Cloud Transformation with AWS

Driving Efficient Cloud Transformation With AWS Certifications

Advancement in computing, 5G internet, and AI technology have enhanced the efficiency of what organizations can do. Businesses today are transforming their digital transformation approach. The pandemic is increasingly disrupting the way companies manufacture and deliver products and services. This has led to a shift in consumer’s expectations and formed the way for new business processes and models. In the past two years, organizations have quickly adapted to the changing technological environment. Henceforth, today more than 94% of organizations are using cloud for their digital operations seamlessly, and 76% of executives are part of cloud strategies development for their organizations.

Cloud Transformation With AWS Certifications

As per the estimate, 44 zettabytes of data are produced worldwide in 2020, which will grow 3.5-fold by 2025. Businesses must develop strong cloud strategies to survive and thrive during this period of transformation. Tech industry experts say cloud migration, once seen as a necessity, has now become a core part of IT strategy. Today, the market is witnessing a shift from a cloud-first to a cloud-everywhere approach.

There are several elements that affect a smooth and accurate cloud transition. Cloud transformation requires management commitment, a team of experienced professionals to lead change, and the full support and dedication of the entire organization. According to the Aberdeen survey, 70% of respondents said they lack the mandatory cloud skills required for transformation. Therefore, as organizations move to the cloud, they must have a plan to continue training teams on various cloud topics so that they can implement new processes.

AWS is one of the leading cloud service providers that has revolutionized and advanced technological innovations in the core areas of AI and ML. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of a comprehensive AWS training program that can help you better understand cloud transformation. You’ll also learn how AWS certification can help organizations achieve better ROI in the cloud. 

Cloud Transformation – The Importance of End-to-End Cloud Training?

Cloud transformation isn’t only about new technological adoption or training employees to handle new business processes. It’s about transforming the entire organizational perspective, empowering teams with better agility and capability so that they can innovate rapidly. According to AWS, cloud adoption consists of six key components: people, business, platform, governance, operations, and security. Of the six, people are the most important element in the journey of cloud transformation for any organization. People need to be willing to accept and embrace change in order to achieve better cloud ROI.

Cost Optimization: Cloud adoption needs a high investment in the initial phase but comes with great advantages in the long-run. As per one the report, 53% of companies have not realized the significant value of their cloud investments in their organization. Talent issues and skills shortages are two of the main issues preventing organizations from realizing the value of their cloud investments. Executives need to ensure a comprehensive cloud skills upgrade plan is in place to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. An IDC study shows that well-trained organizations are four times more likely to achieve cloud ROI.

Cloud Skills Help Reach Business Goals: As per the IBM study, enhancing your team’s cloud skills initiates the organization in meeting their business goals 90% more often. This can increase customer satisfaction by 16% and help teams release products and services 22% faster.

Improved employee retention and reduced hiring costs: Increasing employee skills in new AWS technologies boosts up the opportunities and makes them feel safer. There are more chances that employees can stick with organizations that invest in their training. This helps them in staying committed to the goals of the companies and make them more productive and help organizations to achieve business goals more quickly. Organizations with a constant and broader cloud learning plan can hire technology staff more quickly, and hiring costs are drastically reduced.

Build enterprise-wide cloud competencies: AWS proposes that cloud competencies are critical not only for cloud professionals such as developers, data engineers, solution architects and sysops engineers, but also for industry professionals. AWS in-depth cloud training plan should focus on developing cloud skills across the organization, among managers, directors, and other leadership roles. This ensures that technology and business teams are well aligned on cloud deployments and decisions are made quickly.

Cloud Transformation with in-detail AWS certifications – Prepares team to transform:

Cloud transformation is changing the way products and services are developed or delivered. This requires changing culture and finding new ways to solve business problems. AWS training and certification programs can help cloud teams see the potential benefits of the cloud and help them implement changes across the enterprise.

Leaders must be at the forefront and act as a building-bridge for transformation. Free exchange of knowledge should take place during training.

Involve employees at all levels: Transformation at the organizational level begins with the individual. Organizations need to communicate cloud deployment goals and there needs to be strong consensus at the highest levels. Management involvement can help generate enthusiasm throughout the team. Subsequent discussions should involve managers and employees at all levels. Organizations must discuss the implementation benefits of new technologies, and everyone should be given the opportunity to talk and share ideas.

Build a Team of Cloud Experts: Organizations working towards a comprehensive enterprise-wide cloud competency program should start by building a group of experts who can be responsible for cloud implementation and training. This team could be called the Cloud Centre of Excellence. Teams can include SysOps administrators, developers, architects, engineers, network, and security experts. The team will have the responsibility of making the framework, policies and best practices for training related to cloud and its implementation.

Select the right training method: AWS avails various partners and customers a variety of solutions as well as training resources. Free AWS eLearning courses, AWS training programs, webinars, and AWS video resources can help your team on their journey to the cloud. When going with instructor-led virtual training from an AWS training partner, organizations must find gaps in the skills via AWS assessment.

Choose a Training Partner: AWS courses are delivered by an authorized training partner. Instructor-led virtual training sessions are conducted by authorized AWS trainers, and there will be practice labs throughout the course to provide professionals with a comprehensive learning experience. From the moment you contact a training partner on your terms, to the moment your subject matter expert works with an instructor to learn new technologies and get solutions to all queries, the entire cloud training part is a journey. Therefore, selecting the right AWS training partner can play a significant role in how the cloud team keeps up with the skills it is looking forward to.

AWS Certifications – Exams, Validity, and Renewal:

Each AWS Certification exam has a number of questions which are specific. Questions will be made in two formats i.e. multiple choice and multiple responses. The score and time it takes to pass the AWS Certification exam varies from certification to certification. Certification exam fees range from $100 to $300 depending on certification level. AWS certifications are valid for three years and professionals must renew or recertify upon expiration. Recertification allows professionals to improve their skills and knowledge and learn new practices which are fully based on technological updates.

AWS Certification Training: Vinsys Advantage-

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