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What Is The Best Way To Prepare For CEH Exam?

“Digitalization” is currently a constant topic of conversation in various industries. So, companies recognize the need to improve security and protect themselves from malicious hackers.  Conflicts today are believed to be unconvincing to involve guns and bombs – it’s about protecting and safeguarding your critical data to prevent cybercriminals from hacking into your system. Not surprisingly, those who pass the CEH exam are the best paid professionals. They have to stay ahead of the curve so that they can forecast and are qualified enough to think like hackers so that organizations can be saved from future attacks.

According to PayScale, the annual salary of a Security Engineer having CEH Certification ranges between $68k – $139k.

12 Proven Tips to Help You Pass CEH Certification Exam

1. Create a checklist of information about the CEH exam

The EC-Council CEH Certification Exam has 125 multiple choice questions and covers about 19 different topics like viruses, worms, server hacking, trojans, backdoors, penetration testing and so on. You will also be asked to understand ethical hacking basics, regulations and answer policy questions related to ethical hacking and more.

The results required to pass the exam depend on the exam. Sometimes an exact pass rate is given, while sometimes the results required to graduate depend on the knowledge and skills required to demonstrate that you are sufficiently qualified in a subject. Categorize all the topics from the CEH exam program that you need to study. The best way to understand all topics without crumbling is to break them into sections. Check the list as and when you fill it out to see where you are – and make sure there’s a time limit for each topic on the list.

2. Create proper plan for study

Once you’ve determined what you need to learn, it’s time to create a training plan. Be practical about your work and life responsibilities. Try to plan your training time during your stay or in relation to times when you can use some of the learning materials. For example, if you plan to attend a seminar or technical briefing that discusses current network security trends, plan to discuss network engineering before, during, and after the seminar.

3. Use a real learning environment

It is important to understand the Ethical Hacking Exam material from a real-world perspective and not just study the concepts. However, you can set up a virtual lab environment at home where you can practice some techniques. If you have ideas, attend a training session at CEH that shows you how you can create lab environments and offer guidance along with training.

4. Submit your CEH exam early

Taking the CEH exam may take some time. If you do not attend CEH course formally, you must demonstrate two years of information security experience. There is a $100 fee for this process. If you have a deadline to pass the exam, you will need to check how long it will take to go through this admissions process. Add this process time to your overall exam study schedule and completion.

5. Familiarize yourself with your CEH exam

The EC Council provides basic information for the Ethical Hacking Certification exam. It also contains links to various useful information, like exam topics, training institutions, study material and practice questions. The CEH Handbook provides mandatory details such as certification and exam review, including requirements, what type of questions you must answer, time allotted for the exam, and marks to pass.

6. Use free resources to prepare for exams

The CEH Handbook, CEH blueprint, practice questions and more are available free of charge on the EC-Council website. Use them as an initial point to assess your knowledge of the CEH exam.

This exam blueprint provides in-depth information on the subjects covered for the exam, including the question’s percentage allocated to each subject. This is very helpful, especially when creating your schedule of studies.

7. Be a part of CEH Exam preparation

Taking a self-study approach alone looks like an easy decision but is not the best strategy. Through certification preparation, you can utilize your time to understand topics with experienced instructors who will provide accurate information on how to pass the exam.

This is the best option to find answers to your questions, share plans and experiences, and even network when it comes to face-to-face training. This results in a higher pass rate of each certification exam.

8. Take the CEH mock test

No CEH candidate should take the exam without attempting mock tests priorly. The CEH exam has 125 questions to answer in four hours, which is about 2 minutes per question. This means that you need to do your best not only in terms of knowledge in today’s security field, but also in terms of time management and stress management.

As for the results of the CEH practice test, don’t be confused. Unless you are test-experienced, things usually get worse during the first round of questions, especially if you haven’t finished reading and preparing credentials. Take the time to research and use any available resources to clarify any doubts you may have. At the end of your curriculum, you will see the corresponding results of the mock exams.

9. Join an online community

A prominent search on Google will help you find various groups, forums and communities related to ethical hacking where certified professionals share their experiences on certification.

As always, it’s important to verify the authenticity of any source you use. For example, if you want to understand any formal definition related to any topic covered by the CEH exam, it is best to use official materials such as manuals, books, and other publications. However, if you want some general advice, leveraging Reddit for getting it is suitable.

10. Be time cautious

At the time of exam, it is mandatory to have a higher level of focus. That means more concentration, which is good for solving the problem but can miss track the time. What may seem like seconds can turn into precious minutes, hours go by quickly so make sure you have time to work on each exam question.

11. Take ample time to read questions

Even for a short time, it’s important not to rush into anything. Take the time to look at every question and options of answer, and make sure you know what is asked in question. Beware of distractions on multiple choice questions that can be quickly removed.

12. Try to relax

Remember to ease your muscles at the time of exam. A relaxed mind and body can help you solve difficult questions.

Remember there is no reason to be afraid. Staying calm improves your focus. If you have followed your training plan perfectly, your results will probably be good; Otherwise, you’ll have more experience the next time you try!

Summing up:

Ethical Hacking Training is a great way to enhance your information security career. However, such an advantage comes at a price: only those candidates who are dedicated will get success. Strategize for your CEH certification by utilizing ten tips as the fundamentals for your learning strategy, but also consider taking formal training.

The EC-Council CEH certification is a must if you want to succeed in cybersecurity. So, don’t waste time and effort to fully prepare for the exam and the position it holds. One of the most trustworthy techniques to clear your CEH exam on the first try is to answer as many questions as possible. This way you can decide which topics you need to understand more and on which topics you have gained perfection. Because the CEH exam is MCQ based, the CEH practice exam is highly useful in developing skills related to critical thinking.

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