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The Digital Future Needs Cybersecurity Experts

Are you ready for the digital technology revolution? Then you must know why cybersecurity experts, cybersecurity analyst plays a vital role in this.

Cybersecurity has become the need of the hour in the 21st century. The harsh reality is that thousands of organizations face data loss every day.  People are worried about their information security. The whole world has gone digital nowadays. Individuals and organizations have started storing more and more data on the cloud.  So, more data is available online.

As a result, hackers have access to confidential data. However, people who hold high designations claim that the digital future needs cybersecurity experts. To understand what is Cybersecurity and its rapidly growing importance cybersecurity experts need to be strong enough to bring down cybercrime to a great extent.

Why Cybersecurity is Important

According to Vinsys, the future of cybersecurity is determined by what the hackers will be after. Generally, hackers target two specific sectors- health and wealth. The health records of an individual may be worth a fortune. So, hackers may try and gain information about health records.

Payment-related information (for example- credit cards) is worth millions. It has already become a common practice to use the credit card data of others for fraud. Such malpractices are bound to increase in the future. The government has definitely taken steps to curb such malpractices. However, cybersecurity experts need to frame these experts.

Darren Gallop, the CEO of Securicy has pointed out that hackers will target small and medium-sized businesses frequently. The reason is that the leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises often lack knowledge of information security. He is sure that the number of hackers is bound to increase in the near future. The small and larger enterprises also lack adequate resources, as a result of which they become perfect targets.

Cybersecurity News

Brian NeSmith, the co-founder and CEO of  Arctic Wolf Networks, highlights the fact that hackers will always find new channels to compromise confidential information. They constantly find out new ways to compromise necessary information. Earlier, the enterprise security teams might have focused on-premises systems. However, the requirements have changed in the 21st century. Nowadays, the enterprise security teams need to consult the cloud, with AWS and all the SAAS tools that contain sensitive information.

During the covid-19 pandemic, cybersecurity experts need to exercise extra privacy and implement cyber regulation. The digital world has empowered organizations. At the same time, hackers will have access to better tools. As a result, they are able to plan better.  Their dexterity with hacking tools will force organizations to take cybersecurity more seriously.

Cybersecurity Certifications

Many people pursue higher studies in cybersecurity.  A higher study of the field ensures in-depth knowledge. Certification in cybersecurity provides a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge It provides a necessary insight into the technical and general aspects of cybersecurity It also teaches management practices, analytical methods, and system architecture. Cybersecurity certifications are documented proof of the competence level of the person.

  • Visual Cryptography and System Sharing
  • Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
  • Cloud Security
  • Digital Forensics
  • Big Data Security
  • Steganography and Steganalysis
  • Hiding Information

Several cybersecurity consulting firms employ cybersecurity professionals who are certified in some domain of Cybersecurity. The management of such consulting firms strongly believes that the security of data is of utmost importance. So, they do not compromise with a salary in case of the right candidate. Information security professionals claim that a degree in cybersecurity is essential in boosting the career. Such certifications also increase cybersecurity awareness.  A few popular certifications in cybersecurity are as follows-

Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) Certification

CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hacking. It is one of the most demanded CEH certifications in the cybersecurity domain. Research proves that the CEH certification cost is $1199 approx. Even if a candidate applies for the exam, without approved training, it will cost $100.00. They need to pay $450, even if they are reappearing for the certification.

CISSP Certification

The CISSP certification is a most-sought-after course in cybersecurity. The CISSP certification cost is $699. Interested candidates need to possess a minimum experience of five years, in the information security sector. They also need to show that they have gathered an expertise in at least two of the eight domains of CISSP.

CompTIA Certification

CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that validates the fundamental skills a person needs to possess to perform basic duties and pursue a career in IT. It is the first certification a cybersecurity professional needs to earn. This certification provides an insight into intermediate-level cyber Security jobs.

CISM Certification

CISM stands for Certified Information Security Management. ISACA conducts this globally recognized CISM certification. It concentrates on information risk management forming the base of information security. The curriculum of this certification also contains modules on more detailed issues, such as monitoring information security. It also sheds light on practical issues, such as managing and developing an information security program.

The purpose of the CISM certification training is to provide knowledge of widely accepted cross-industry best practices, where the business needs to justify information security. Both the CISA and CISSP communities give priority to the CISM certification. This certification acknowledges information security as an autonomous function within wider corporate governance.

Information security analysts may also go in for this program. However, people need to think like managers while appearing for this exam.

The exam covers
the four domains of CISM. They are as follows-

  • Information Security Governance
  • Information Risk Management
  • Information Security program development with management
  • Information Security Incident Management

The requirements
for maintaining this assessment are as follows-

  • Completing 20 CPE hours where can i buy accutane UK every year
  • Following the Code Of Conduct laid down by ISACA
  • Sustaining adequate knowledge and proficiency in information
    systems security management.

