SAP Application Consultant with SAP BW4HANA Training

Become an Advanced SAP Application Consultant with SAP BW4HANA Training

Often employees find themselves stuck in a loophole where they can’t grow inside a company. Suppose you’re stuck in a similar situation or want to grow as a professional. In that case, getting an SAP BW4HANA certification can revive the lost spark and open up new job positions of SAP Consultant and promotions for you.

I know lots of questions in your mind like what is sap consultant? what is sap consultant meaning ? how much sap consultant salary you will get all the answers read this blog till end.

A certification course teaches you the application and benefits of SAP BW4HANA. You get to learn the kinits and grits of the job and how you fit into the bigger picture. 

This blog explains what SAP BW4HANA is and why it’s so popular in the industry. It also guides you through the benefits of a certification course that opens doors to a lucrative career for you. 

What is SAP BW4HANA?

Information is a critical enterprise asset, so successful data warehousing is an integral part of corporate strategies in big companies. 

This is where SAP BW4 HANA comes into play, as it simplifies the design and operation of data management techniques. It is a packaged data warehouse based on SAP HANA.  

Why Multinational Companies prefer SAP HANA Consultant ?

Brands like Hershey’s, 3M, Audi AG, Burger King, etc., use SAP HANA because it is one of the best RDBMS(Relational Database Management System). It uses advanced storage technology: in-memory and makes the data modeling simpler. 

SAP BW4HANA is an advanced data warehousing solution designed to fully use SAP HANA’s in-memory capabilities. Getting a certification in SAP BW4HANA will help you acquire new skills and can help you become an advanced SAP Application Consultant.

Features of SAP BW4HANA

  • Simplifies Modeling and Administration: SAP BW4HANA is significantly fast when processing change requests. The implementation time for SAP BW4HANA is also great. Furthermore, it reduces developmental spending for brands with its simplified administration.  
  • Easy Integration with SAP and Non SAP Apps: Almost all businesses use a diversified pallet of apps for their workflow. That is why data integration is so crucial for big companies. With SAP BW4HANA, companies can easily connect their SAP and Non-SAP apps and data sources, reducing the cost of data integration. 
  • Excellent User Experience: By increasing the productivity of all the workers, SAP BW4 HANA automatically contributes to a great user experience.  
  • Can Process Tons of Data in Real-Time: With this data warehousing solution, companies get reduced wait time for data processing, enabling them to handle a high volume of data in real-time.  

Now that you know why SAP BW4HANA is popular in the industry let’s understand how you can become a SAP Application Consultant with a Certification course. 

What does an Advanced Consultant with SAP BW4HANA do?

You’ll be responsible for analyzing, designing, and configuring the computer system as your employer requires. You’ll conduct tests to ensure system workflows can interact with end-users.

Eligibility Criteria for SAP Consultant Training

There are a lot of SAP training online certification courses available at Vinsys, but this SAP BW/4HANA(BW462) Training course is mainly aimed for: 

  • SAP Application Consultants who have experience with SAP BW (non-HANA)
  • Project Team Members Responsible for the Implementation and Maintenance of SAP BW/4HANA
  • Systems Architects
  • SAP Program/Project Managers

Since it is a technical training course, it has some technical requirements:

  • The candidates need several years of hands-on experience in data modeling with SAP BW 7. x. 
  • And experience with BW310 (SAP BW Enterprise Data Warehousing)
  • BW330 (SAP BW Data Modeling and Implementation)
  • HA100 (SAP HANA Introduction)

In this course, candidates will get hands-on experience with SAP BW4HANA, which will open up job positions as SAP Application Consultants. 

The average salary for an SAP Application consultant can range from 8.5 Lakhs INR to 30 Lakhs INR, depending on the company they are working for and how much experience they have. 

How Can a SAP Certification Help You Get Promotions

Getting stuck in the same role in a company for a long time can be tedious and even stressful for many people. If you already have experience in data modeling with SAP BW7.x, you can upgrade your better packages. 

Take this SAP BW/4HANA (BW462) training course with Vinsys and get all the skills you need for a promotion or a leadership role in your company. 

Knowing SAP BW4HANA is suitable for candidates is because this data warehousing solution has a lot of advantages for the company. 

  • With good knowledge of SAP BW4HANA, SAP Application Consultants get accurate insights into the companies they work for. Insights are a big part of making changes in a company as they help the companies to understand how their products and services are performing. 
  • SAP BW4HANA uses Big Data to digitize all business-related data for companies. On top of that, it also uses platform business solutions from SAP. That’s why companies prefer candidates who can implement SAP BW4HANA. 
  • This data warehousing solution also allows you to maximize business adoption with advanced analytics. On top of that, you can tailor the company’s applications to fit their needs.

Start Your SAP BW4HANA Training at Vinsys Today

SAP BW4HANA is an advanced data warehousing solution. Having a certification can open up leadership roles like a Project Head or an SAP Application Consultant in the company for you. 

98% of the top 100 most valued brands use SAP somehow. Getting an SAP certification can help you get exciting job offers in leading companies worldwide. 

The certification from Vinsys opens doors for leadership job opportunities or becoming an SAP Application Consultant then taking this SAP BW/4HANA (BW462). It will equip you with all the necessary skills and good knowledge of SAP BW4HANA to help you bag promotions.

What are you waiting for? It’s your only chance to upgrade your salary packages and job role in the tech industry. Don’t miss this!

Enroll today for SAP BW4 HANA (BW462) Training at Vinsys and break free from your monotonous tech job. Apply on the leading companies all over the world with the best certificate under your belt. 

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