SAP Certification Exam

Scheduling SAP Certification Exam in 2023: A beginner’s guide

We’ll go through how to schedule your SAP Certification Exam for the first time in this post. This article assumes that your account has a current subscription and that you have remaining exam attempts.

Pre-requisites for SAP Certification Exam

Below are the 8 simple steps to schedule the SAP exam

  1. Verify your email and the license term

You must have an active SAP Training Shop account as well as a current SAP Certification Hub subscription to book your SAP Certification Exam.

You ought to get an email from SAP verifying the specifics of the order or registration if you bought a subscription (or if your employer did so on your behalf). It will provide crucial information and links to access Certification Hub, examine your order history, and activate your S-user.

You may access SAP support and service portals with an S-User ID. It may also go by the name “S-user ID.” It often begins with an “S” and is followed by a string of numerals. Your S-user should have been mentioned in an email that you got from SAP. It can also be referred to as your SAP Education account number while discussing SAP certification.

Due to the license period being the length of your Certification Hub membership, take note of it.

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2. Activate your S-User and gain access to SAP Certification Hub:

To activate your S-User, click the email’s link. You will schedule your Certification using this account.

You should be able to view the duration and validity of your membership on the website by clicking the link. You should be sent to the SAP Certification Hub after selecting the “Access the Certification Hub” option.

3. You should set your time zone and accept the terms and conditions

An illustration of a notice that you could get as a new user is shown below. To change your time zone, only click the appropriate link, then scroll down to see and accept the Terms & Conditions.

It’s crucial to change your time zone to prevent any misunderstandings while booking or scheduling exams.

4. Recognize the certification you intend to pursue:

Before booking your certification exam, it is ideal for you to have a goal certification in mind and to have studied for it.

For you to receive a full overview of how to access and use the SAP Training site moving forward, let’s start from the very beginning.

  • Visit to start
  • You can choose your language and nation or location
  • Access your S-User account to log in
  • Click SAP Global Certification > subscription page

5. Access the Certification Hub

You need to view your SAP Subscriptions on the well-known screen below. Access the Certification Hub by clicking on it.

6. To arrange certification test select Exam Dashboard:

Click on “Exam Dashboard” to check the list of available certifications and their timetables before scheduling your certification exam.

To continue, click on Schedule an Exam:

There are 3 Areas to be aware of on the Exam Dashboard screen:

  • Online exam subscriptions
  • Exam Results
  • Classroom Exam Schedule

You may verify the validity of your subscription and the number of remaining tries in the Online Exam Subscriptions section.

You may view a list of the examinations you’ve taken along with their associated information in the Exam Results section. After passing your certification exam, you can look back on this to view a breakdown of your examination efforts. Click “Schedule an exam” to continue booking your certification.

You may customize the exam list by using the filters on the left-hand side. To discover the certification and double-check the exam name, we suggest using Ctrl+F

Be extremely mindful! Please make sure you choose the right test. Check the SAP exam level and version.

For instance, SAP S/4HANA offers many Central Finance Versions. Make sure to pick the one that best fits your review.

Make sure you choose the appropriate exam level from the following:

  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Specialist

Choose the exam of your choosing, then click the calendar icon to view the schedules offered and pick your favorite:

Choose a date, time, and time zone. A 24/7 testing window exists. It is full up or no longer available if you do not see any available time slots for a specific time.

7. Navigate to Exam Appointments to confirm your exam schedule:

The exam name should have a green clock indicator next to it if you were successful in scheduling your appointment or exam. For your confirmation, the timetable ought to be viewable on the “Exam Appointments” screen.

You should see the relevant Exam Title under the Upcoming Online Exam Appointments if you successfully scheduled your appointment or exam.

8. The confirmation of your scheduled SAP certification exam should be in your email:

Additionally, SAP should send you an email to confirm your scheduled certification exam. Important information concerning your test should be included in it, such as:

  • Date of Exam Appointment
  • Course Name
  • Exam Title
  • Date of Appointment
  • Scheduled Time
  • Useful Links & Instructions

As soon as you pass the certification exam, your exam results will be available. Additionally, SAP ought to send you an email with a link to your SAP Digital Badge, where you may share, download, and display your accomplishment.

You may also check the remaining number of attempts and the validity of your SAP online exam subscriptions.

Tips from Vinsys

Here are tips from vinsys to clear the SAP certification exam in 1st attempt

Be aware of and prepared for the following on the day of your exam.

  • Plug your laptop in so that it has a consistent power source
  • Download the most recent version of Question mark Secure
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Wi-Fi is sufficient for a broadband connection, but just to be safe
  • Bring two legitimate IDs with your name and signature that are issued by the government. This will serve as identification for the proctor during your online certification test
  • You may always test Question mark Secure and Communication / Bandwidth before the exam
  • Please take some time to look over the documentation and FAQs from the SAP Certification Hub because they should cover everything else
  • Last but not the least enroll for SAP training online with Vinsys.

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