VINSYS Partners with Rocheston

Information everywhere leads to knowledge which has a significant contribution to the organization’s competitive strategies. If this information is lost, we lose reputation and are vulnerable to competition. Glad to announce that Vinsys is now an authorized training partner of Rocheston in the UAE region to provide the training programs which are acknowledged worldwide in the domain of Cyber Security, Information Security, Data Science, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data and many more!

Information Security is important to safeguard us in this digital world and as we say PREVENTION is better than CURE. To prepare ourselves with adequate knowledge and expertise, we need Cyber Security training and certification programs today.

Rocheston, a young NewYork-based internet technology start-up, despite being in its nascent stage, is a company that is raring to go. Rocheston has a worldwide presence, with its headquarters in New York. The company’s technology development center is based out of Chennai, with reach offices in Singapore and Dubai.

With excellent out-of-the-box thinking, Rocheston strives to explore new challenges, and create a world of new possibilities by bringing forth knowledge about cutting-edge technologies that evolve every day.
The first step in securing our cyber future is education, and that means everything from educating individuals to companies to the next generation of IT professionals.” – Dan Lipinski

Some of the widely known certifications are:

CCIO® – Certified Chief Innovation Officer
CCO® – Cybersecurity Compliance Officer
cMBL® – Rocheston® Certified Master of Business Leadership
RCBDA® – Rocheston® Certified Big Data Analyst
RCBE® – Rocheston® Certified Blockchain Engineer
RCCE® – Rocheston® Certified Cybersecurity Engineer
RCCI® – Rocheston® Certified Cybercrime Investigator
RCCM® – Rocheston® Certified Cybertech Marketer
RCCS® – Rocheston® Certified Cybersecurity Specialist
RCDE® – Rocheston® Certified DevSecOps Engineer
RCIA® – Rocheston® Certified Cyberthreat Intelligence Analyst
RCIE® – Rocheston® Certified IoT Engineer

Let’s protect our basic rights, and the entitlement to have privacy to our personal information. Without Cyber Security, we won’t be able to experience our rights!

By this move, Vinsys will be able to fulfill the increasing demand of our business partners to upskill their resources on these technologies.

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Rocheston’s authorized training partner in UAE

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