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Microsoft or Cisco: Which Certification Program fits Perfect for your Career?

Being a part of technology driven competitive world, earning a degree or professional certification is just as important as going to university. Most multinational corporations and IT giants tend to hire candidates with IT skills and abilities. Professional certificates are issued to candidates who have finished a program or course at an approved training center. Applicants must pass the exam and receive a certificate only after successful completion. Microsoft or Cisco certification is an official certification confirming suitability for a specific position in the IT industry. You also need to update your knowledge as technology evolves.

Microsoft or Cisco

However, you must renew your certification annually. Some of them will have the validity of a lifetime. You may be required to take a recertification exam or provide proof of continuing education. The information technology industry has become one of today’s largest employers, offering better payouts and secured future. You resume will gain better weightage due to these certifications at the time when you will apply for a job. There are many certifications for particular technical understanding. Vendors related to those technologies offer certifications.

Some applicants are unsure which certification is right for their experience and skills. Another advantage of these credentials are that you do not need a university degree to apply for the course. However, you must complete appropriate in-depth training to maximize your program earnings. A good knowledge of all technical aspects is very important to study this field. Some of the most trusted certifications include Cisco, Microsoft, and CompTIA with A+, Network+, Linux+, Security+ and Project Management Professional (PMP) as some of their offered certifications.

However, two important certifications are the Microsoft certification program and the Cisco certification program. Therefore, it is important to carefully evaluate the two to understand which one is better. However, you should first check the program application requirements.

The Microsoft Certification

Microsoft certifications are for those who want to pursue a career in the IT industry. For example, if you aiming for earning a Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification, then you will require experience in on-premises virtualization technologies, network configurations, and Active Directory concepts. Well, you have to pass Microsoft AZ 104 Certification exam to earn this certification.

Microsoft certifications help you apply your knowledge in your field by expanding your skill set. It has become one of the most popular and respected credentials in the world. Of course, the introduction of technology can make your business more efficient. In fact, it is offered with the intention to attract more individual’s attention. Organizations can leverage new methods such as MTCS, MCIPT, and MCPD. These certifications can give better future career growth to professionals.

The Microsoft Certifications have been classified in three categories namely associate, expert and master.

The Cisco Certification

If you are considering a career in networking, you should choose the Cisco which is equal to that of a Microsoft certification. Unlike Microsoft, the company does not develop software, but provides routers and helps track IP numbers. You can manage your router and redirect traffic from one server to another. However, its features are limited and work like a messenger. Cisco certification programs excel at providing thorough understanding of enterprise networks and communications devices. For example, Cisco CCNA Certification helps candidate understand and gain in-details understanding of how computer network topologies work and how to create secure networks. Cisco certification’s demand is very high in the modern IT industry.

A certification program was recently created to meet industry requirements and improve interoperability for computer networking professionals. The Cisco Certifications have been classified in five categories namely Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and, Architect.

Which one to choose: Microsoft or Cisco?

One of the main differences between the two certificates is functionality. Microsoft servers get an update weekly, if not daily. Microsoft keeps logs of users with easy source control and computers, and Cisco helps track IP numbers. Once the internet route is set it will not change.

One of the other benefit of choosing Microsoft certification over Cisco certification is that the Microsoft has more credential programs than the Cisco. Cisco offers five certification levels, but fewer courses than Microsoft. Cisco certification exams are rigorous, making certification difficult.

However, the exams of the Microsoft are less tough. Comparing the goodwill of these two certification programs, Microsoft has high popularity than Cisco because more individuals have access to these programs. We also found that IT companies generally prefer Microsoft Certified Technicians over Cisco Networking Specialists. Besides, the starting salary is different. Interestingly, Cisco engineers earn higher salaries than certified Microsoft engineers.

Wrapping up

After comprehensively comparing two of the most coveted credential programs, we can say that both programs will boost your career and offer better salaries. Microsoft aims on maintenance of server and Cisco focuses on networking. So, it is all upto your interest, which credential you choose. If you want to plan your certification training with proper strategy, then, we at Vinsys is your digital partner, you can choose so that our experts will help you out to find out which certification fits perfect for you. We, also offer courses such as CCNA online training course that can help you get an edge in your career.

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