AWS Solution Architect Professional Exam

Expert Tips To Pass AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam in 1st Attempt

AWS certifications are one the most popular credentials across the globe and talk of the town. Hence, each professional is aiming to opt for AWS Cloud Certification. And this is the reason AWS offers various certifications divided into four major categories i.e., Foundation level, Associate level, Professional level and Specialty level. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam is a professional-level exam aimed at individuals with the skills to execute the tasks for the Solutions Architect professional designation.

The AWS Exam Professional is designed to showcase and highlight candidate experience and skills for designing applications on the AWS platform as well as distributed systems. AWS offers certification programs that will help you hone your skills and knowledge for future jobs as well as business purposes. These credentials will help you understand the concepts of AWS system services and will make you a professional in this segment.

AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification Exam

The AWS Solution Architect Professional certification exam is created keeping in mind to test your skills and knowledge in designing applications to be distributed on the AWS platform. This certificate is best suited for those who are aiming for a professional role as a Solutions Architect. This exam evaluates your high-level technical skills and implements highly accessible and Defect-tolerant apps on AWS.

This exam allows you to improve your skills and knowledge of AWS operating systems and management.  

Exam Overview

The AWS Solutions Architect professional exam is intended for individuals who fulfil a solution architect role with significant experience using and managing AWS systems. For this certification, it is also suggested that you have advanced experience designing AWS cloud architectures

Course Structure

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect professional course aims on five domains which includes:

Domain 1 – Design for Organizational Complexity

This domain provides a brief overview of complex organization concepts. A complex organization here refers to any organization that differs with many business units and scalability requirements. This includes 12.5% weightage in the exam. This section includes,

• Determining strategy to access and certification for complex organizations.

• Designing network for organization.

• Design multi-account AWS environments for organization.

Domain 2 – Design for new Solutions

It is an important domain in view of exam preparation so candidates need to aim for this as it covers 31% of the exam syllabus weightage. This section includes:

• Define strategies to implement and design solutions that meet requirements.

• Develop solutions to ensure business continuity and achieve efficiency goals.

• Meeting business needs through implementation strategies in implementing and designing solutions.

Domain 3 – Migration Planning

This domain has a weightage of 15% in exams. This section has following topics covered,

• Define new cloud architectures for existing solutions.

• Selection of migration tools for newly migrated services that are migrated with the help of AWS knowledge.

• Process selection for possible migration to the cloud and strategy definition.

Domain 4 – Cost Control

This domain has a weightage of 12.5% ​​in the exam. The sections included in this domain are:

• Identify cost reduction opportunities in decisions.

• Define control over design and implementation to optimize costs.

• Selection of cost-effective pricing models for solutions.

Domain 5 – Continuous Improvement for Existing Solutions

This domain has the weightage of 29% of the exam weights. The sections covered in this domain are,

• Define strategies to increase productivity and reliability of existing solutions.

• Troubleshooting solution architectures and enhancing existing solutions security.

• Define strategies to enhance the operational excellence of the exit solution.

Prerequisites of AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional Certification

For examination related to AWS Solution Architect Professional,

• AWS Solutions Architect Professional needs a minimum of 2 years’ experience in managing and utilizing AWS as a professional solutions architect.

• AWS Solutions Architect Professionals must also have the skills related to technical domains and expertise in designing distributed apps and systems.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam Format:

The AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification exam contains MCQ pattern questions. There are two questions types in exam,

• Multiple choice questions where you only have to choose one right answer out of four.

• Multiple responsive questions, in which you will have various correct answers in asked questions.

Exam Assessment Methodology:

• AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification requires you to choose one or more of the most appropriate answers based on the question type.

• There is no negative marking in the exam.

• There may also be parts of the exam that are not graded or no marks can be given.

Exam Results:

• Test results are scaled between 100 and 1000.

• As a percentage, you should score between 70% and 75%.

• You don’t have to go through every section, you just need to get the complete output.

• The weight of each section of this exam is different which varies in the number of questions listed for each section of the exam.

• AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam is on the ground of passing or failing format. Test results will be sent to you by mail within five working days from the day of the test.

• Exams are assessed against minimum standards set by AWS professionals in accordance with policies and best practices.

Norms for retaking the exam:

If you wish to retake the certification exam, you must wait 14 days before you can retake it. You can take as many exams as you want until you pass the certification. You also have to pay the full fee for every taken attempt to pass the exam.

Candidates taking this exam are evaluated with the following skills:

• Implement a cost control strategy.

• Implementation and design of fault-tolerant, highly-available and fault-tolerant AWS apps.

• Selection of the most accurate AWS service for application design and implementation as per the need.

Exam Registration Process:

• You must first register and login to

• Then simply click on Certification at the top.

• Then click AWS Certification Account and Schedule New Exam.

• Find the exam you want to attempt and click the schedule on the Pearson VUI or PSI button.

AWS Architect Learning Path:

AWS has developed a training path for an architect to become a Solution Architect, Solution Design Architect and any individual one who is aiming to learn designing systems.

AWS Solution Architect Exam: How can you prepare for it?

At the time of preparing for the AWS Solution Architect certification exams, you should create a disciplined training plan for the exam and gain experience first. Gaining success with this certification will give you numerous new chances and open the new reach for a better future. We have discussed few points which will help you in passing the certification exam:

Making exam blueprint:

Do a little research on the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam concepts and models before preparing for the exam. Then sort the topics as per their difficulty in the exam. This will be highly helpful for your AWS Solution Architect Professional Exam preparation.

Understanding concepts of AWS:

Instead of trashing the concept you need to validate your skills and knowledge. It is significantly crucial to understand and clear the concepts and expand your experience regarding it. Gain experience with AWS-based services and applications to become more familiar with the syllabus.

Search for AWS certification programs online:

There are several websites that offer certification and training to clear the AWS Certification exam. If you’re having a crunch on budget, there are several websites that offer free practice questions. There are also free trail available that they offer before you make any final purchase decision. If you enjoy self-study, you can purchase AWS Guides to study for exams.

Do lot of Practice:

To understand the concepts with ease it is mandatory to do lots of practice. This will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

When you have completed a topic, review it and try to give marks as per that. Create a study schedule and questions to practice. This will help you study the topics rapidly along with time for practice.

Appear for the exam:

Go for the mock test as much as possible once done with completion of your syllabus. Do the in-depth revision and appear for the exam.

By signing-up the AWS Certification 2022 you can easily cover your entire syllabus in desired time frame and can execute numerous projects in the real-world, find your gaps in skills and learn opportunities, find the best approach to resolve the problems businesses are facing.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself today!

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