CISM Exam Preparation

CISM Certification and CISM Exam Preparation Tips

Cyber security operations are the focus of ISACA’s CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) certification. This accreditation confirms that leaders in information assurance and cyber security throughout the world can offer top-notch security and assurance practices to their businesses across all enterprises that work with data systems along with CISM exam preparation tips.

The ISACA-backed CISM certification entitles you to employment as a professional in information assurance management anywhere around the globe. To promote the implementation of international security standards, ISACA developed the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) credential after passing CISM exam

Overview of CISM Examination

To learn more, you may look up the CISM course and CISM exam online. The CISM is a challenging exam, as those who have passed it would undoubtedly agree. However, the following advice will help you go through the CISM exam preparation process and pass the test on your first try.

The Certified Information Security Manager CISM certification is a specialist in information security management offered by the Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA). System administrators and IT specialists who support a company’s security system are the target audience for the certification.

To pass the test, a candidate has to have five years of expertise in the field of information security. For CISM certification, you need to fulfill two requirements. You must first pass the CISM exam and then demonstrate that you have the necessary job experience.

You must have three years of managerial experience in three or more of the major areas identified by what ISACA refers to as job practice in addition to five years of involvement in information security to meet the second requirement.

These focal points comprise:

  • Management of information security
  • Compliance and information risk management
  • Development and administration of information security programs
  • Management of information security incidents

There is considerable wiggle room here: a few lower-level credentials may be replaced for years of expertise, as may time spent instructing information security courses at the university level. This is not, however, a credential for freshmen; you must have experience in management and have been around the block a few times. The crucial step in the certification procedure is the CISM test. It includes equally each of the four aforementioned job practice areas. You may obtain a thorough summary of the primary domains, subtopics, and test objectives on the IASCA website. You must register and log in with IASCA to use that link, but there is no charge for doing so.


CISM test comprises 200 questions and can be taken in person or online. Its grades range from 200 to 800, with 450 serving as the passing score, much like the SAT. You can take the test up to four times a year if you don’t pass the first time. Similar to the SAT, the CISM exam is a multiple-choice test. The majority of the questions on this test provide at least three potential answers, in contrast to conventional multiple-choice tests. The cost of taking the CISM test is high.

CISM Exam Cost

CISM Exam cost OR CISM Exam fee is $760

ISACA members may get it for $575

The annual cost of ISACA membership is $130, plus a one-time registration fee and local chapter dues; however, there are other benefits in addition to the reduction in examination expenses.

You may demonstrate that you have the knowledge and ability to understand how an information security program connects to more general business objectives by earning a CISM certification. This particular skill set is highly sought-after and a fantastic method to develop your career.

8 Simple Tips for CISM Exam Preparation

  1. Study the Candidate Information Guide published by ISACA

Each year, ISACA releases a new version of its candidate guide, which is jam-packed with CISM test preparation information. The most recent version is available for free on the ISACA website and may be used to study important topics including test registration, deadlines, and crucial information for administering exams on exam day. It contains information on the languages, length, and test domains and questions. To take the CISM test, you must have this booklet.

2. Utilize the resources to the fullest extent possible

Reviewing the legitimate CISM Exam Resources ought to be your top priority, just like with any other significant ISACA certification. The CISM Review Manual is available in hard copy and electronic formats, and it is comprehensive and uncomplicated.

The CISM Review Manual includes crucial elements including task and knowledge objectives, self-assessment questions, suggested resources for additional study, and a comprehensive lexicon encompassing all test subjects.

The most recent edition of the exam now incorporates brand-new elements like “in-practice issues,” knowledge assessments meant to deepen and expand the learning experience, and case studies, making it easier to get a practical perspective on the exam subject. A CISM online practice exam is another option for testing your knowledge of the subject.

3. Enhance your managerial thinking skills

In contrast to other security credentials, the CISM test preparation emphasizes management. While candidates must fully understand the technical concepts covered in the test, it is equally critical that they have managerial skills.

For instance, what seems like the best technological solution during the test may not be the correct answer. It’s crucial to take company objectives, costs, and potential effects of a security measure into account.

A thorough, business-focused approach and the development of a management attitude are the best preparation methods for the CISM test.

4. Create a schedule for CISM Exam Questions

You must lay out a precise timeline for your CISM preparation to achieve your goals. If you did the same to be ready for the CISM certification test, it would be beneficial. Before making your study plan, it’s crucial, to be honest about your employment and other obligations in your life. It’s crucial to plan your exam study so that you have time to unwind and have mastered every subject.

5. Join CISM exam study groups

It might be challenging to fully understand all ideas and concepts while self-studying. The easiest method to obtain answers to your queries from professionals and have the opportunity to ask questions about CISM-related topics is to join the community for CISM certification preparation. Community leaders who scored highly on the CISM exam are in charge of organizing it.

6. Utilize CISM practice Tests

There is no substitute for CISM practice exam questions while preparing for the CISM even if the CISM Review Manual covers every area of the examination. The practice test helps you identify your weak areas while also giving you a taste of the format of the questions you’ll encounter on the final paper. Knowing which topic areas are challenging to understand can make it simpler to prepare for practice exams.

The practice test is a crucial step in assessing candidates’ readiness for the CISM certification, therefore they should be excited about taking it. Taking a practice test will also help you become accustomed to the format and kinds of questions on the real exam. Additionally, you can see how long it will take to complete all of the questions. These tests are often created by knowledgeable security managers.

7. Attend CISM exam preparation classes

Adopting a self-study-only approach may seem dangerous and not the ideal course of action. You may spend time with a skilled teacher by enrolling in a certification preparation course. You have excellent possibilities to communicate, share experiences and techniques, and have all your questions answered during the in-person training. You’ll have a higher probability of passing any certification exam as a consequence.

8. Utilize understanding-based strategies

In general, understanding information is preferable to learning it. When you comprehend something, it stays in your memory for a very long time, if not forever. When your mind memorizes it, though, it may vanish in a matter of days. If you fully understand a concept, you can keep it in your memory for a very long period.

While CISM study material might be complicated, flashcards are simple and help with learning. Greater knowledge of the subject is aided by simplified learning resources. Flashcards may be retained in your pocket or on your Smartphone and utilized anywhere you have spare time to review, however, books cannot be taken everywhere.

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