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ISO 9001 Certified Lead Auditors Top 5 Facts

Ever wonder what does a Lead Auditor do?

Here are top 5 insights on ISO 9001 Certified Lead Auditors and their roles and responsibilities.

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System is a CQI and IRCA certified (Chartered Quality Institute and International Register of Certified Auditors certified) Lead Auditor Course. The ISO (International Organization of Standardization) believes in having standardized operations and implementation of quality management systems in every organization. These quality management systems are generated and appointed by this corresponding company.

A team of auditors ensures of appropriate maintenance of all Quality Management standards. To direct such a team, organizations require a Lead Auditor who looks after the overall planning, conducting and reporting of audits.

It’s not an easy job being a Lead Auditor.

So, what does it take to become a Lead Auditor? What does a Lead Auditor do? What are the Lead Auditor job responsibilities and the average remuneration? And finally, what happens after all the auditing?

Fact No. 1

To become a Lead Auditor, here are 3 major things that count:

  1. Proven experience in Managing and Auditing
  2. Good understanding and exposure in applying ISO principles of QMS
  3. ISO 9001 Certification    

Apart from this, a Lead Auditor is expected to have expertise in Representation Methods and Analytical Skills with Data Analysis. It is necessary to also have an updated and in-depth knowledge of QMS and ISO laws and regulations.

If you want to become a Lead Auditor, the very first step for you is to learn What is Lead Auditor 9001 Certification Training.

Fact No. 2

A Lead Auditor’s daily work schedule looks immensely busy. Apart from managing a team of Auditors, a Lead Auditor coordinates with the Senior Auditor to collect inputs from every team member. Although there are certain types in auditing, such as Internal (2nd party) and External (3rd party) Audits, the Lead Auditor always initiates various kinds of audits and makes sure all the work meets audit standards. Working towards creating unbiased, authentic and timely audit reports is the key goal of every Lead Auditor in the world.

Fact No. 3 for ISO9001 LA

There come certain responsibilities that test a Lead Auditor’s core competency in the subject matter.

  1. Planning: Initiating and planning an audit plan, setting an objective, meeting various requirements of developing a full-proof plan, and deciding the time frames of further stages followed by completion of that audit are some of the things involved in the process of planning.
  1. Auditing: Implementing the actual plan and collection and analysis of the data are the main elements of this stage. A Lead Auditor always ensures that the plan is understood, utilized and followed by every auditor in the team. It is a continual process that can go on for a few months.
  1. Assessment and Closure: All the outcomes are assessed. Information is evaluated by the whole team and examined by the Lead Auditor. This stage involves a lot of ‘ticking items on the checklist’, reviewing and documentation. Followed by that all team members discuss and officially close the audit plan. The Lead Auditor runs a final round of rating, checking and then submits the audit reports when required or generally at the end of a year.

So, in short, you have to be a multitasker to be a Lead Auditor!

Fact No. 4

According to recent research by ZipRecruiter, the average per annum Lead Auditor salary is $77,379 which can go up to $92,500. If you work as a Freelance Lead Auditor the hourly pay scale can be as high as $44.47.

Fact No.5

The outcome one gets from conducting audits says a lot about quality, performance and productivity of the company – as one whole entity. To take the right corrective actions at the right time, gaining accurate audit reports is mandatory. Results are communicated to the employees of the company so that everyone is aware of all the mishaps and can look for better opportunities to correct them if at all they’re repeated in the future. As a result, a successful audit leads to a continuous improvement of any organization.

Every business needs quality assurance and that’s why quality management is one of the most popular industries today. Quality is the soul of every product and helping businesses maintain and improve standards is an exciting thing to do!

Auditing is an elevating career path.

ISO 9001 Certification Training gives you the right direction to lead as a Lead Auditor with ample, rewarding opportunities to grow in any industry.

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