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Leveraging ITIL Certification For Getting IT Job

Well, there seems to be two critical reasons why ITIL certification is really the best to fly-high in your career and be successful in your domain. The one who are on entry-level, ITIL accreditation as an acknowledged methodology of management practice which directly is directly related to service customization day in and day out and over the long term. Also, being a framework i.e scalable in use, ITIL comes with a lot of advantages in numerous working domains. This makes the skills learned can be applied to a broader range of ITIL job career prospects.

Why choose ITIL certification?

The ITIL certification has done very well over the years and tops every list of must-have certifications every year. IT professionals earning this certification are in high demand in the industry, and leading organizations always want to recruit qualified ITIL certified employees. ITIL certified professionals can experience higher pay outs i.e. 40% more than their peers. So far, just the big organizations have opted and worked upon the ITIL framework. However, recently, medium and small-scale organizations too have initiated to opt and implement ITIL job practices to reap the full benefits.

Aiming for getting an ITIL certification, let’s see how it will be help you switch and give a new edge in your career:

The ITIL certification will help you gain a basic knowledge of the ITIL framework and how to utilize its learnings to better manage IT services. This certification can prove to be highly crucial to your organization if the framework is implemented inside. Let’s see how it will be beneficial for your career growth or job switch?

1. Career Development:

You will feel more comfortable contributing to your IT work once you understand concepts of ITIL. You will be familiarized with the application of ITIL and its norms and principles to rapidly turn to be efficient in the context. Your organization and peers will see your authority as an output of your knowledge related to ITIL career development . This understanding will help you on your second and third level.

2. Better payout prospects:

ITIL is recognized as one of the most sought-after IT credentials to increase your salary. It is also considered among the best five paying credentials. An ITIL Foundation certified professional nearly earns approx. of $98,000 on average. You can easily earn a six-figure salary with an ITIL certification. On the other hand, an IT consultant has an average payout of less than $90,000. Well, an IT business analyst makes about $72,000. After earning the ITIL certification, project team members saw a 15% salary increase in ITIL job .

3. More opportunities of better switch:

Once you’ve earned your ITIL certification, you have more career options and profiles to choose from. The structure of ITIL is created to hone the skills of Service Managers and initiate them to take on an important role for organizational goals. As you become familiar with ITIL concepts and principles, you may face challenges such as: processes related cost-efficiency, enhanced capability, better productivity and achieving higher returns on investment for the organization. Qualifications allow you to select from organizational executions in broader range.

4. Global acceptance:

ITIL is generally recognized worldwide. Various companies and organizations are leveraging ITIL and constantly recruiting ITIL certified professionals. Bank of America, British Telecom, Boeing, Walmart, Microsoft and various others are the ones who are using it at its best. When selecting their service management expertise, almost all global firms consider ITIL certification as crucial. The ITIL job career growth chances get a good boost not just in terms of money and title, but also in sector and location once getting the credential.

ITIL Certification Salaries

The ITIL fundamental Certificate serves as a stepping stone for the next level of credential testing. After passing the basic ITIL exam, you can earn around ten-thousand dollars per year. By completing the ITIL 4 foundation training, candidates will be enabled with ITIL lifecycle and various methodologies and procedures in management related to IT. It helps you develop various plans and strategies to give the right services to your clients. After completing the ITIL Foundation certification, you can join the organization as an analyst.

You can go for higher ITIL certifications, once getting years of experience like ITIL Intermediate, Expert or Master certifications. This makes it easier for you to get into management positions. Online IT service management courses are most sought-after and respected worldwide. As per the professional profile, one can easily earn a lakh dollar per year after finishing ITIL credential and several years of relevant ITIL job professional experience.

Those who are ITIL certified are usually looked upon by companies in comparison to the one who don’t. Individuals having diversified ITIL-based credentials, along with hands-on experience on ground-zero in their working domains, can earn between $70,000 and $100,000. Those who have ITIL certification, can expect the payout between $50,000 and $120,000 per year, on the other hand.


ITIL certification comes up with various benefits to the individuals as well as for organizations. The ITIL certification helps organizations in lowering cost, giving best IT related services and customer satisfaction, boost the efficiency overall, increase standard of organizational practices. Henceforth, it is best to register for ITIL 4 foundation training now with Vinsys. The IT sector will constantly evolve with updates coming via ITIL. The best ITIL certification course can help the professional not just to get the job but also to switch the ITIL job with best payout growth.

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