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What is ITIL Certification Cost 2023?

Employment is a major cause of concern in the 21st century. The job market in this VUCA world is very complex. Only the IT sector is employing thousands of people every year. However, the employees need to upskill themselves regularly in this IT domain.

Only people who stand out from the others may survive the rat race. One of the best ways to get upskilled is to get an ITIL certification. I Know lots of questions in your mind like what is ITIL certification? who should do ITIL certification, how to get ITIL certification? what is exactly ITIL certification cost. Hold on and take a deep breath read this article till the end you will get all answers of your questions you looking for.

ITIL stands for IT Infrastructure Library. An ITIL certification training proves that certified professionals are qualified in IT Service Management. ITIL certifications are vendor-neutral.  The ITIL certified personnel are an integral part of the team.

Such a certification paves the way for future promotions. People who work in the IT sector feel worthy of promotion in career after some time. So, it is important to apply for such courses after they decide to work their way up the corporate ladder. They teach people how to save money, eliminate unnecessary expenses. Such certifications help the IT team avoid expensive rework.

ITIL Certification Cost India 2023

The ITIL certification cost in India follows a certain formula-

 ITIL Training cost + ITIL Exam voucher cost = ITIL certification cost

ITIL Certification cost in India INR 20000 to INR 40000. There are different institute offered different prices as certification cost. Vinsys which authorized by Axelos offering off on ITIL certification cost in India. The rest of the ITIL Intermediate levels cost INR 40000 to INR 60000 . It is further negotiable depending upon which intermediate certification training are you opt for. In 2023 Axelos ITIL V4 prices or exam fees are updated so accordingly take the decision

ITIL Explained

ITIL® Exam Fee in Different Countries

This post has endeavored to give a full price list for the ITIL® Foundation certification examination from Peoplecert’s website. The prices mentioned are without discounts or offers that Peoplecert runs occasionally.

CountryITIL®F Certification exam fee *
United Kingdom£269
CanadaUS $314
ArgentinaUS $292
AustraliaAU $395
BrazilUS $296
ChinaUS $314
United States US $314
* Prices May vary

Benefits of investing in ITIL Certification

It is common knowledge that the cost of ITIL certification is on the higher side. Before we analyze the cost, we need to understand the reasons behind investing such a sum. The sole reason behind this investment is that an ITIL certified professional has the edge over others in IT Operations.  People who go in for an ITIL certification are as follows-

  • Service managers
  • IT professionals
  • Delivery professionals
  • Service professionals
  • Service process owners

The salary of an ITIL certified professional acts as a consolation prize to many people. So, let us understand the benefits of investing in the ITIL certification.

The ITIL certification is the first step towards career growth. ITIL certified professionals have a flourishing career.

  • They need never have nightmares about an unstable career.
  • A person who invests such an amount behind ITIL certification gets credits. These credits are useful in the subsequent levels of ITIL.
  • The candidates are allowed to interact with each other online to discuss the topics.
  • In return for this investment, people get an ITIL certificate that is globally recognized.
  • ITIL certification teaches people the best practices that are prevalent in the corporate sector.
  • The salary recovers the cost of ITIL certification. ITIL certified professionals get a high salary.
  • Provides access to certain study materials for a specific period
  • The training provider offers certain resources to the candidates for their future success.
  • Reveals the testimonials from other candidates about the trainer. As a result, the candidates feel confident they are in safe hands.
  • Provides systematic knowledge of IT system management

The cost of each level of ITIL is incorporated in the ITIL certification cost.

People who want ITIL certification may choose from the numerous certification providers like Vinsys which is authorized by AXELOS to provide training. AXELOS also authorizes them to conduct training. The non-accredited training centers cost substantially less. However, their results and contents may not be equally reliable. People may register for ITIL certifications individually or in groups.

ITIL Certification Fees

Although ITIL certification is not mandatory for applying to a job in the IT sector, being professionally qualified with the ITIL credentials make candidates eligible for higher remuneration. Many institutions offer discounts to people who want to join such a course. Regular upskilling adds to the stack ranking of the employees.

The registration fees for ITIL 3 vs ITIL 4 differ according to location. Self-study is possible for the initial levels of this certification. However, classroom studies are recommended for this professional course. The candidates may attend virtual classes or physical classes. 

Multiple institutes recover their fees after the advisors have cleared the certification. The fees will vary accordingly. The fees may also depend upon the location and the institute. Candidates may have to shell out $500 for an online instructor-led learning course. Intensive classroom training may cost well over $1000. It may or may not include certification fees.

The cost of the ITIL certification is high for several reasons. The reasons behind the high charges are as follows.

Main Factor For ITIL Certification Cost

  • Certified and qualified professionals
  • Subject-matter experts create study materials.
  • Instructor-led training
  • Industry-driven case studies
  • Participation in retrospective sessions
  • AXELOS accredited course
  • Frequent mock tests
  • Thorough preparation of candidates
  • Training conducted in multiple languages
  • Industry-specific trainers
  • Training sessions are conducted in the storytelling format.
  • Concepts are clarified through storytelling formats.
  • The presentations are delivered vibrantly. Several individual and team activities are conducted during and after the presentations.

