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Top 10 Reasons to Consider for Earning SAFe Agile Certification

The analysis published in the 14th State of Agile Mid-2020 Report provides a very clear picture that the Scale Agile Framework® wins. With around 35% of the total share and the curve steadily increasing, there is a very specific reason to be part of the agile revolution. The Covid pandemic has catalyzed change in forward-thinking organizations, and companies have recognized the importance of agility and scaled it up at all levels. 10 Reasons to Consider for Earning SAFe Agile Certification.

Various organizations have moved to scale their agile processes and procedures of working, and SAFe® has become the most reliable and promising framework that meets both enterprise and customer needs. The methodology of customer satisfaction has been altered with the customer delight; Therefore, it is not only about meeting customer needs, but also ensuring that long-term commitments and healthy relationships are maintained. Vinsys is Authorized Partner for SAFe training.

Top 10 Reasons for SAFe Agile Certification Training

1. Overcoming Challenges

SAFE certification helps to understand the challenges faced by large organizations. Safe training helps to understand the process of organization and the whole flow. By knowing the different value streams, one can easily remove barriers and help companies advance the customer journey. It helps to get to know different elements of the organization and gain a deep knowledge of the process. Previously, you only knew the people you interacted with, but with SAFe, they now have visibility at all levels, both in terms of delivery and roles and responsibilities.

2. Globally Recognized Accreditation

Agile certifications that are measurable have globally recognized value and are something that every IT organization in every country understands and treats as a specific competency. With a SAFe certificate in hand, you can find your dream job in your dream country/organization. This certification is recognized worldwide and highly sought after. The Scaled Agile Certification is one of the highly in-demand certifications as more and more organizations adopt SAFe. To meet the market demands and stay ahead of the market, Scaled Agile is constantly updating its content to make it more advanced and adaptable.

3. Good Growth

Since Agile scaling is considered a specialty in the industry, SAFe Agile is paid a good salary. If you have a SAFe certification, you can expect a good raise at your new job or a good raise at your next appraisal. Credentials also sharpen your profile and make it valuable, which enhances your employability. Market statistics show that SAFe certified professionals earn at least 25% more than their non-certified counterparts. You can start your SAFe journey with the ‘SAFe Agilist’ certification, which is the core certification.

4. Increase SAFe Acceptance at Organizational Level

With the increase in Agile-embracing organizations, job descriptions are starting to include SAFe as one of the parameters employers are looking for. This certification prepares you for the possibilities and expectations of the organization. In the present scenario, the number of SAFe certified professionals is small, which gives you an added advantage over the others. Through this credential, you can not only grow intellectually in your field, but also increase your visibility in the industry.

5. All About the Growth Mindset

Lean-Agile principles in a scalable framework aims on a growth mindset that is different from working. Everyone wants to work in an environment that will flourish them, and the SAFe organization helps them broaden their horizons. Working in a safe environment helps align you with a larger purpose and enables you with the opportunity to work as per your skills. You can see a 360-degree change in how organizations operate and deliver after implementing SAFe.

6. Better Time-to-Market

Planned time-to-market cycles with shorter timelines reduce time-to-market and increase customer satisfaction. The market is very competitive and as a SAFe certified professional, you will be in great demand because you can help companies achieve their goals. Training and certification prepare you ahead of time for challenging assignments by providing you with tools and processes, agile release concepts and value streams, etc., that can help you understand the needs of the organizations.

7. Lean-Agile Leadership

Lean and Agile principles are deeply embedded in the SAFe framework, which includes the beliefs, standards and processes that build the organizational foundation at scale. Through this certification, you will learn in-depth every parameter, every pillar, or every core principle of agile scaling. You’ll understand that SAFe isn’t just about shipping, coding, or pipelines, it’s about the people—individuals and teams who work tirelessly to get to release on time. That is why SAFe is highly in demand.

8. Give your profile a new shine

Adding a SAFe certificate to your career profile is like adding a feature in a cap that sets you apart from the rest. It marks great weight to your resume and is in high demand worldwide. The SAFe certification gives you an in-depth understanding of terminology and processes and you will learn various aspects of working in large and agile organizations that would not be possible without certification. This is one of the reasons why recruiters are actively looking for people who are already SAFe certified, rather than looking for someone at home or someone who doesn’t have a SAFe certification. With certification, your profile will be automatically selected for discussion from an early stage because you meet their basic needs.

9. Defining Growth Paths

By understanding the entire end-to-end defined framework, you can explore development options very easily. Go to the program or portfolio level depending on your skills and expertise. It gives you a break from monotonous work and helps you interact with different levels and understand the bigger picture. The certification validates your ability to work across a variety of project management tools and methodologies.

10. Continuous Delivery Pipeline

SAFe Training and Certification provides the knowledge needed to build a continuous distribution pipeline. You can understand how to incorporate the DevOps tools and other tools and methods needed to handle Continuous Delivery. This will not only help you in SAFe, but you can also gain experience with the new trends in the market in terms of tools and processes.

These are just some of the advantages you can get with this certificate. As more and more companies adopt the Scaled Agile Framework, the possibilities are increasing. And it is indeed the fact that this is the best time to decide on a SAFe certification. Looking at the job profiles that we usually see nowadays, it is not wrong if in the future this certification will be one of the mandates for every organization that wants for Scale Agile. 

Well, Vinsys is the leading institution offering SAFe Agile certification training enabling the candidates to clear the SAFe exam in the first attempt.

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