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What Is Linguistic Testing and How to Perform It For Global Expansion?

Linguistic Meaning

Linguistic testing checks how accurate the software or system is in respect to the language standards, rules and regulations, and grammar. Apart from this the process also helps in ensuring that the product fits the need of the targeted culture and is appropriate for the global audience.

Therefore it would not be wrong to say that localization is a process that involves the adaption of a product to the target audience and market.

Localization is a very complex procedure that makes sure that every element is in conformation with given requirements and standards so that the needs of the target audience is answered. One of these complex procedures is linguistic testing.

Linguistic testing can be taken as a component of non-functional testing. Linguistic testing becomes important for the evaluation of the context and language attribute of an application, software, website for an audience. Know language translations services provided by Vinsys.

Localization involves the adaptation of a product for the target audience.

Translation And Localization
Translation versus Localization versus Transcreation

Key Features Of Linguistic Testing

There comes a linguistic tester which is designed for linguistic testing. The linguistic tester sees whether or not the final product is fitting the cultural as well as linguistic requirements. It has a very crucial role to play in the software, product or website’s success.

There are some key features of linguistic testing that you should know.

  • The focus of the text revolves around the usage of the language.
  • In the process of software testing, the last step is linguistic testing.
  • Linguistic testing is a test of the quality of language used. It is also used for other issues related to language.
  • Linguistic testing also ensures that the product is well suited for the audience.
  • Testing the screens, functionalities, content and user interface for accuracy. Apart from this it also tests whether these elements are appropriate for the target audience or not.

Procedure Of Performing Linguistic Testing

In Localization, various tests are conducted to detect problems that might impact the adaptation to the effectiveness of the product to the targeted market.

Although Localization, linguistic or functional testing might be overall sometimes, however, every test is unique which tests various tools.

People generally think of things like untranslated texts, inconsistencies in terminology, typing errors or grammatical errors of the term linguistic.

In language quality assurance the very first step involves linguistic testing. It is important to know that linguistic testing is done within the final product.

The linguistic tester is the final product just like the local product is used by the target locale users. The linguistic tester will detect the issues that might occur due to translations that are out of context.

Here is a list of things that the linguistic tester looks for:

  • Truncated texts
  • Simple grammatical issues like spelling or punctuation
  • Typing errors
  • Broken characters that are used specifically for that language
  • Country-specific live phone numbers, addresses, pin codes, incorrectly adjusted names
  • Issues in monetary symbols or currency conversion
  • Style and tone of the translation
  • Accuracy of company-related information contact details, website link, phone numbers,
  • Lines of text which were translated incorrectly
  • Accuracy of the translation
  • Issues related to inconsistency In writers of the dialogue boxes, help, menu items and UI files
  • Colours, sound, symbols, cultural references and images which might be inappropriate
  • Errors in time, calendar and date
  • Inaccuracy in the usage of negatives, numeric formats, metric convergence, separators
  • Confirm the correct relationship between text and images

Linguistic testing is performed by bilingual linguists. Please, bilingual linguists, have extensive experience and knowledge equivalent to the translators. It is important to note that the linguistic tester should live in the country and an expert should be located in the target location.

The main aim of linguistic testing is to make sure that the translation is top-notch. It makes sure that localization is achieved in the best way so that the message of the brand is delivered to the target audience.

In case you are still wondering why linguistic testing is necessary for expansion you must read the upcoming section. Now we are going to list down some reasons as to why linguistic testing is so important.

Importance Of Linguistic Testing

Here are some of the reasons that make linguistic testing so important.

  • Linguistic testing and quality control processes give translators as well as linguistics an idea of the final product.
  • The linguistic testing also helps in converting the contextual issues which might hamper the smooth running of the final product after it is live.
  • Linguistic testing is also the final step that is taken before the product is given to the clients.
  • Apart from linguistic testing, another testing known as Localization and testing is also done. They might sound very similar however they are very different from each other. Linguistic testing ensures that all the regulations and requirements are followed. Linguists compare the translated content with the original content.
  • Whereas Localization testing generally focuses on the appearance, usability, functionality of the final product. It makes sure that the localized content is complete. Localization testing is performed by Professional testing engineers.
  • During the testing process, the Localization testing engineers are expected to work closely with the linguistic testers so that they can receive guidance on how they can solve problems that might pop up regarding the usability and functionality of the content.

Once the first assessment is done the report is made with regards to the technical or functional issues found during the process. This report can include average formatting of graphs, images, or other visual elements that can improve the user experience.

Final Verdict – Linguistic Testing

Although Localization is costly, only experts should be hired for the project. This ensures that your company has the right mix of experts who will work on the project because it will be difficult to correct the issues that will pop up in the middle of the process once the Localization process is finished.

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