Let us find out about the components in detail.

ITIL Study Guide – Many ITIL candidates do want to attend the course. Very few prefer to do self-study, with the help of a study guide. It is not compulsory for candidates who are appearing for ITIL 4 to attend training classes. Most of the candidates recommended vinsys for best ITIL Training. A paperback edition of a study guide may cost more than $30. On the other hand, a soft copy of the study guide may cost far less.

ITIL Practise Tests- The candidates need to practise well if they want to crack the ITIL practise tests in their first attempt.

After they are done with the course, they should appear for ITIL practice tests. These practice tests will help them learn A few popular ITIL practise tests are free of cost. Such tests will help the candidates understand the format, marking pattern, and the format of the questions in the actual test. Apart from that, the paid practice tests provide a clearer overview of the certification. A few ITIL certification exam websites conduct practice tests for $25-$30. The candidates may pay this amount, pay for their practice tests, appear for them, and then review their scores. The paid practice tests are more detailed than the free ones. The paid ones are full-length assessments.

The other factors that contribute to the ITIL certification cost are as follows-

  • Mode of assessment
  • Country
  • ITIL instructor
  • Other resources
  • Levels of ITIL

Let us understand these factors individually.

Mode of Exam- Since 2013, AXELOS has had the copyright and intellectual rights over ITIL. Since then, many training centers have been accredited to AXELOS. This accreditation is a mark of authenticity. The information or the classes provided by an AXELOS authorized center are up-to-the-mark. Candidates who check the ITIL website are allowed to choose whether they will appear for the certification virtually or on paper. Online ITIL training costs far less than classroom training. An online ITIL certification costs Rs 15,000 on average. In the UK, it costs 200 pounds.

In the USA, it costs $275 approximately. On the other hand, a classroom session may cost $2000 in certain places.

Candidates who are looking for more economical modules of ITIL assessments may opt for an online monthly subscription. It comes down to only $50 per month. On the other hand, intense sessions, better known as crash courses, burn a hole in the pockets of candidates. Since these courses cover a vast syllabus within a short period, they cost higher. The online courses are popular as the candidates are not required to go anywhere.

Levels Of ITIL Certification

The ITIL certification has five levels. They are as follows-

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Masters

The certification of each level costs higher than the previous one. The Master’s level is the highest and costs the most. People need to clear at least the practitioner level to be eligible for the ITIL certifications.

Geographical Location-The country from where a candidate appears for the ITIL test is essential to decide the cost of the assessment. As discussed earlier, the certification costs different in different countries. The salary of ITIL certified professionals also differs from country to country. Candidates can earn part time while studying. For example, an ITIL certified professional in India earns between Rs 3,00,639 and Rs 10,31,603. On the other hand, they may earn anywhere between 29,844 pounds and 66,430 in the UK. So, they are compensated for the amount they invest behind the certification.

ITIL Instructor- The candidates need to choose an ITIL instructor properly. The current version of ITIL provides ITIL training bundles and certification at a nominal cost in certain locations.  The premium-quality ITIL instructors provide the following benefits-

Conducts full-length mock ITIL certification assessments at a nominal cost

Explains whether the ITIL certification cost includes the exam fee

Offers study plans that are included within the ITIL certification cost.

Reduces unnecessary future expenses and improves efficiency

Conducts quizzes at the end of each lesson

Another resources-Any professional certification has certain risks. The candidates may start feeling nervous after the certification is scheduled. Then, they may want to appear for a few more mock-practice certification assessments. They may need to dish out a higher amount for such sudden practice sessions. Alternatively, they may want a few more revision sessions, that include diagrams, flashcards, mind maps. An extra amount is charged for these sessions.

ITIL V4 Course


To sum up, the factors which decide the cost of an ITIL certification are as follows-

  • Geographical location
  • The type of course (self-learning, online classes, or classroom learning)
  • Study guides
  • Other resources
  • Instructor-led courses

ITIL Course Fees

ITIL Course Review by Client

All the organizations in this sector expect a few basic performances for their employees. ITIL certified employees are competent enough to meet all the performance criteria with flying colors. The organizations that hire these ITIL certified candidates achieve higher seo ranking smoothly within a few months. A few leaders claim that experienced employees are more valuable to an organization than an ITIL certified fresher.

However, ITIL certified employee know what they are doing. They are confident enough about leaving the organization better than they found it. Hence, it is of utmost importance to know the details of the cost of the ITIL certification. It is a good idea to look out for the discounts offered. All the institutes that train candidates for  ITIL certifications provide study materials The study materials belong to premium quality. So, they add to the cost of the entire course. People opt for the ITIL certification despite its expense. It has an exceptionally high ROI. ITIL certified professionals get so many benefits that spending this amount is considered justified

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