Prince2 Foundation Exam
Project Management

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Exam Sample Questions

PRINCE2® (Projects IN a Controlled Environment) is a globally recognized methodology for managing resources and risks in project management. PRINCE2® certification exam validates your skills and boosts earning potential. With strategic preparation and training, you can easily succeed in your PRINCE2 Foundation exam like Pro.

Prince2 Foundation Exam

This exam is highly coveting to be beneficial for professionals and organizations worldwide. PRINCE2® can transcend your project management profession to a whole new level and offers you the ability to lead the project teams

PRINCE2 Foundation Sample Questions:

1. Which is NOT one of the levels of plan recommended by PRINCE2?

  1. Benefits Review Plan
  2. Project Plan
  3. Stage Plan
  4. Team Plan

2. How many management stages should a PRINCE2 project consist of?

  1. Start up stage, initiation stage and at least one other management stage to cover the remainder of the project
  2. Start up stage, at least one other management stage to cover the remainder of the project and a closing stage
  3. Initiation stage and at least one other management stage to cover the remainder of the project
  4. Start up stage, initiation stage and a closing stage

3. Where should an off-specification be recorded?

  1. Risk Register
  2. Issue Register
  3. Work Package
  4. Configuration Management Strategy

4. Identify the missing word in the following sentence. The [?] theme defines that the Project Board is responsible for the overall direction and management of the project

  1. Progress
  2. Plans
  3. Organization
  4. Business Case

5. Who represents the three project interests on a project?

  1. Project Manager
  2. Project Support
  3. External project stakeholders
  4. Project Board

6. Which describes a risk event?

  1. The area of uncertainty in terms of the threat or opportunity
  2. The derivation or sources of the potential risk to the project
  3. The achievement of a milestone on the Project Plan
  4. The sequence of events and actions that will be put in place if a risk occurs

7. What makes a project a PRINCE2 project?

  1. It has project processes that satisfy the objectives of PRINCE2 processes
  2. It has a permanent project organization to deliver a long-term result
  3. It has established technology to improve business as usual
  4. It applies some of the PRINCE2 principles

8. Which is a feature of PRINCE2?

  1. It is a method specifically designed for technical projects
  2. It promotes continual learning in organizations
  3. It includes many motivational techniques
  4. It is designed to manage both projects and programs

9. What is a project outcome?

  1. A measurable improvement that is perceived as an advantage by one or more stakeholders
  2. The reason for the project
  3. The result of the change derived from using the project’s outputs
  4. The project’s specialist products

10. What is the purpose of the Organization theme?

  1. Ensure that the project organization structure will enable the project to deliver the business benefits in the required time frame
  2. Define accountability within the project
  3. Identify risk owners for the project
  4. Define the quality methods and responsibilities for the management of the project

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