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SAP Training | SAP Certification Cost | Everything You Need To Know

SAP systems are critical to business functions and operations, regardless of the size of the company. A SAP certificate opens up various job opportunities. Detailed knowledge of SAP courses and modules can help you make the right career decisions. In this article, we will cover what a SAP course is, examine the types of SAP modules and certification levels, and discuss the benefits of a SAP course , SAP certification cost and some of the job opportunities.

What is an SAP course?

SAP certifications are becoming highly valuable for employees and companies as SAP is adding new applications, tools and interfaces in almost every area of business management. You can earn this certificate as part of your degree or as a standalone course. The SAP course consists of various modules right from basic to technical types, covering almost all elements of business management. 

It offers the ability to manage the SAP design business, including setting up organizational structures, advanced solutions, and more. SAP certified professionals can create data warehouses, make input masks, and manage information. 

SAP Certification Cost

SAP Certification cost = SAP Training Cost + SAP Exam Cost

Cost of SAP Certification Up to $560(excluding tax)’ based on the certification course, you opt for.
Note: Certification costs will be different from country to country.

SAP Courses

typically cover the following areas:

  • Billing
  • SAP Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution Management
  • Inventory and Shipping Process
  • Data Warehouses
  • Product Management
  • Database Management
  • Business Scenarios and Procedures

SAP stands for system, application and product. SAP software can head various business elements, which include operations, finance, facilities and human resources. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is an important functionality of SAP software. It enables aggregation and analysis of data in other domains like business intelligence as well as customer relationship management.

SAP Modules: Types –

Two SAP modules usually consist of several submodules. Below are those two modules: 

Functional Modules: 

SAP provides various standard functions that companies can use to perform various operations. Function modules offer standard functions to seamlessly execute real business activities. The SAP functional module basically aims at customer relationship management, finance management, sales, business objects, business intelligence, distribution and supply chain management. 

Below is a list of functional modules:

  • SAP project system (PS)
  • SAP human resources management (HRM)
  • SAP quality management (QM)
  • SAP plant maintenance (PM)
  • SAP production planning (PP)
  • SAP Sales and distribution (SD)
  • SAP logistics execution (LE)
  • SAP Controlling (CO)
  • SAP materials management (MM)
  • SAP financial accounting (FI)
  • SAP financial supply chain management (FSCM)

The technical module mainly focuses on programming and customizing the module with SAP. This SAP modules allow professionals to perform tasks, develop applications, schedule tasks, download and configure updates, and troubleshoot migration management and implementation. This technical module includes:

SAP Course Level: 

The SAP course offers multi-level certifications that mainly focus on a specific topic. The four main levels of SAP certification are:

Associate Certification: 

This is a basic level certification. The associate certificate covers the fundamental needs of SAP professionals. If you want to understand more about SAP and get a higher certification, you can start from this level. The Associate-level certification exam is three hours long and typically consists of eighty multiple-choice questions.

Delta Certification: 

Delta certification is based on an associate-level qualification. It releases functionalities and is updated every three months. The Delta Certification evaluation is based on new features and editions for improvement for the quarter, and certified professionals must be on it to meet the new Delta standards. The exam lasts ninety minutes and consists of forty questions. This exam aims to inform professionals with the latest SAP skills and information.

Specialist Certification: 

Specific certifications focus on a specific topic or component of SAP integration and provide professionals with very narrow and specific business knowledge. The specialist certification exam lasts 90 minutes. Only those who have successfully passed the related certification exam can take this exam.

Professional certification: 

Professional Certification is the highest level of SAP certification. Requires real project experience, solid business knowledge, in-depth understanding of SAP solutions and advanced SAP tools knowledge before the exam. Professional certifications can give you the opportunity to make more money and advance significantly in your career.

SAP’s Eligibility Criteria and Course Duration: 

The duration of the SAP course varies depending on the subject. The course usually lasts about thirty to sixty days. Regular SAP courses and SAP online courses can mean the same thing. To get a SAP certificate, you need a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Computer experience and basic understanding of the industry in which you are pursuing SAP certification can be an advantage.

SAP Course Eligibility and Validity:

All SAP certificates obtained are valid for a very long time unless there are significant changes to the product or software. Companies constantly monitor programs related to certification and send notifications to certified professionals when one or more of their certifications expires.

In such a scenario, the certificate holder must reappear within six months of the announcement to take the delta exam and achieve the minimum score. This facility ensures that all SAP professionals stay up to date with the latest concepts and are qualified to continue doing what they are already doing.

