Switching From Autocad old to Advance Autocad 2022

Switching From AutoCAD Old Version To Advance AutoCAD 2022

Autodesk AutoCAD is usually considered a proverbial green CAD application for any organization executing their operations digitally. Industries and more than 135,000 companies now use leading proprietary software to create accurate 2D/3D engineering, architectural or engineering drawings.

Globally recognized and the wonder of the world of modern technology never fails to evolve rapidly with a transforming environment. It stays relevant with enhanced versions, improved features, cloud capabilities, toolsets, and apps.

Advance AutoCAD

AutoCAD 2021’s version was launched last year. It brings many improvements with constant access to dedicated tools based on Architecture, Map 3D, Electrical, Plant 3D, MEP, or Raster Design Specialized tools for saving valuable time and automating tasks.

In the 2021 version it has made Quick Mode as default mode, enhanced the quick measure command, enabled the revision cloud radius automatic adjustments, optimize the recent blocks via cloud storage and has an option to compare alterations with Xref present version.

AutoCAD 2021 undoubtedly offers many productivity-enhancing benefits. On the 36th alteration, it levels up the response with innovation, support and takes centre stage.

AutoCAD 2022 advances design, enabling better work and freeing up time to aim on other elements of your business. Let’s take a look at five new functionalities, advantages and recent enhancements that will motivate you to update to AutoCAD 2022 as soon as possible.

  1. With Trace, you and your collaborators can tag DWG files without changing existing images. Collaborators create tracks on the web/mobile app and mark design changes they’d like to see. It then opens in AutoCAD on the system, where you automatically get feedback from the DWG file reference and apply any changes.
  • Cross-platform digital workflows enable you to collaborate with members of the team wherever they are and simplify the image review cycle. Trace drives collaboration digitally and enables collaboration with employees on any device.
  • Count automated counting of the blocks. Export data to dynamic spreadsheets and get updates faster. Reduce manual counting, avoid miscounting spare parts or ordering the wrong quantity. The Calculate command in the Palette pane of the View tab reduces human error, improves accuracy, and saves time.
  • Share initiates you safely share drawings directly from AutoCAD with your team/colleagues. Select an access level from ‘view-only’ and send controlled copies of drawings to your teams, which can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Create a share link from AutoCAD/AutoCAD App. It offers better control and refines the process of collaboration.
  • Push to Autodesk Docs is improved for CAD drawing sheets distributed as PDF from AutoCAD to Autodesk Docs without saving the PDF locally, opening an internet browser, or transferring the sheet to the cloud. Accessible on the Collaboration tab, permitting you to team up quicker and further develop work process effectiveness.
  • Floating Windows works with reviewing and altering different drawings all the while in AutoCAD’s single instance. Effectively pull away drawing tabs to see them as completely working windows next to each other or on optional screens. It ensures split-second work execution through snap and drag, without opening AutoCAD once more and tracking down the drawing.

AutoCAD 2022 feature improvements

With the image history feature, you can compare previous/current image versions and monitor the progress of your work.

With Xref Compare you can analyze both versions of the DWG, including external references (xrefs).

The Blocks palette allows you to view/access the contents of your AutoCAD blocks on the desktop or in the AutoCAD web application.

Quick Measure displays the closest measurement in the image by hovering over it.

Cloud storage connectivity enables access to any DWG™ file in AutoCAD in the Autodesk cloud or other leading cloud storage provider.

AutoCAD Anytime, Anywhere make, edit, and check CAD drawings in a browser with the AutoCAD web or mobile app.

2D features include settings for Tables, Text settings, Leaders, Dimensions, Centerlines and center marks, Parametric constraints, Revision clouds, Views, Layouts, Fields, Data extraction,Data linking, Purge, Dynamic blocks, and Arrays.

3D Modeling and Visualization consists of surface, solid, 3D navigation, mesh modeling, section planes, visual styles, point clouds, cloud rendering, model documentation and section planes.

Collaboration features include DGN files, PDF files, DWG comparisons, sheet sets, reference of model and import, geolocation, and online maps.

Installation and optimization consist of an easy installer, home tab, TrustedDWG technology, secure load, CUI customization, CAD standards checkers, system variable monitor, action recorder, application programming interface (API) and Autodesk app store.

AutoCAD Certifications

Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User (ACU) certification ensures that employees’ have beginner level skills for impactfully managing the AutoCAD Software.

The AutoCAD Certified User certification exam validates the basic skills of drawings of application, the ability to accurately draw, modify, or arrange objects, use add-ons drawing approaches, and reuse existing content.

Autodesk Certified Professional for drafting and design validates that the employees’ have advanced skills for resolving complicated workflow and challenges related to design.

The 120-minute professional-level certification exam tests skills in drawing and object arranging, precision drawing, advanced editing, layout, printing, and alternative editions, understanding of annotation techniques, and multi-lead proofreading.

Note: The online AutoCAD certification exams are administered at authorized exam centres. Candidates can find the closest one by connecting them via email/phone and booking the exam.

The global CAD market is expected to reach $11.21 billion by 2023. AutoCAD training and certification for your team will validate their CAD skills, make them prepare for consistent execution in high-tech design environments, and set them apart from the rapidly evolving work culture environment.

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