AWS Security Certification

The AWS Security Certification is tailor-made for professionals who play a vital role in cyber Security. They need to have a minimum experience of two years to qualify for this certification.  It is a valuable certification because the APN companies need to appoint a certain number of people who are qualified in AWS Certification to maintain their status.

Fortinet Certification

The Fortinet Security program is also known as Fortinet Network Security Expert Program. It is an eight-level training and certification program, designed to validate the network security skills of interested candidates independently. Each of the levels cost $400. The candidates need to download the course completion certificate after they complete each module.

People need to pass a written certification, to clear the certification. To be eligible for this certification, people need to have a minimum bachelor’s degree in hand that is desirable but not mandatory.

ISO 27001 Certification

One of the most popular standards of Cybersecurity is ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 is an international standard on how to manage information security. The International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission had Jointly published this standard in 2005. Then, they revised it in 2013. ISO 27001 helps the company manage and protect the valuable data and assets of the organization. It keeps the company data secure. The clients and stakeholders are able to gain more confidence in an ISO 27001 certified professional. ISO 27001 certification offers multiple benefits to an organization. It facilitates all the compliance and safeguards the data against security threats. Since ISO 27001 certification guarantees high data security, the certified professionals retain clients and improve customer service. It is known as the best practice in the Information Security Management System.

Some of the common cybersecurity tools

SSL- SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It refers to small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to the details of an organization. It is typically used to secure credit card transactions, logins and  Now, it has been replaced by Transport Layer Security. It may also be described as certain cryptography protocols to provide communications security over a computer network.

The NIST Privacy Framework is a classic tool, that helps organizations identify and manage privacy risk to build innovative products. This tool aims to protect the privacy of the individuals at the same time, while building innovative products.

IBM QRADAR Advisor AND Watson – It is one of the best security tools available in the market. This tool uses a self-learning system, with the help of artificial intelligence. It eliminates a section before a threat is even detected.

Wireshark-It is one of the most popularly used network analyzer protocols. This cybersecurity tool assesses the weak sections of the network of the user. It captures the live data and creates an offline analysis sheet of it. That offline sheet helps in tracking.

These two organizations had also collaborated with each other to publish the standard of ISO/IEC 27005. It is a part of a larger set of standards In the INFOSEC management system. ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 serve as the base to fully understand ISO 27005.

Cybersecurity Threats

The most dangerous cybersecurity threats are as follows-

  1. Social Hacking- Social hacking involves phishing and different types of social breaches. Accidentally opening a mail, or clicking on a malicious link have resulted in social hacking. It results in a tremendous breach of data.  Phishing involved using phony emails to fool innocent customers.
  2. Ransomware- Ransomware attacks have targeted all types of businesses. Ransomware demands malware to encrypt the data of the business. After ransomware has done its damage, the users will receive a message, demanding payment to restore access to the file.
  3. Irregular Updating- In case a site is not updated regularly,  it becomes a soft target for hackers. Hackers and other cybercriminals have powerful tools at their disposal to find out the vulnerabilities of a connection. The Data Security Council of India is a premium organization that provides data protection services in India. It was set up by Nasscom in 2018.
How To Prevent Cybersecurity Threats-

It is of vital importance to protect the information security systems from the latest data breaches.  Types of cybersecurity consist of different techniques used to retrieve stolen data.

Many cybersecurity organizations depend on the NIST cybersecurity framework as a protective measure. NIST cybersecurity framework takes a deep look at the five functions of cybersecurity. They are as follows-

  • Identify
  • Protect
  • Detect
  • Recover
  • Respond

It has three
components, i.e.

  • Core
  • Implementation Tiers
  • Profiles

They contain more than 900 unique security controls which encompass eighteen control families. The NIST cybersecurity controls are used to improve the cybersecurity framework, information protection, and security standards of organizations.

Deloitte cybersecurity is a leading global service provider of consultancy, financial advisory, tax, and related service areas. This organization collaborates with member cybersecurity firms.  It helps the organizations plan and executes an integrated approach to harness the power of information networks. It aims to improve customer service, enhance business operations, without any breach of customer security. Criminal Justice Compliance, also known as CJIS compliance is the largest body of the FBI.

FISMA stands for Federal Information Security Management Act. It applies to all the agencies within the USA federal government. It includes state agencies that administer federal programs like unemployment insurance and student loans.

Conclusion-  The future of cybersecurity seems to be bright. Information security is a top priority in the case of most private and governmental organizations. The management pays a lot of attention to developing data encryption standards.

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