AWS engineer

Why AWS Engineer Become Best Career Option?

AWS Engineer – Introduction

The job market seems to be going downhill, many people complain. However, the IT sector is gearing up to rule the job market. This sector has several vacancies and offers several stable jobs to deserving candidates. People need to have certain qualifications to join the booming IT sector.  Cloud computing has become an integral part of the IT sector, of late. Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS has emerged as the contribution of Amazon to the world of cloud computing.  An AWS training course goes a long way to ascertain the job of a candidate in the IT sector.

Top 12 AWS Engineering Career Options

 An AWS engineer is an IT professional who maintains, creates and evolves the AWS cloud infrastructure for making applications work with AWS certification. AWS offers a few useful tools like content delivery serv the IT services, database storage and computing power to the cloud customers. The infrastructure includes tests, production and development environment. The different career perspectives for an AWS engineer are as follows-

  1. Cloud Engineer
  2. Development Operations engineer
  3. Full-stack operator
  4. Senior Software Engineer
  5. Systems Administrator
  6. Senior Java Developer
  7. Software Architect
  8. .Net Developer
  9. Backend-developer
  10. Data Scientist
  11. Data Engineer
  12. AWS Solutions Architects

AWS Engineering Skills

Follow the best practices and recommendation skills to develop secure and cost-effective cloud solutions. They require a blend of business-related and technical skills.  Such AWS engineers also need to undergo rigorous technical training to benefit their team.

1.Time Management-The AWS Solutions Architect needs to have strong time management skills. They are capable enough to write scripts, take online training to stay updated with the new AWS features, and work on migrations. They must be ready to travel to onsite meetings with a customer, or write scripts. They need to prioritize their time on tasks, understand how to manage small pockets of time, and plan out their days.

2.Eagerness To Learn And Flexibility- The AWS Solutions Architects need to have a curious set of minds. They need to be flexible enough to work in a variety of scenarios. The AWS Solutions Architects should be willing to learn and experiment with different scenarios. It is a good idea for them to start their day by researching the new features of a service. They may also use their spare time to tune into different important blogs.

Such updated knowledge will even help the experienced AWS Solutions Architects contribute positively to their organization. They should be open to learning new ideas. Such updated learning and flexibility sharpen their problem-solving skills.

3.Communication Skills And Eye For Business- The AWS Solutions Architects are invited to lead boardroom discussions. Their opinion matters. So, they need to be prepared to communicate their plans to any stakeholders. Moreover, the AWS Solutions Architects know how to communicate with audiences who have little technical knowledge. Good communication skills will help them convey the bottom line of their message and underscore their recommendation through their words.

4.Being Decisive- Generally, most of the stakeholders look up to the AWS Solutions Architects for guidance. So, they need to be firm and decisive, without being dominating. They need to get the message across that they have provided cost-efficient and resilient cloud solutions with operational excellence. Their attitude provides reassurance to the stakeholders that their business is in reliable hands.

The AWS Solutions Architects need to be calm and have leadership qualities. Such a firm and calm attitude shows off their decisive nature.

5.Possess Credentials Needed By The Industry- Certain technical skills act as the foundation for planning and managing cloud architecture. Such technical skills include software development, continuous integration, security skills, database networking, architectural skills, modern application, and continuous deployment.

The AWS Solutions Architects need to possess the necessary technical skills. A new version of the AWS Certified Solutions Architects has recently been introduced. It validates the capability to deploy and design well-architected solutions on AWS. Such solutions meet the requirements of the customers. It also includes the updated content across all domains, and new objectives in the categories of modern application architectural skills, cost-optimization, database, and security.

