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Top 4 Reasons Why You Must Go for a PMP Certification

The future is approaching! Do you ever wonder how it’s going to be? Looking at the raging competition in the market, upskilling and reskilling is the need of the hour to retain your position in the race. How can one achieve that?

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, the importance of project management is the same everywhere. The world has a huge demand and myriad job opportunities for PMP® certified professionals and there are way too few skilled professionals available at present. How can the potential employees benefit from this growth-and-talent gap?

Do you know that in the field of Project Management, PMP Certification Training Course is one of the most trending courses today?

It is so for a reason. Nope, in fact, 4 key reasons why PMP certification training course is one of the most trending courses today?

It is a huge global requirement thus, expect great opportunities coming your way. A ginormous market has opened up for PMP® certified professionals. According to recent research done by PMI®, there is an increasing demand for PMP® certified professionals and the world only has 50% of them to fulfill the whole requirement. Experts from PMI® cited in an article that companies are looking to hire about 87.7 million Project Managers by 2027. What can be the major causes behind this? Firstly, a huge number of veteran project managers retiring and secondly, organizations’ constant search for effective methodologies to carry out their projects successfully. Right from IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Construction, Healthcare to Business Consultancy Services, the skillset of a Project Management Professional is highly valued.

Good pay increments are offered to those who have taken the efforts of upskilling themselves. For a PMP® certified professional, Project Management salary is 20% higher than a colleague who does not possess a PMP®  Certification. An average salary of PMP® certified professionals $112,000 in the U.S. whereas it’s $99,000 for non- PMP® certified professionals. China, India and the U.S are the three countries with the highest salary for PMP® certified professionals.

In the world full of unsuccessful projects, be a Project Whiz! There are plenty of unexpected challenges that a team has to deal with, undefined goals, inadequacy in communication and lack of time, cost and quality management to name a few.  A competent Project Manager who facilitates, assists and supervises methodically is a huge asset to the company. After a PMP® Certification Training, you will not only implement the learned skills effectively but also lead your teammates towards the right direction that would make you an influential leader. That’s a great add-on benefit, isn’t it!

You get job security, plus an eternal opportunity to grow. There is a range of industries to explore; no matter which industry you choose, your job is secured because you have an upper hand in the competition – a PMP® Certification. There is no doubt that a certified professional will have to work just as hard as any other Project Manager, but preference given to you as a PMP® certified professional makes your profile much stronger. Additionally, you can grow as high as you want; there are absolutely no limits! Step up the ladder of Project Management; become a Senior PM, Lead PMO, Delivery Head or choose to be a Project Management Counsellor and lead project management offices worldwide. It’s your call!

Project Management is a unique field; it is truly an ocean of opportunities. So without further ado, plunge in deep while you can! ?

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