ISO 45001

Unlocking Myths About ISO 45001 Certification Implementation

It is indeed a fact that various myths are revolving around ISO 45001 certification . If you are implementing an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System, you will probably find one. Don’t be fooled by these myths. In this article, we examine the top five myths so you can tell the difference between truth and fiction.

Myth 1 – Unwanted paper work:

This is a complete hypothetical scenario. Yes, there is some kind of paper work of information related to ISO 45001, but this is about your process and its impact on OH&S. As a company, you may already work on procedures that are sometimes unwritten. And aged organizations might have paper work which is make it slower.

The new segment of ISO 45001 certification has lesser process of paper work. So only the necessary and appropriate documents for the system is needed. Such as, to reduce risk and train employees. How an organization executes it, is fully depends size and type of business. And using cloud technology can further reduce your paperwork.

Myth 2 – ISO 45001 lacks value:

Several of the times, people think that OHSMS is highly expensive exercise on paper having no actual value. This does not apply if you let the system work for your organization. The essence of OHSMS is to safeguard incidents and illnesses in the workplace. It will assist the organization to enhance their procedure execution, helping businesses run more efficiently.

Myth 3 – ISO 45001 is just for dangerous operational organizations:

ISO 45001 certification is not just for those companies who have dangerous operations. This credential helps companies to work addressing workplace risks, companies can largely get advantage through OHSMS execution. Integrating systems in the businesses enhances OH&S performance. Compliance with it is all about organizations save costs by reducing accidents and risks in the operations.

Myth 4 – ISO 45001 is not required if compliant legally:

All companies must comply with the law, either they are ISO 45001 certified or not. Regulatory compliance is significantly crucial part of the OHSMS, but it goes beyond that. Being an implementation part, the standard needs no identification of the compliance requirement for the organization, but also define how you will comply and your compliance can be measured on an ongoing basis.

It can probably be tough to do ISO 45001 implementation, if you have no idea of your work. Well, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Hire ISO specialists to work with your company for certification. A specialist will perform tasks by sitting with your top level people to create the best solutions catering your organizational needs and the pathway to do business.

Never let such myths create hurdle for you:

At the time of implementing 45001, never let such myths creates hurdle for you. To be successful, adapt your OHSMS process to your employees’ needs and your organization’s philosophy. OH&S is very crucial for workplace.

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