CISSP vs CCSP Choose the best certification

CISSP vs CCSP: Choosing The Best Certification for IT Security Career

CISSP vs CCSP certifications are closely related and are often confused. Both were established by non-profit organizations (ISC)², both specialize in cybersecurity and consist of robust IT courses, but there are some differences that lead to different career paths.

In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at both certificates to help you decide which one is right for you:  

The CISSP Certification

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) recognizes a candidate’s specialization in developing, implementing, and maintaining a high-level cybersecurity program. This certification is for seasoned security professionals, including managers and executives, who want to advance their skills and advance their careers in cybersecurity. CISSP credential has been considered a world leader in IT security certification for over 30 years. It has gained credibility to become the most stable and up-to-date in the rapidly changing global tech industry.

Examples of positions CISSPs can apply for include Director of Security, Security Analyst, CISO, IT Director, CIO, IT Manager, and Security Manager. At least five years of work experience is required in at least two of the eight areas of the CISSP general knowledge body. If you are aiming to gain understanding and skills related to security principles and practices and gain leadership in the field of information security, then taking the CISSP certification training to earn credential is best for you.

The CCSP certification

The Certified Cloud Security Professional credential is proof of your technical capabilities to create, maintain and protect data, digital infrastructure and apps in the cloud. CCSP is for IT and cybersecurity leaders who have the responsibility for implementing strict practices in security design, applications and architecture. For any professional who is aiming to dive deeper and wants to grow & improve their technical skills, then CCSP is the perfect fit for you.

CCSPs are respected worldwide because they complement and develop the knowledge gained from the CISSP certification. If you have earned CISSP certification, you can also take the CCSP exam. In addition, experts must have at least five years of professional experience in IT, of which one year must be invested in CCSP’s Common Body of Knowledge.

CCSP training grew out of two longstanding not-for-profit organizations (ISC)² and CSA. This has the advantage that information obtained from this process can be used across multiple cloud platforms, as authentication does not require provider credentials. Professionals eligible to sit for the CCSP exam include Enterprise Architects, Systems Engineers, Security Administrators, Security Consultants and Systems Architects. Get the best CCSP certification training at Vinsys and achieve your goals with ease.

CISSP vs CCSP Salary Comparison

According to the report by – for CISSP and CCSP, below are the annual average salary a professional earns;

RegionAverage CCSP Salary (U.S. $)Average CISSP Salary (U.S. $)
Europe, Middle East & Africa$78,548$81,568
Latin America$16,476$22,014
North America$114,172$120,552

CISSP vs CCSP Understanding audience

CISSP Target Audience:

CISSP Course training is one of the best pathway to expand your knowledge if you are a part of information security. This will instantly improve your profile and lead to higher salaries.

Applicants for the CISSP course include but are not limited to:

  • Security Auditors
  • Network Architects
  • Security Architects
  • Security Consultants
  • CIOs
  • Security Systems Engineers
  • Security Managers
  • Director of Security
  • Security Analysts

Those who want to gain experience/knowledge of the globally considered CISSP information security standards

Those who want to take the CISSP certification exam

CCSP Target Audience:

For the CCSP certification exam, the targeted audience is an experienced IT professional working in information security, risk and compliance, IT architecture, governance, web and cloud security design, or IT auditing.

  • Security Consultant
  • Systems Architect
  • Systems Engineer
  • Governance Workers
  • Security Manager
  • Risk and Compliance Professional
  • Security Architect
  • Security Administrator
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Security Engineer  

CISSP vs CCSP Which one to select?

You should start your cybersecurity certification course at CISSP. As mentioned earlier, CISSP gives candidates a fundamental understanding to design, execute and manage a cybersecurity program, which is a prior requirement for CCSP certification. CCSPs leverage CISSP understanding and procedures, policies and practices developed by (ISC)²’s cloud computing security experts to provide the most useful, relevant and effective cloud security certification.

CCSP is essentially an extension of CISSP. Because it covers areas that are not covered by CISSP, such as data security in the cloud, cloud infrastructure security, and application security. If you are already CISSP certified and these areas align with your career and interests, a CCSP is the perfect next step for you.

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