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Understanding Importance of Localization & Translation Services for Businesses

Either you are in the business of selling video games digitally, or offer SaaS, we encourage you to think through a larger perspective, nationally and globally for any growing business. For boosting the reach and sales in global markets, an international expansion strategy is crucial which also consists of a localization services strategy.

In fact, everyone is talking about SaaS trends and tools, the localization approach comes first. Well, we understand the mindset after why to be local when trying to be global? The answer is one: for achieving success, you have to develop a seamless customer experience for every customer, migrating and engaging wherever your brand and products are.

Well, that’s the reason we have created an in-depth for you which can clear your thoughts about localization strategies, covering everything you need to know to go global.

Clearing the terminology:

Before getting into the details of localization, Let’s see the terminology which we will be covering in this article:

What is localization services?

Localization means tailoring your products, content, data and marketing campaigns to the needs, likings, preferences, and context of users in a particular region whether in your own country or abroad. Language, religion, politics, culture, and norms are the most important localization factors.

Why Localization strategies are crucial for businesses?

Everyone knows that customers are the most important element for any business to survive and which businesses do not want more and more customers? The genuine thing is, through an extra effort, you can explore the world of new opportunities. If you can enhance the efforts of the marketing and approach to the new customers in various new areas, you will indeed enhance your base of the customer to boost the business.

A robust localization plan will enrich your customer experience as they will feel connected with the product. To achieve this objective, you have to know what the customer needs and always recognize them in service areas. This is the reason why it is significant to give priority to localization strategy. It is the evaluated tool for enhancing the worldwide revenue and customer loyalty for your product.

10 tips to initiate with your localization services strategy

1. Make in-depth research about the market:

Your objective must be reaching the maximum people possible in your global expansion and marketing strategy. Well, through the localization, it is possible entirely. Evaluate your product and services and see if they are meeting the needs of the customers or not. Aim on the market where you see the scope of your product success, and put more resources on work there. You can start your research from such areas to find out the localization strategies.

2. Selecting localization plan with impactful content:

When mapping your localization plan, you have to recognize the impact of content’s each piece which you are aiming to use for creating market engagement. Is the content highly impactful? Such as taglines or some logos. Or the content has low impact, like DMs through any social media channel. Among all these lies, websites, press releases, social media posts, articles and online ads.

This way of ranking your content can assist you to finalize what localization level is required with every content requirement. Such as, you probably require an expert of localization for making a great impact on the content. Also, the lower- impact content probably requires editing and machine translation. Well, as per the content’s importance, human intervention is crucial.

3. Train you team:

All the members of the team must understand the plan of localization no matter which designation they are working on. Tell them why localization is crucial and how it will bring lots of advantages to overall objectives and goals. A successful localization strategy implemented in every aspect of your business will help increase engagement.

4. Create a plan:

It is important for any global campaign to create a plan of localization. This ensures that the campaign is coherent when translating marketing pieces, web pages and landing copies are leveraged. Doing the translators management is equally important along with website maintenance in various languages, taking suggestions from specialists of localization, event management, Google ad campaigns, product marketing and any other communication ways with the customers and shoppers.

Make the local cultural guide, as a part of strategy, for every market. This can consist of various elements like cultural norms, consumer behavior, regulations and relevant laws. This research can help you work on the actions you have to work upon to make sure that you are addressing the customers in the diversified market, in the most effective way.

5. Localization tasks centralization:

It is indeed a good plan to allocate localization charges on the members of the team and enable them to report to the head of the marketing department on a daily basis. This resource can ensure to work on the localization plans and implement it across the businesses working, right from planning to execution to review procedures.

Well, the whole of your team must work on this plan and get training related to the new market which business is entering. Also, involve your developers, marketers, designers, product managers and leaders of the businesses.

6. Evaluate your localization campaigns accuracy:

Make a scorecard for checking the campaigns and tasks associated with localization compatibility. Such as, if you are aiming for a campaign in an entirely new market or country, evaluate each campaign step that contradicts the already created set of requirements and analyze the data, day-to-day to make sure you have opted the right track.

Is your message translated correctly? Is the content right? How would this target market want to buy the product? If the campaign meets your norms, you can continue.

7. Put money in right technology:

Various tech solutions are present in the market to work on worldwide marketing and localization in specific. Such as, you can leverage the software which is created to address the modern needs of the translation and localization right from stretch to an end. This offers teams to leverage a centralized platform.

Leveraging the right technology, in addition to the knowledge and research of plans related to the localization, will give you the competitive edge in the market, enabling plans as per it.

8. Develop a kit of localization services:

Well, when you recruit a translator for working on translating the content related to the communications in local languages, but have no idea about the business, then the solution is to create a kit of localization, a type of guide.

Every time, you will require some to work on localization, they can leverage the kit you have created, which consists of the data regarding the voice tone, market particulars, common terms and acronyms, likes or dislikes, methodologies and rules of grammar.

The one who is working on the localization plan can leverage the guide to get the accuracy over the product or service information, as the information will be the same bringing a base to work.

9. Aim on Marketing’s 4Ps:

While initiating the journey of the localization, ensure that you are working on all the aspects related to the marketing mix. The four Ps showcase the core factors which consist of product marketing or service. Aim on it from the start and ensure that you are covering all the bases.

Have a look the 4 Ps which work:

  • Product – Adapt your product to local market conditions.
  • Pricing – Change your currency by country or adjust product prices by relevant market.
  • Location – Look upon your distribution channels, retail stores, and web and social media presence as per the region.
  • Promotion – Localize marketing conversation on multiple channels such as public relations efforts, social media, website and so on.

10. Hire the translation services:

There are pretty much chances that you do not have much idea about the regions where you are aiming to build a customer base. This can act as an issue in front of your business expansion. Well, the solution is hire the translation and localization services, who can understand the details. Localization services can initiate you and assist to know the right target audience as per the behavior, culture and language.

Also, look upon in-country translation experts, who can be a part of your team for managing the different markets.

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Monitoring the progress of your localization strategies:

Localization takes a good amount of time and effort. So have to put your keen eye on the plan execution and the needed return on investment. Through creating a set of KPIs for evaluating the localization success and progress, you can do it with ease. Also, keep on monitoring the success related to the customer through your SaaS. Strategy of localization works for nearby users.

Summing up:

As you keep on selling your products or services your business grows, but there are chances that you can lose your control over some areas. You just need to address the larger picture and ignore the non-relevant details. By implementing the robust strategies related to the localization, which consist of the right pathways to make your business global, you can make sure that every customer is crucial, even if they are in the farthest corner of the world. Vinsys is one of the leading organizations offering online translation services across the globe. We have experts who are highly experienced and have good command over the languages. Get in touch with us now: fls_enquiries

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