and traffic to be assigned to each route.

It is very important for every network administrator to have the entry-level certification, or CCNA because it will decide if you have the fundamental skills to work on the network and the related issues.

Until and unless you will be able to solve these issues, you won’t be able to optimize the network and the routes. So, communication will be hampered and that will have a negative impact on your portfolio.

4. Network Security Specialist

There is no doubt that every network needs to be secured at the most. If the security is not optimal, data breaches and theft cannot be prevented by any means. This will put the entire business at risk, which will have further impact on the legal and compliance standards.

This is why network professionals with CCNA certification are often recruited to become the security specialist. These people are proficient with network security, the codes and protocols to follow, the security threats and problems that one can face, and the best solution or remediation for the same.

The demand for skilled security specialist for the networking domain is quite high, which is you can easily get a wonderful job with high salary pack once y9u complete your Cisco CCNA certification.

5. IT Manager

Last but not least, you have the IT manager role. It is the highest paying role you can work in once you complete the CCNA certification. As the manager, you will be in charge of a lot of things.

For example, you need to manage the IT server and hardware operations, check if the network is working as expected or there is a high traffic and no load balancing algorithm, and so on.

Although it will be quite difficult at the beginning to manage all the elements of the IT infrastructure related to networking, routing, and so on, you can easily gain success with skill development and upgrading yourself with CCNA certification.

Why choose Vinsys for CCNA certification?

Vinsys is indeed one of the best platforms where you can receive the best training for CCNA certification. If you are still speculative, below are some of the pointers to remember.

  1. You will be able to attend instructor-led training which will be more in-depth and that regular web-based sessions.
  2. You can also enroll yourself in the problem-solving sessions. These are special classes where you can know more about the problems arising in the network and the best ways to solve them without any hassle.
  3. With 24/7 access to the online study materials. You won’t have further problem in completing your syllabus and being ready for the certification program.
  4. Also, you can avail the one-to-one teaching facility where you will attend the solo class and ask tall your questions to the instructor. This way clearing your doubts won’t be a hassle anymore and you can crack the certification and become the title holder.
  5. Last but not least, you will also receive after-learning support. It means if you have any problems, you can take them up with the coach and clear all the issues without any extra class.
Conclusion – CCNA Jobs

Although there are many institutes offering CISCO CCNA Online course, you need to choose the best one which will be able to help you in skill development and score the highest marks in the CCNA certification exam. Apart from this, you also need the exposure to the industry and training from some of the notable faces. So, you can enroll yourself with the CCNA training program at Vinsys.

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