Agile Management

CSM vs SAFe | Should I do CSM or SAFe?

The agile approach is a simple way to manage projects by splitting the process into several phases. It mainly focuses on constant collaboration with the stockholders and executes regular improvement in every stage. CSM vs SAFe , The team cycle begins its process through,

  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Evaluating

Using this methodology as a base, you can manage every project and provide continuous improvement throughout the entire phase. With these features, you change the process quickly and be much more responsive to everyone.

Compared to other methodologies, agile method is the most popular one, with adaptability to change, flexibility, and a high level of customer input. So that every organization adopts this methodology for every project management for high-level input. Agile procedure is not a single framework where it includes 

  • Scrum
  • Adaptive Project Framework (AFP)
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Kanban. 

In recent years, many frameworks have been used for project management by several organizations, but specific frameworks provide the best solution. Likewise, the agile methodology framework is the most significant way for project development.


Of this, every organization is hiring people who have undergone the CRM or SAF certification. Hiring people with this certification will provide high profit and make the project management work simple. And now, the biggest question arises for every IT Professional about the CSM and SAF certification. Also, which to choose to get a Job?

CSM-Certified Scrum Master Certification

Scrum is a simple framework used by many organizations to process project management work. The framework is simple and easy to execute, making project management easy to understand. Also, gaining the certification will improve your career and experience in your industry. 

Why is CSM so important for IT professionals?

Being an IT professional, it’s essential to take the CSM certification while on the project management team. It gives the knowledge of how to add principles and value to the process and implement the agile methodology in your organization.

Getting experienced with the CSM certification will increase your salary pay to the next level. Even a fresher with the CSM gets 15LPA to 20LPA, depending on the organization you are joining.

CSM Certification & Courses

To get the certification, you need to register with an educational institution that provides recognized Scrum. The candidate needs to attend 16 hours of the workshop for two days. And the institution provides study resources and real-time examples for practice. The course offers and explains the essential scrum methodology base on the,

  • Sprint Designing
  • Sprint Assessment
  • Sprint Showcases
  • Burndown Graphs
  • Scheduling Poker

By learning these things, you can be eligible for the examination, and by passing the exam, you are qualified as a CSM certification individual.

Examination specifics:

The individual needs to understand the basic methodology of Scrum working and its usage during the course. And the candidate has two attempts as an option to qualify for the examination. Failing more than two attempts will restart the course right from the start.

The examination consists of 60 mins with 50MCQs. Every question depends mainly on the Scrum methodology only. And the candidate must achieve at least 37 marks from 60.

Certification & Renewal:

After successfully clearing the CSM examination, Scrum sends you the certification through email with approximate 2-year affiliation. They are extending the certification validation period for an additional two years costs around $100, which can be done online on the official scrum website. During the CSM examination, they provide the login certifications for the renewal process.

  • CSM- Certified Scrum Master
  • ACSM- Advanced Certified Scrum Master
  • CSP- Certified Scrum Professional

Scrum Master Certificate SAFe

SAFe is a structure executed in a significant organization to change some agile context. Using the framework will instantly enrich the business growth level and get the result in a brief phase. The course educates the individual on how to implement the process and get the exact result through agile project management release trains.

Current Scrum Masters also undertake this accreditation and gain experience within the SAFe ecosystem. You can acquire administration competencies and control abilities with real-time examples and practices. It makes you an experienced Scrum Master.

  • Planning & Review
  • Program Increment Planning
  • Iteration Retrospective
  • Daily Scrum

They use specific metrics and tools to process the functionality, which depends on planning poker for estimation, Continuous flow diagram, and burns down chart for metrics.

 SAFe Certification & Courses

 The candidate needs to enroll their name on the educational institute accredited to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Likewise, the candidate gets training for 16 hours for two days. The course gives knowledge on the concept base on the 

  • Lean Thinking
  • Kanban flow
  • Agile and Scrum Principles
  • DevOps 
  • System Thinking.

Examination details:

The SAFe is an online exam that has 45 objective-type questions with nine subtopics. That there are three major topics which are 

  • Lean Portfolio
  • ART
  • SAFe 

To get a pass on the examination, the candidate needs to score 34. Every question is mainly on Safe concepts only.

SAFe Certification & Renewal

 After completing the examination successfully, they provide certification with one year of validation. To extend the validation for another year, the candidate must pay around $100 online through the SAFe official website. A computerized badge and the Qualified Scrum Master designation are individual awards. Additionally, they receive an year affiliation with SAFe network and accessibility to meetup gatherings, both of which are to connect with other qualified SAFe experts.

Which one to choose CSM vs SAFe?

Professional Scrum Master and Scrum Master SAFe are both professional courses that help grow your career in the best way. Depending on the requirement, the IT professional can choose any certification one at a time. Getting experience and implementing the course concept in the organization will help the project get instant results.

Being a Scrum Master, you can interact with the developers and the product owners. Likewise, a scrum master SAFe can interact with the developers, Product Owner, trained Engineers, Product Manager, System Architect, and Program Manager. Both give knowledge about the basics of Scrum and their principles. So it is along with the positions , duties of the Scrum Master.


CSM vs SAFe certifications give the best opportunity to develop skills and increase the career prospects of the candidates. SAFe certification courses provide a high chance of getting a job in a reputed company with a high-paying salary. The program you choose to enroll in also varies based on the company or division you want to work for in the future. Ask your senior if a CSM vs SAFe certificate would benefit that project and which parts are accessible.

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