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PMP Exam

The Project Management Professional PMP® is a global professional certification rated as the most sought-after certification is been administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) in the USA. Getting PMP® certified, enables project managers to establish a more competitive project management approach, processes and procedures to achieve the successful accomplishment of projects by delivering values to stakeholders. PMP exam questions will surely help you to achieve success in the PMP exam.

Vinsys, being PMI ATP global (Authorized Training Partner) offers a PMP® Study facilitation course designed and developed based on PMP® ECO (Examination Content Outline), and with reference to the PMBOK® guide – 7th & 6th edition, Agile Practice guide.

PMP Exam Preparation Questions

1. Which of the following BEST describes the role of the Project Management Office (PMO)?

  1. They supply Project managers for projects.
  2. Their role can vary from an advisory capacity to full authority over projects.
  3. They provide the project management procedures.
  4. They are part of the change control board.

2. Your manager gives you a project charter and asks you to start immediately and to provide him a schedule. What should you do first?

  1. Identify a team and obtain approval for their participation from their Functional Managers.
  2. Create an activity list and begin to assign activities to resources.
  3. Begin creating a project scope statement.
  4. Begin estimating activities necessary to complete the scope of work.

3. Mr John is project manager for a construction project. The project files need to be sent via overnight mail to his company’s central office. If the files do not arrive tomorrow, his company will not be able to deliver the project on time and he will lose an important client. The deadline cannot be negotiated. The team worked right up to the last minute in order to give him the files. Due to a traffic jam, he is running late, and the overnight delivery company will close in six minutes. He can only make it if he drives over the speed limit. Which of the following is the correct step for him?

  1. He must negotiate a new deadline.
  2. He must drive over the speed limit so that he can save the client relationship.
  3. He must stay within the speed limit, even if he loses the client.
  4. He can use the earned value metrics to show that the SPI is over 1, meaning the project is not late.

4. The project manager’s role during the executing process group of the project can BEST be described as:

  1. Leader
  2. Coordinator
  3. Integrator 
  4. Director

5. You are the project manager of a project for building a portal. You have a team experienced in doing such work. As per the agreement at the end of the second month you organize a demonstration of the software. You invite the sponsor and key stakeholders. Later the sponsor informs you that she is not very happy with the progress indicating that one of the clients who would be using this software is not satisfied as her needs are not being met.  What could be the root cause of this issue?

  1. The stakeholder is making unrealistic demands.
  2. The scope statement was ambiguous leading to this.
  3. All the stakeholders were not identified.
  4. Deliverables were not as per requirement.

6. During the Plan Risk Responses process, the team is discussing ways to deal with a risk. They have come up with the following options:
a) outsource the work
b) provide more training to the team members
c) wait to see if the risk happens
d) ignore the risk
e) do the risky activity sooner in the project
Which of the following is a risk response strategy that was forgotten in the above situation?

  1. Assign the activity to a more experienced person to handle.
  2. Prototype the product.
  3. Purchase insurance to cover the anticipated cost.
  4. Remove the activity causing the risk from the project.

7. Mr X is a project manager of a software project. Progress in the past has been smooth but lately in the past few months he has observed a schedule and budget overrun. He decides to hold a meeting with the team members. On discussions, he realizes team members went ahead and made changes at the behest of the client requests. You are pretty sure the changes were not a part of the project scope statement. This is an example of:

  1. Gold Plating
  2. Fast Tracking
  3. Integrated Change Control
  4. Scope Creep

8. Which question is not appropriate for a weighting system to evaluate seller’s performance according to weighted criteria?

  1. How many reference customers have been verified by the seller in the specific field?
  2. What financial status and reputation in the marketplace could be assessed?
  3. Has a CV of the prospective project manager been sent with the proposal?
  4. What is the yearly investment in development of personnel per year and employee?

9. You are assigned to a software project as a project manager. During its execution, PDM network schedule gets audited by a scheduling expert. The expert tells you to focus more on nodes with “path convergence”, Also known as “sinks”. What is he referring to?

  • Nodes in a conditional network diagram, at which it becomes deterministic.
  • Nodes in a WBS, where several branches are brought back together.
  • Nodes in a network logic diagram which have multiple predecessors.
  • Nodes in a decision tree, showing various branches with the same chance.

10. David is a project manager on an automobile project. A team member is visiting the manufacturing plant of one of the part suppliers. Which of the following is the MOST important thing to be done in any telephone calls he might make to the team member?

  • Review the list of contact information for all stakeholders.
  • Ask the team member to repeat back what the project manager says.
  • Review the upcoming meeting schedule.
  • Ask the team member to look for change requests.

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