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Top 6 Skills All Medical Document Translators Need To Have

Medical Document Translation

One of the most crucial translation services in the industry is medical document translation. Medical translation makes offering medical services very simple. We all know that it is very important for a doctor to get the symptoms of the patients correctly. When a doctor gets the symptoms from the patient it is only then that they can recommend the right treatment.

Why Medical Translation Is Important?

In case there is a communication gap between the doctor and the patient it might lead to grave problems. It is becoming very important to hire a medical translator in those hospitals where patients come from all around the world. Thus to build the language gap between doctors and patients a medical translator is hired. Therefore, keeping in mind the risks involved the medical translators must have all the necessary skills.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most important skills that medical document translators should have. it is recommended by experts from the translation industry and supported by the Vinsys FLS which is one of the renowned and best translation service providers in India with a portfolio of more than 150+ Global languages, more than 1000+ linguistic translators.

Top 6 Skills For Professional Medical Document Translators

1. Ethics

Ethics is one of the most important skills that any health worker should have. A health worker is bound by some set code of ethics that he or she has to follow in all circumstances. For medical translators, codes are no different. The reason is that a medical translator has access to a lot of crucial information. The information that most of the patients provide is private and very confidential.

In case the medical translator shares confidential information with anybody they will breach the code of ethics.

This might even lead to the complete end of the career of the medical translator. Therefore to avoid such a situation the medical personnel must handle the information responsibility. Besides that, you should also be impartial between your patient and should treat all the patients equally and not favor someone over others. This skill will help you to provide top-notch services.

2. Cultural Awareness

What is important for the medical personnel to understand is the cultures of various languages. If you want to understand what the patient is trying to tell, you will have to have a good knowledge of the culture of that particular language. In certain places, people consider some topics or things to be taboo therefore people might come up with some other way to talk about the ‘taboo topics’.

If you will not be aware of the culture you will fail to understand what the patient is trying to tell you. In such cases, you will shy away from the patient which will deprive them of the treatment that they need.

3. Linguistic Skills

Just like every other translator, medical translators should also be excellent in linguistic skills. The reason is that the translator should be able to capture the exact message from the patients. With the understanding of different languages, a translator will get the correct translations which are very crucial. If you don’t have good language skills you will neither be able to understand what the patient is trying to tell you nor will you be able to tell the symptoms to the doctor properly. This might also result in wrong treatment given to the patients.

Therefore a medical translator should have a good command over the original as well as the translated language. Poor knowledge in even one of the two languages will lead to miscommunication which will cause the patients as well you lot of problems.

4. Awareness Of The Medical Terms

We all know that some medical terms are very difficult in English as well. Therefore if you wish to become a medical translator it is very important that you should know some common medical terms. Moreover, it is important that you know the medical terms in the translation as well as the original language. For this, you will have to put in the extra effort with dedication.

Another reason why knowledge of medical terms is important is that it helps the translator in delivering better translation services. It will not only improve your communication with patients but with doctors as well. This will enhance your as well as the services provided by the doctor.

5. Patient Care

Another very important skill that a medical translator should have is how to take care of your patients. You should understand your patients well so that you can deliver good translation services.

From treatment to diagnosis you need to know everything about the process. This will save you valuable time and help you to provide high-quality services. Medical personnel should provide his or her valuable services to as many people as possible. You can use the saved time in giving attention to other patients.

6. Empathy

As medical personnel, you should have cultural sensitivity. Besides, you should be able to provide empathy to your patients. All in all a medical translator must have good manners. As a medical translator, your job is to build the communication gap between patient and doctor. Therefore to be efficient you should act similarly as a doctor. Patients should feel comfortable sharing their personal medical problems with you. Besides, they should feel that you can understand their problem.

If patients will not feel that you can understand them then no amount of knowledge can help you provide good services. Therefore you should show empathy while the patient is sharing information with you. However, this is just one instance where you should show empathy.

While delivering some bad news you should also be very emphatic. You are aware that there isn’t always good news to tell and you should know how to handle this problem in the right manner.

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Medical Document Translation Cost

From the discussions in this blog, it is clear that it is very important to hire a good and professional medical translator. A medical translator is very important to bridge the communication and language gap between a doctor and a patient. Instead of focusing on cost try for the most value out of it. Document translation cost varies from document to document and language to language. If you want the best quote for a document translation then do –

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Final Thoughts – Medical Document Translation

Medical translation agency plays a very crucial job that should be given to qualified people only so that the imminence and authenticity of the documents aren’t sacrificed. Thus make sure to hire only qualified professionals and outsource professional medical translation agencies.

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