Top 10 CompTIA Interview Questions and Answers

Top 10 CompTIA Interview Questions and Answers – Updated 2023

You have come to the right site if you’re seeking CompTIA Interview Question and Answers for Experienced or Freshers. There are several chances available from numerous reputable businesses worldwide.

Research indicates that in 2021, CompTIA will hold a market share of around 4.1 percent. Therefore, you still have the chance to advance in your profession as a CompTIA Developer.

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List of Top 10 CompTIA Interview Questions and Answers

1. How long have you been working with each of the operating systems that you have familiarity with?

Okay, this icebreaker query also provides a quick indication of the degree of expertise a computer technician has. Businesses want you to have substantial expertise with the company’s operating system, but they also want someone with broad experience.

Use this opportunity to go into further detail about your experiences and demonstrate your proficiency with computers. Give an example of how you have used the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system’s (OS) capabilities and functions in various situations.

2. Do you know any coding languages, just for the record and to pique our curiosity?

You are right to assume that this question appears to be a red herring or a surprise. You won’t likely need to utilize much if any, code for jobs that use CompTIA Security Plus certification as their certification criteria for applicants.

A code question coming up in an interview like this would be a little unexpected but should be expected at the same time. Organizations often just want to ask a question that will establish a candidate’s knowledge (and potentially mastery of) quasi-related areas.

A+ certified individuals do not need to know how to write code, but it may be helpful to have some experience, particularly when applying for jobs in smaller companies where employees sometimes wear several hats.

3. Concerning this role, how do you feel about the idea of being a team player?

Being a team player will be essential to your success, just like it is in many other, if not all, IT and information security professions. Since they frequently serve as the “front line” of the IT team when interacting with other employees who experience computer troubles, this applies to A+ computer specialists. Employers respect team players who can solve challenges and handle technological concerns amicably with others.

Being a team player is still crucial in your function as the organization’s first point of contact, even in a Tier 1 support position (like with an MSP), where you will need to be able to work independently on problem resolution. To provide nice service, you don’t have to be the most talkative person in the group, but you do need to be personable and a good listener for clients who need technical support.

4. Suppose a printer is printing soiled pages. What is the most effective technique to test to determine if the problem has been fixed?

You will likely spend a significant amount of your day troubleshooting problems with printers and other peripheral devices as a CompTIA A+ certified technician.

When these issues occur, you should try printing a few blank pages to determine whether the problem has been fixed. If they turn out discolored, you will know that the problem has not been remedied and that you need to try another approach.

True, this is a somewhat easy question, but it makes use of the fundamental logic and reasoning needed to be successful in this role, so it should be on your list of potential inquiries.

5. How at ease are you communicating with end-users?

Working with employees to resolve their common computer and other work-related technology issues is one of the key duties of an A+ certified computer technician.

A computer mouse replacement, a shared office printer repair, and, if you have administrator capabilities, the ability to modify a user’s network ID password, are examples of typical jobs.

You should feel at ease with this and be knowledgeable about appropriate communication methods because all of these responsibilities should be expected of your job.

CompTIA Interview Questions and Answers For Experienced Candidates

6. How do you anticipate utilizing your A+ certification in this role?

This sort of question is designed to determine whether you have truly understood how the CompTIA A+ certification will affect the position you want to support the fundamental technologies of today. Plan out the talents for which you have an A+ certification before the interview.

To demonstrate that you have done your research on the role and are prepared to apply A+ in the real world, connect the numerous duties and tasks to the abilities covered by the A+ certification. Inform them that you are familiar with client-side virtualization setup and cloud computing ideas.

Also emphasize your capability to support apps, set up a range of mobile devices, and resolve problems for workers in a scattered workforce.

7. What are some common system file examples?

Although this question just asks for samples, be sure to include some information on how and when they are utilized, which is essential in the background and for different computer boot duties.

Examples come in the form of SYS, registry data files, INI, and NTLDR, among others, as shown in the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Core 2 Objectives. Include some information about what they do as well. INI files, for instance, let you select the boot parameters and the OS to use if multiple operating systems are installed.

8. How might a wireless network be configured?

To begin with, any device on a wireless network would require a wireless adapter. Modern laptops come equipped with wireless adapters, but if yours is an older model, you should first purchase wireless adapters.

To create a complete, all-wireless network, wireless routers are then required. Access points are also necessary to propagate the network. Typically, access points are configured following router installation. You enable network expansion in this way.

The wireless antenna then transmits a powerful radio signal to the access points, wireless routers, and other devices. The last thing you should do is install a wireless repeater to extend your wireless network’s range for those who can’t receive the signal.

9. Why is it crucial for this profession to be up to date with technology?

The interviewers are attempting to determine how you will function as a developing technician when they pose questions of this nature. It’s crucial to stay up to date with new technology since it affects how people operate.

The corporate world alters its strategy when new technologies are developed and adopts what it can from them. You’ll become a better technician if you keep up with these improvements.

To show the potential employer that you are prepared to work in support of their team no matter where they are situated, you may highlight how A+ emphasizes the technology and abilities IT professionals need to support a hybrid workforce.

10. This job occasionally requires a lot of work. How well are you able to deal with pressure?

Computer technician jobs with an A+ certification might seem like stressful, unpleasant work. You are the initial point of contact for users, thus technicians are frequently expected to put in extra time, sometimes even on the weekends.

You will undoubtedly want to express both your approach and your degree of comfort. Make sure to mention your high capacity for working well under duress, your 5-star ability to prioritize, and your effectiveness in troubleshooting.

Above are top 10 CompTIA interview questions and answers collected from top IT recruiters.

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