Earning CISSP | Top Paying Certification in 2023

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) has been the standard security credential since its inception in 1994. Well, adding the mark of CISSP to your CV is not easy for cybersecurity professionals. The CISSP certification exam is often explained by those who find it difficult. Certification requires 5 years of paid experience in a relevant security field of 5 years.

However, even with the complexity associated with obtaining this certification, the CISSP certification cost, time and effort required are well worth it. Certified Information Systems Security Professionals get guaranteed employment because of the current shortage of cybersecurity professionals. They also receive above-average salaries for their roles.

Understanding CISSP Certification

The CISSP certification is issued by the Information Systems Security Certification Association (ISC)2 that tests the skills and knowledge of certified cybersecurity professionals. The certificate demonstrates that one can design, manufacture, implement, and maintain information systems related to security to safeguard organizations from cyber threats and potential attacks.

CISSP is the initial credential that meets the ISO/IEC 17024. Moreover, it is vendor-neutral and provides hands-on technical experience for information security professionals. Henceforth, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals is highly in-demand recognized credential across the globe.

What does CISSP do? 

Certified Information Systems Security Professionals responsible for information security in a computer system of an organization. Henceforth, they need to make sure entire data and information related to their businesses and customers should be confidential and secure.

Certified Information Systems Security Professionals can study, design, implement, maintain and check the firm’s information security systems to safeguard against illegal access. Typically, they have the task of educating users about security procedures, describing malicious threats, software installation, implementing security policies, and analyzing networks. In addition, CISSP will check the security system to detect vulnerabilities present in the system, suggest fixes to mitigate vulnerabilities, execute changes, and improve documentation.

The perfect roles and responsibilities associated with the CISSP depend on the organization. Such as, in the big giants, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals may take on additional responsibilities overseeing a team of other security professionals and be in charge of managing that team.

What is the median salary of a CISSP?

Obtaining CISSP certification can be very beneficial, and it directly depends on the organization’s location. The average salary of this certificate holder is about $130,000 annually.

In some of the largest US metro areas, CISSP holders earn significantly more. Such as, the median annual salary for CISSP in the USA is $135,510, Asia-Pacific is $91,631 and $123,490 globally. But certified employees with years of experience can, of course, earn much more. Some CISSPs earn $195,000 per year.

Why are CISSP holders so crucial for an organization? 

CISSPs are professionals who are masters in information security. CISSPs typically have at least 5 years of professional experience in the security industry and a deep knowledge of the threatful IT landscape, which consists of current and evolving threats, and technology and reduce the threat of attack from the surface. The CISSP also has the tasks of establishing policies that define a security management framework and monitoring or implementing software development security and risk management.  

Organizations that recruit qualified security professionals typically have several advantages. CISSP-certified employees can better protect their organization’s sensitive data while maintaining confidentiality and compliance. It helps a lot in increasing customer trust in your business and increasing brand trust.

Vinsys helps prepare CISSP certification exam candidates

Since this certification is the first credential to adhere to the rigorous ISO/IEC 17024 standard, it is not a new thing that organization relies on the certification expert to guide their security strategy and design. For example, the development, management and control of this accreditation.  

Experienced CISSPs are highly honored, have many job opportunities and promotions, and, as discussed, have some of the highest-paying jobs in the IT industry. The initial step toward earning the certification is gaining experience in this domain. Students with work experience are ready to take the next step, certification exams.

Certified Information Systems Security Professionals certification exam is tough, but Vinsys’s CISSP Certification training and courses provide learners with the knowledge they need to succeed in the official exam. We have a team of experienced trainers that will help you prepare for the CISSP exam and earn an attractive salary.

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