CompTIA A+ Certification

Jobs You Can Get After Earning CompTIA A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ certification is a highly sought-after certification that is widely recognized as an industry standard qualification for starting a career in IT. Certification is earned by clearing two exams designed to validate and demonstrate that you have the skills necessary for a variety of entry-level IT positions.

The CompTIA A+ certification has many benefits, and simply getting certified is often enough to get hired in entry-level IT positions. Certification is also very beneficial for those who are already established in the IT field to improve their skills. The CompTIA A+ website states, “CompTIA A+ will help you get started in IT or achieve a promotion in your present job. It is the standard of industry for building a career in IT and the qualification of choice for technical support and operations roles in information technology.”

CompTIA A+ Certification Training can make you an attractive job seeker candidate for most recruiters. According to a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC), “96 percent of hiring managers use IT certification as a selection or hiring criterion when hiring.”

Top 9 Jobs one can find with the CompTIA A+

  1. Service Desk Analyst

Service desk analysts are experienced IT professionals who provide technical support to organizational users. Their main tasks include answering questions and analysing and solving problems. They meet all the technical requirements of the information systems unit. Service desk analysts earn up to $45,470 per year in the US.

2. Technical Support Specialist

Technical Support Specialist is one of the most in-demand CompTIA A+ jobs in the world. Technical Support Specialists provide technical and maintenance support for hardware and all systems. Their duties include integration, configuration, and updating of software and hardware. They can help the organization or provide internal or customer support. They are in great demand in all industries; Depending on the size of the organization, their work may involve only one or a few areas. Currently, the median annual salary in the US is $57,200.

3. Field Service Technician

Also known as a network technician, this role is among the best jobs you can achieve with a CompTIA A+ certification. A field engineer has the responsibility of providing field support, maintenance, programming, installation, etc. to the end user. These professionals solve problems related to telecommunications cabling and systems. His duties include repairs and customer demonstrations. Their jobs require them to be constantly on the move, which means field technicians need to be comfortable without a sedentary work life. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, field technicians with excellent communication skills and associate degrees remain in high demand. In the US, they currently make $60,000 a year.

4. Network Engineer Associate

Associate network engineers, also known as network architects, handle network infrastructure. They ensure consistency in network design and adhere to best-in-class security standards and policies.

With companies constantly in need of Associate Network Engineers, this is a CompTIA A+ job that will continue to be in demand. $44,282 is the current median annual salary for Associate Network Engineers in the US.

5. Data Maintenance Technician:

The data maintenance technician collects and records all information related to the organization. They also provide organization data recovery assistance. This job position is very important in data-driven organizations. A computer science degree is a must for success in this field. Also, credentials like CompTIA A+ can help you get the job done easily. A data support technician currently makes $54,076 per year in the US.

6. Cyber ​​Security Manager

This is one of the most sought-after and in-demand CompTIA A+ jobs. Cybersecurity managers oversee the channels through which information enters and leaves the organization. They supervise and monitor all operations that take place on the network. They ensure they have the optimal number of resources to facilitate these operations.

Cybersecurity managers can have expertise in a variety of areas, which includes application, cloud, and infrastructure security. From healthcare to government agencies, cybersecurity managers are in high demand across a wide range of industries. $134,010 is the median annual salary for a cybersecurity manager.

According to several cybersecurity statistics, the cybersecurity landscape has changed significantly due to the pandemic. This has led to a cyber epidemic that has fly-high the demand for cybersecurity managers, a boon to aspiring cybersecurity managers.

7. Desktop Support Administrator

Desktop support administrators go to great lengths to improve the end-user experience for both external and internal workers. You will perform service desk duties and answer emails and phone calls. They also perform day-to-day functional tasks such as configuration, upgrades, and license tracking.

The demand for desktop support administrators remains high and is expected to increase in the coming years. They currently earn $46,532 annually in the US.

8. Help Desk Technician

Helpdesk Technician is one of the most crucial CompTIA A+ job titles. This role is critical to the efficient operation of the IT department and providing technical support for computer hardware, software and systems. The main responsibilities of a helpdesk technician include providing IT support, supporting technology, and creating solutions. He is also responsible for answering emails, chats, or even phone questions from customers.

Helpdesk Technician is one of the best entry-level CompTIA A+ jobs to help you improve your technical skills. The salary range for this position is currently $35,000-$70,000 from entry level to senior level.

9. System Support Specialist

System Support Specialists are responsible for offering all types of help desk support. He handles issues that affect end users: network crashes, software issues, hardware issues, etc. If a particular issue is beyond their experience and expertise, they will forward it to the appropriate department.

As companies upgrade software and hardware over time, System Support Specialist is a CompTIA A+ Course job which will remain in demand for a long time. Their median annual salary is $57,500.

Benefits of CompTIA A+ certification

Certification is a globally recognized certification that qualifies you for a variety of high paying jobs. This is a testament to your practical safety knowledge and technical skills.

Here’s why you require CompTIA A+ Certification

Certification is the industry standard for developing your career in the IT industry. One can easily get the job after receiving CompTIA A+ Certification; it enables you with the edge in competition. 

It improves your security skills. CompTIA A+ certification courses provide hands-on experience with the core of software and hardware.

  • CompTIA A+ salaries are higher; Certification enables the candidates with opportunities to high paying jobs.
  • Certifications are not as expensive as traditional degrees.
  • It helps you gain great problem-solving skills.

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