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How to Reach Out to People

Connecting with someone on Facebook or Twitter is easy nowadays, but difficult in our actual day to day lives. In order to connect, you need to first reach out to people.


One of the reasons behind that is we generally have the ability to talk or have a conversation, however, we lack the ability and willingness to connect with people emotionally or mentally. In today’s world, having positive connections (popularly known as ‘contacts’) is necessary for growth and development. Please note, here I refer to the connections not on your LinkedIn page, but in your real life. 🙂

In order to connect, you need to first reach out to people, but HOW?

How to Reach out to People

We always have a combination of people around us. Some are introverts while some are extroverts. Approaching extroverts is easy, but is it difficult to do so with introverts. Even in the case of extroverts, you can talk to them, but connecting, it all depends on your interpersonal skills. For developing strong interpersonal skills you need to focus on 4 key aspects.

1) Understanding the personality of the people you wish to connect with.

The personality of an individual is a combination of different behavioural patterns. Behavioural patterns are shaped due to beliefs and values. Therefore, every person is different because of his/ her beliefs and values. Hence, what Mr A will perceive is different from Mr B, always. Thus, while interacting, you need to have the ability to see from the perspective of the other person. This ability helps you strike an emotional cord easily, making connecting with the opposite person possible.

2) Improving your communication skills.

While communicating, you need to know the following essentials:

i. Not to agitate the mind of the other person.

In the professional world, you need to maintain the composure of your mind, because more poise and calm you will be, more pleasant your words will be. While you speak always make sure not to use provoking words, either with your manager or with your subordinates. Through communication, do not agitate or anger the opposite person, this damages your connection and further conversation becomes difficult.

ii. Be yourself and speak the truth.

Truth is tangible and a lie is intangible. Therefore, let your words have substance and full of facts when you utter them. If you are a manager, then your subordinates look upon you as a mentor and if you lie, you automatically lose their trust and respect. On the other hand, if you are subordinate, then win trust by – only speaking the truth.

iii. Bring out topics that will interest your companion.

In order to connect with people, engage them by talking about things, they are interested in. This helps you create a bond.

People, generally, have an attitude of responding where their interest lies. Make sure to talk with your subordinates; motivate them and enhance their skills and knowledge, in short, learn how to mentor them. On the other hand, when you talk with your seniors, ensure to bring out topics about which they can talk to you and you can get enlightened. No wonder this is an art. An art of engaging people in conversations. Once acquired, reaching out to people becomes easy.

iv. Let your dialogues be pleasant.

Why to use unpleasant or harsh words, when kind words are there. It is like picking a bitter unripe fruit when a sweet, ripe fruit is easily available.” – Unknown

Harsh words annoy and hurt the listeners. When you continuously use them, you get into a prolonged habit of talking unpleasantly, which gets attached to your image. If you use your words wisely communication can become your greatest armour in the corporate world that will help you establish excellent interpersonal relationships.

Apart from the above key elements, it is necessary that you avoid the following while communicating;

a) Gossiping
b) Judging
c) Spreading depression and negativity
d) Cribbing

3) Voice modulation

The tone adds depth and meaning to your communication. When you talk to your subordinates, speak from the base of your throat. The voice that emits from the base of your throat showcases power. That’s the reason politicians use this technique to get associated with people. In case, if you’re talking with your equivalents or seniors use politeness in your tone. We generally prefer softer, smoother, rich and warm voices as companions. Use pace when needed and slow down to emphasize. Even take a pause/ long silence in between the conversation. After all, silence is more powerful than words.

4) Body Language

Head movements, expressions or hand gestures make communication more impactful. Even a simple smile is contagious. When you smile, you surely get a smile back. This is how body moments reinforce or emphasize your saying which helps you get register easily.

Communication is the only key to reach out and make connections. Human beings are social animals. To survive, we need fellow beings around. It’s not only about survival but also about growing and progressing.

Therefore, learn to communicate and reach out to people effectively. Enhance your interpersonal skills and make solid connections that will bring out the prosperity in you.

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