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Career Opportunities After Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

For some, the excursion to becoming a specialist in Six Sigma is getting certified as a Green Belt or higher. However, today, we going to discuss how being a Six Sigma Green Belt training will permit you to take on bigger challenges and jobs in process development. 

A Six Sigma Green Belt certification can be both, requesting and fulfilling, and can involve an assortment of professional choices. The affirmation conveys extensive load in the business local area and gives people an edge in acquiring assignments with a portion of the world’s most regarded associations. 

The standards of Six Sigma are broadly perceived, to such an extent that any talented individual is eventually pursued and exceptionally esteemed. Regardless of whether you intend to board on the Six Sigma Green Belt vocation way or utilize lean six sigma green belt certification in Pune as a venturing stone to a more elevated level of capability, experts ought to consider their choices completely and get what sorts of open positions the course opens up. 

Furthermore, for such, we are making a rundown of jobs where Six sigma Green Belt holders can oblige themselves.

Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma Green belt training frees you up to what’s truly going on with Six Sigma and what it can assist with accomplishing an association. Green Belt certification training takes it to next level. People dealing with Green Belt online training in Bangalore are candidates who need to become world forerunners in their field. 

They are specialists in DMAIC, an essential cycle in Six Sigma, which represents the following: 

Define: Defining a test and building a case for why and how to transform it

Process: Setting objectives, figuring execution norms, and guaranteeing new cycles add to an association’s general viability

Analyze: Learning information to discover issues, for example, process repetition

Improve: Creating, carrying out, and supporting interaction improvement processes, and making norms to gauge their adequacy

 Control: Adjusting new cycles to guarantee all objectives are met


Lean six sigma green belt training in India: How long does it take to complete?

Typically, it takes 2 to 7 weeks to complete the Greenbelt Lean Six Sigma Certification Program. At Vinsys, the SSGI Green Belt program has been intended for the individuals who are effectively engaged with activities and hoping to acquire expert knowledge on Lean Six Sigma.

SSGB training is a moderate-level certificate. The program incorporates a discretionary reproduced project which is remembered for the enlistment expense. After breezing through the Green Belt certification test, you will get an LSSGB certificate and ID number, which is accepted and respected all over the globe. 

Our lean six sigma green belt certification in Bangalore is also available online and doesn’t have a lapse date. It is planned to consistently squeeze into your bustling timetable. 

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification test includes 100 “True or False” questions and MCQs. The green belt certification exam can be taken online from any part of India and you will have 2 hours to finish it.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Salaries (Approx)

The Six Sigma Green Belt is requested at a larger scale as organizations throughout the planet try to reduce expenses, further develop proceedings and kill squander, contracted as an investment by being prepared to accomplish more with fewer assets, perceived and compensated by its bosses, because of the preparation got to become certified, ready to execute Six Sigma devices and procedures to forestall imperfections and widen consumer loyalty. 

According to payscale Six Sigma Black Belt salaries in India is INR 10, 05,500 – INR 20, 97,950 on a normal. This is the normal monthly compensation including lodging, transport, and different advantages. 

As a 6 Sigma Green Belt, no matter the field the individual is working in, he/she knows the apparatuses and methods to examine any circumstance and to determine the issues in the best and most beneficial way for the association. 

Some of the highest-paid Six Sigma green belt jobs are,

  • Quality manager: USD 90.27K per annum
  • Process engineer: USD 86.92K per annum
  • Quality control manager: USD 76.12K per annum
  • Business process analyst: USD 69.70K per annum
  • Quality specialist: USD 54.70K per annum
  • Process technician: USD 41.58K per annum

As per the latest data received in 2020 by the top salary survey websites, the middle yearly pay rates for people with Certified Six Sigma Green Belt by Job in the US were:

  • IT Project Manager – USD 87.95K
  • Business Process Analyst – USD 75.30K
  • Warehouse Operations Manager – USD 71.79K
  • Business Consultant – USD 47K to USD129K
  • Quality Assurance Engineer – USD 65.94K
  • Continuous Improvement Manager – USD 90.82K
  • Lean Six Sigma Specialist – USD 88.42K
  • Directors of Quality – USD 115.55K
  • Directors of Process Engineering – USD 142K
  • Directors of Project Management – USD 102.7K
  • Operational Excellence Leaders – USD 102K
  • Program Manager – USD 111.6K

Six Sigma Green Belt Certified salary across the globe (Approx)

A Six Sigma Green Belt pay scale differs across the globe according to the area, industry, experience, and capabilities. 

Six sigma salaries differ according to the degree of certification completed by the individual and the degree of involvement of the fresher. 

An individual who is a fresher who has just completed the six sigma online training in Saudi and has less industry knowledge can begin with a six sigma pay of a normal of 1500-5000 SAR

A fresher or a candidate who is new to the quality administration world, lean Six Sigma green belt training demonstrates as a magnificent apparatus to convey the best presentation in the cutthroat environment and thus move up in progress quicker and increment their compensation structure.

Six Sigma Career Paths

Six Sigma Green Belt Career Paths
Six Sigma Career Paths

After getting SSGB certification you will have an extensive comprehension of the essential precepts of Six Sigma and apply its standards to their work consistently. Normal positions appropriate for Green Belts incorporate mid-to-upper-level project management, process designing, conference, and manufacturing designing. 

For the most part, the most significant level administrative roles are saved for the 6 Sigma Green Belt or more. The Green Belt separates people from non-guaranteed candidates competing for places that require a more significant level of expertise if and when they chose to seek a chief administrative role. 

SSGB experts meet all requirements for the most lucrative positions on the planet. With a reasonable comprehension of process development and quality assurance, organizations look to recruit Green Belts in various distinctive occupation capacities.

Six Sigma Industries Practiced in India

Some of the most common sectors where SIX sigma certified experts can seek a vocation in India are:-

  • IT/Information Technology
  • Manufacturing Businesses
  • Transportation
  • Service Industry
  • Healthcare 
  • Education 
  • Energy Industry
  • Financial Services Sector
  • Government
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Retail Management

Top Companies Hiring Six Sigma Experts in India

Some of the top companies where the six sigma specialists may seek a vocation in India are not restricted to, of course

  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Honeywell
  • HCL Technologies
  • Accenture
  • IBM Corporation
  • Genpact
  • Wipro Limited
  • General Electric
  • Volkswagen
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • EMC Corporation
  • McKesson Corporation
  • Xerox Corporation

The pay scale of a six sigma certified significantly relies on numerous factors like time, degree, and what industry you are working in, so get in touch with Vinsys today and learn everything you need to know about lean six sigma belts, including six sigma green belt training cost in India.

Why Join Vinsys for Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Vinsys Six Sigma green belt training in Delhi is a persuasive Six Sigma organization in India. It has a faultless standing as an organization equipped for giving top-class Six Sigma training. The nature of our mentors and great success record is likewise a motivation to pick Vinsys to pursue Six Sigma Courses in India. 

Candidates will be given study materials covering all parts of the green belt course. The material gave is created by Vinsys’s special exploration term that covers each new improvement in Six Sigma. 

Six Sigma is an extremely well-known field, however, there is as yet relative disarray about how a successful career can be set up in the field. 

As a steady and fruitful practice, Six Sigma has acquired monstrous prevalence. Many organizations across various businesses have started recruiting to lessen their misfortune. 

At our Six Sigma Courses in Hyderabad, India, candidates are routinely reported on what they expect as far as occupations and pay as experts in the field. 

Occupations in Six Sigma are at this point not limited by any industry. Practically any organization in the market can profit with the presence of a Six Sigma expert.

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