CourseSAP Course Details
SAP Course Full FormSystem Applications and Products in Data Processing
Eligibility & RequirementGraduate or Masters Degree
DurationIt depends upon the certification you choose. Typically 8-10 weeks

SAP Salary Offered

SGD 72,000 to 90,000 (Singapore)
INR 4.50 lakhs to 28 lakhs (India)
Pounds 57,000 to 140,000 (United Kingdom)
AED 117,000 to 156,000 (UAE)
AUD 79,000 to 95,000 (Australia)
USD 60,000 to USD 145,000 (United States )

Duration of SAP certification Course:

So, are you ready to set goals on your calendar? Select SAP, get virtual consultation, learn SAP and get a certificate in 6-10 weeks depending upon your learning abilities and the course you choose. Start your global career upon successful completion of SAP certification and apply immediately for the job.

While full-time and online courses have the similar impact, institutional trust, accreditation, and selection of modules showcases the SAP Certification earned value.

Exam Fees for SAP Courses:

SAP certification cost $560 excluding taxes in the USA and will vary from country to country. This fee does not consist of costs of training. If the training fee is included, the total package can add up to USD 9,000(approx.) based on your chosen certification course.

SAP Course Benefits:

SAP certification cost is becoming one of the most sought-after areas of accreditation. SAP experts are in great demand across the globe due to their enhanced level of knowledge, experience and understanding. This course has several advantages. Some of the advantages of SAP training are:

Better Job Opportunities

Organizations can choose SAP-certified people, both functional and technical, over non-certified people. Opportunities are open to applicants with these complex skills, as they can work in management and IT. Organizations use SAP ERP software and understand the benefits of being a pro with this knowledge and they also can refer to SAP interview questions and answers. This gives SAP experts access to many opportunities in well-known companies in the market.

Both public and private individuals look to hire SAP experts for their operations and management of businesses. SAP consultants are also needed in distribution, ERP systems, CRM solutions, logistics, manufacturing, production and various other domains.

Higher Salary:

SAP-certified candidates can receive significantly higher salaries than other counterparts. Your salary may increase when you get a higher level of SAP certification. However, a candidate’s salary also depends on their previous work experience, education and available skills.

Good Reputation:

Better jobs and a handsome salary can build a good reputation with customers, colleagues, and coworkers. It can encourage professionals to improve their work, improve their skills and earn more advantages. Certified SAP professionals can gain better recognition and reputation in the organization as peers can view these certified professionals in IT organizations as knowledgeable and analytical people.

Special Recognition From Employees:

SAP certification brings a certain level of respect and trust among employees. According to a market study, SAP-certified professionals have a better rate of approval in the job market than non-certified professionals. SAP-certified consultants may receive special recognition from their employers and other potential employers when they see that the candidate has experience with SAP.

Easy Promotion:

Certified candidates can have a significant advantage over their non-certified counterparts in terms of knowledge and expertise on the subject. Henceforth, certified professionals are more likely to receive higher salaries and faster promotions. By using SAP certification and training one can reach higher hierarchies in the organization more quickly.

SAP professional roles in various industries:

SAP certified professionals can work effectively in the following areas:

Human Resources: Employment contract, payroll, recruitment, promotion, personnel administration and selection management

Customer Relationship Management: Develop long-term partnerships, develop innovative solutions to improve customer experience, ensure in-store consistency and increase customer value

Sales and Shipping: To-do list management, order information, shipping, forecasting, billing, credit processing, shipping and customer service

Business Intelligence: Extracts, collates, analyzes, and reports data from multiple sources using the Business Explorer tool, handles data storage, and generates reports in various formats such as graphs, networks, maps and charts.

Job opportunities after SAP course:

  • SAP Basis Consultant
  • SAP Procurement Specialist
  • SAP Trainer
  • System Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Business Process Analyst
  • SAP Basis Administrator
  • SAP Project Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • SAP Consultant
  • Solution Development Consultant
  • SAP ABAP Developer
  • SAP SD Consultant
  • SAP FICO Consultant
  • SAP ABAP Consultant
  • Pre-Sales Consultant
  • SAP Hana Architect

SAP Course Near Me

In the modern digital world, the SAP system defines large and small companies. It is indeed one of the highly beneficial ERP platforms which ensure seamless working of organization in all factors. With a SAP certificate, professionals can be better prepared for the complexities of the evolving workplace. In some scenarios, this is not only a benefit, but strict selection criteria.

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