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Beginner’s Guide to SAP S4 HANA: Kickstart your SAP journey with Database Management

SAP HANA is an advanced in-memory RDBMS(Relational Database Management System). SAP S4 HANA is an ERP software that allows businesses to seamlessly handle huge amounts of data and save hardware and operational costs.  Because most of the brands use SAP HANA for database management, SAP certification in this course can open up tons of job opportunities for you.

SAP HANA database is used by all industries, including manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, retail, professional services, etc. Some of the top brands which use SAP HANA include Hershey’s, 3M, Audi AG, Burger King, etc. Pretty much all the industries that handle customer data use database management systems. That is why starting an SAP course and getting S4 HANA certification at Vinsys is the need of the hour.

This guide will learn about the benefits of SAP S4 HANA online training and why you should get an SAP certification course from Vinsys

Responsibilities of SAP HANA Admin

With news of data breaches circling the internet every day, you must store it well. When you become an SAP HANA database admin, you get the following responsibilities:

  • Integrating SAP HANA into different remote systems
  • Monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting of SAP HANA systems
  • Administration of HANA system using SAP HANA Cockpit and HANA Studio.
  • Managing users and roles in the SAP HANA system
  • Implementing SAP HANA Table management techniques – data compression, table partition, compression techniques, and load/unload table into memory
  • HANA Installation, Data Provisioning, Admin, Modelling
  • Managing high availability and backup mechanism
  • Implementing SAP HANA Security system
  • Monitoring HANA system

Eligibility to learn an SAP Database Management

  • Degree: Having a technical degree like B.Tech or BE in Computer Science will give you an upper hand in understanding the SAP database management principles. If you want to become a non-technical SAP consultant, then a degree in B.Sc., B.Com. It would work just fine.
  • Certification: SAP certification in your elected SAP Module is often necessary.
  • Experience: Having hands-on experience as an SAP consultant will give you the upper hand. There are certification courses for this so you can ace in both departments.
  • Industry Knowledge: It is crucial to know the industry you are working in as it gives you a competitive edge. As per the data, about 19% of the SAP S4 HANA customers belong to the manufacturing industry.  Then there are retail, consumer packaging goods, automotive industries that use SAP S4 HANA to do their day-to-day business activities. Automatically knowing these industries will allow you to use your SAP S4 HANA skills to help your organization grow.
  • Skills(Both SAP and soft skills): Having good knowledge of databases and SAP skills is crucial as SAP S4 HANA is based on SAP HANA. To use that efficiently, you will need good SAP skills.  Along with that, you also need to have good communication skills and a confident attitude. Having good soft skills can help you get leadership roles in a team.

SAP S4 HANA Training and Certification

Having an SAP certification helps build credibility when recruiters look at your resume and give you all the necessary skills to get better-paying jobs.

There is always the skill vs. certification debate, and it usually confuses candidates whether they should get a certification or not. Here is what you need to know: for recruiters, your certification is the first way to analyze what you can offer to the organization.

To get noticed by recruiters, you must have an SAP S4 HANA certification, and it tells them that you have the skills to handle the SAP S4 HANA ERP platform.

Once you get a good job, you can use your skills to prove your worth and climb up the ladder. Having an SAP certification can make you eligible for higher roles like Sales Manager, Solution development consultant, Business process analyst, ABAP developer, SAP developer, Senior software engineer, Implementation consultant, HANA Admin, etc.

People having SAP S4 HANA training and certification get packages of around INR 10.2 lakhs as SAP HANA consultants.

Start Your SAP Journey with SAP S4 HANA Training at Vinsys 

All big companies use SAP S4 HANA smart ERP platform to handle their business processes, and SAP S4 HANA is optimized for the SAP HANA database.

SAP S4 HANA online training helps you learn the fundamentals of SAP S4 HANA ERP. Using the SAP S4 HANA ERP, organizations can easily perform transactions and analyze business data in real-time.

As per a stat, out of the top 100 most valued brands, 98% of brands use SAP somehow and all of these companies have databases. That is why there is a constant demand for SAP S4 HANA consultants.

Getting an SAP S4 HANA certification will help you build a strong resume. Top companies like Aditya Birla Group, PayPal, Cisco, Adidas, Walmart, Nestle use SAP HANA. You can get jobs at such big organizations with good knowledge and skills in SAP S4 HANA and SAP HANA.

Get Your SAP S4 HANA Certification Today!

Vinsys provides the best SAP S4 HANA online training. There are no fees charged and transactions are made instantly. With an SAP certification in SAP S4 HANA, you can become a certified SAP consultant at some top organizations worldwide.

You play a key role in management and administration and also get the chance to travel worldwide to provide HANA training to your fellow employees.

Enroll today for SAP S/4HANA Overview Training at Vinsys, learn SAP S4 HANA, and start your journey as an S4 HANA Database Manager.

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