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Corporate Training: Market Overview, Trends, and Forecast

Corporate Training is one thing that is changing the world today.

A Thousand Words on Professional Training and Development 2020. And professional corporate training programs have always pulled companies out of the fire, literally!

In a growth-hungry cluster of industries, every individual at every altitude needs something concrete.

 “For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”

― Benjamin Franklin

What is driving growth for Corporate Training?

Many factors contribute to making corporate training industry a big hit, out of which the most noteworthy are:

  1. blended learning experiences that fill the skill gaps
  2. relatable to millennials and veterans
  3. flourishing work and learn the culture

Along with innovation and technology, learning and development are moving up the ladder too and they are doing it pretty briskly. The good times to be in the corporates were never better and organizations couldn’t be more focused on ‘upgrading’ than NOW.

Why do businesses need Corporate Training?

We would all have to admit that it isn’t just about the bigger paychecks or bagging certifications. It is more about the enriching experience we get after mastering a new skill. Learning is stimulation to work better and achieve bigger.

We live in a world of successful entrepreneurs and frantic yet soaring startups. We see organizations having a futuristic vision, striving for innovation, and we also see organizations that are still stuck in the 1940s waiting for a miracle to knock on their doors.

What organizations really seem to forget is that learning or ‘upskilling’ is for EVERYONE. Right from the CEO to office assistants, every type of professional deserves the right amount of training in Customer Service, Management, Creative Strategy, Technical, Behavioral skills, and so on.

The bitter truth is every boss in the world talks about performance enhancement, but how many of them actually sponsor the training that induces it?

It is because of one thing.                                                                    

It is a question they almost never ask –

“How can a Corporate Training Session help and change things?”

Corporate training programs by renowned training companies incorporate great mental exercises, strategy assessments, real-life industry examples, and lessons and activities that can totally transform your perspective towards something.

Clients operate in diverse regions, wouldn’t you want to learn trends in that specific zone around which your client operates?

In which area do you believe your teams need training the most?

Once you understand the threats, it gets easier for you to tackle them and move ahead. Like they say, “Don’ts are to be learned first. Do’s are the things you do anyway.”

Analysis techniques to get accurate data, co-creating services that are truly useful to the consumers, and addressing the market’s explicit needs should ideally be the focus centres to begin with. Followed by which comes value creation. But the question is, are you ready for it – ready for the fast-paced learning milieu?

Yes, it can be overwhelming for the young, inexperienced professionals to adapt to high level tech training, development know-hows and building business strategies. But once they have mastered it all, the whole world is a market for them.

For the veteran maestros, if they get tuned in with the latest technology and automation, they can instantly conquer the power to take their organizations to the next level triumph. And besides, what are the leadership training programs for anyway!

The mid-management level are stuck in the same old rat race and confusion above all. What they know but don’t realize is that they can “unstuck” themselves with a quality corporate certification training program of their interest and get much ahead.   

So, what is the future of Corporate Training?

Vinsys International digs deeper into the most basic, surviving factors in Corporate Training.

This is how Corporate Training will support your businesses in 2020 and beyond:

Personalized Training Platforms: The ‘one-size, fits-all’ training programs are no longer relevant. To cater to specific requirements of a particular team, training organizations ought to create individualized, not to mention tech-enabled, classrooms. Consultation is going to be a huge part of corporate training, so as an organization, you easily rely on the solution-oriented training programs of your demand.

Exceptional Instructional Design: It is again the content that rules the throne. Curated with utmost precision, comprehensible, creative, and organized training content is what learning and development teams care for. If every piece of prep material right from ‘ultimate guides’ to flashcards, role-plays, simulations, and PPTs to practice test papers screams innovation, think you’ve found your perfect corporate training match! Plus, soon we’ll have gamification on the syllabi and learning will be fun like never before.

Skilled, Multitalented Corporate Trainers: With the whole webinar and e-learning façade, many individuals miss out on the part where actual learning takes place. Voice-overs, graphics, pre-recorded videos, and LMS assessments are fun only when there is an interactive, human mentor available. Great mentors are the rarest gems, very difficult finds. So, it becomes crucial for businesses to partner with a training organization keeping in mind its master trainers.

Learning on the go: Self-paced and tailor-made corporate training programs are a booming success, now and ever. When you have the ‘Fly-a-Trainer’ facility, why go through the pain of commuting to another city! It is flexible, cost-effective and gives you the freedom to learn from where you are. All the learning takes place at the workplace so that your teams can switch back to their work-mode with zero hustle. Additionally, professionals get a chance to implement the learned techniques at work instantly which results into memorizing them effortlessly in the long run.

Non-technical Training Solutions: There are training organizations that provide only for specific industries, the others have an all-encompassing approach to corporate training. Leadership development, customer service, project management, creative strategy, team-building, desktop and language skills are the most vital and versatile training programs out there. Campus to Corporate has so far been the most effective one for the fresh inductees. In the future, perhaps with different names, you will find these programs very much ‘in-demand’.

Corporate Training: A Timeless Investment

 “One of the most important things to evaluate when making any changes related to training is how training aligns with an organization’s business goals, and the specialized learning needs of its employees.” – OpenSesame 

Organizations have started to look at corporate training as a real business need thus, loosening the budget strings.

According to the Training Magazine’s Industry Magazine Report 2018, training expenditure for large companies had increased from $17 million in 2017 to 19.7 million in 2018. On an average, companies spent $1075 per learner in 2018. The number has risen in 2019 and it’s going to reach the sky in 2020 for sure!

Corporate Training Helps Retain Employees

“80% of employees agree that learning new skills at work would make them more interested and engaged in their jobs,” shared Darren Shimkus, VP and General Manager of Udemy for Business, an online learning and teaching marketplace.

Another survey by Chief Learning Officer indicates that 90% of employees stated continuous learning to be an integral part of job satisfaction for them, whereas, 53% of employees agreed that they were likely to leave their job if they had insufficient or ineffective learning opportunities.

The sky can be your limit too.

Corporate training has helped in a great deal expand businesses globally. It holds a quality of preventing catastrophe.

With a range of experimental, project-based training programs and their hybrid variants have made it possible for you to reach exactly where you want to be, as a professional or a business.

So, discover the hidden champions, innovate, empower, and put your best foot forward into the future with skills and confidence.

It is that investment for the future that you will NEVER regret making.

The market is evolving, so should you.

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