Tools Of An AWS Engineer

The tools required by an AWS engineer are as follows

  • Experience in using the DevOps AWS tools in a cloud environment like Artifactory, Ansible, SonarQube, and Maven.
  • Experience in building and designing web environments on AWS. It includes working with services like AWS EC2, AWS RDS, and S3.
  • A strong background in and Windows server system administration
  • Experience in using monitoring solutions like Elk Stack, Prometheus, and Cloudwatch
  • Experience in building and maintaining cloud-native applications
  • Experience in installing and configuring a variety of application servers like JBoss and Tomcat.
  • Experience in using troubleshooting distributed systems
  • Proficiency in scripting languages and script development
  • Knowledge of a few commonly known programming languages like SQL data and R Math. that are used in cloud computing nowadays.
  • The skill and ability to train and other people in technical and procedural topics
  • The understanding of writing infrastructure-as-code using tools such as Cloudformation
  • An AWS engineer who works with DevOps also needs to have experience with the concepts and practical application of Continuous delivery. They need to be familiar with codes like AWS Pipeline, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS Code Deploy
  • Basic understanding of AWS Interview Questions

For example, a tool like AWS trusted advisor provides real-time guidance to an AWS engineer. This tool provides real-time guidance to the AWS engineers so that they may provide their resources, following the best practices of AWS. AWS Trusted Advisor monitors the service limits, optimizes AWS infrastructure, reduces the overall cost, and improves security.

Now, it is time to know a few details of AWS certified professional DevOps Engineers. People who have an experience of two or more years of experience in operating, provisioning, and managing AWS environments, are eligible for the AWS Certified DevOps professionals.

Important Terms For AWS Engineers

  1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineers- They need to sit for a certification exam. It validates their technical expertise and skills with credentials that are recognized by the industry.
  2. AWS Admins- An AWS admin is responsible for configuring the AWS cloud management services, and carefully monitoring their services. The AWS admin can also create and manage URL proxies and VPC.
  3. AWS Lambda– AWS Lambda may be described as a serverless computing platform. This event-driven computing service runs codes in response to events. It also manages the computing resources which the code needs. AWS Lambda allows the AWS engineers to run a code in the cloud after an event trigger is active.
  4. AWS SQS- Amazon Simple Queue Service, also known as AWS SQS may be described as a message queuing service. It allows the AWS engineers to scale and decouple distributed systems and serverless applications. It may also be described as a pay-per-use web service.  AWS SQS is used to store messages in transit between the computers.
  5. Amazon Athena- Amazon Athena is a serverless, interactive query service. It simplifies the analysis of data in Amazon S3, with the help of standard SQL. It empowers the AWS engineers to pay only for the queries they run.
  6. AWS Cloudtrail- AWS Cloudtrail may be described as a service that enables compliance, governance, risk auditing and operational auditing of the AWS account. It provides the event history of the AWS account activity. The AWS engineers allow AWS Cloudtrail to filter, view, and download the account activity of the last ninety days, free of cost.
  7. AWS ECR- AWS ECR hosts the images of an AWS Engineer in high-performance architecture. It allows the AWS engineers to deploy the images for the container applications reliably.
  8. AWS Quicksight-It is a scalable, machine-learning empowered, serverless and scalable business intelligence service, built for the cloud. It seamlessly discovers the data sources in AWS services, after the Amazon Engineer logs in.
  9. AWS Lightsail– AWS Lightsail instance is a virtual private server that lives in the AWS cloud. The AWS engineers may connect, create and manage the instances directly from the Lightsail console.
  10. AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS Elastic Beanstalk may be described as an orchestration service used to deploy applications that orchestrate different AWS services like Elastic Load Balancers, EC2 and S3. This easy-to-use service is an offering of AWS.
  11. AWS Cloud Computing- Nowadays, owing physical data centers and servers has become quite risky. So, AWS engineers recommend using the  AWS cloud computing services. AWS Cloud computing services help the users access technological services, like computing power, database and storage on a whenever-needed basis, from a cloud provider like AWS.
  12. AWS Redshift- The word “shift” here means to shift away from Oracle. The AWS engineers use the term “ AWS Redshift” to mean a data warehouse product. It forms a part of AWS, which is a larger cloud computing platform. AWS engineers have designed AWS Redshift to store and analyze large-scale data sets. It may also be described as a fully-managed petabyte-scale cloud-based data warehouse product.
  13. AWS Certification PathAWS certification validates the skills of a person in the cloud domain. An AWS certified engineer gets a lucrative salary.  An AWS engineer has to go through a predetermined AWS certification path. The role-based AWS certification path consists of cloud practitioners, architects, developers, and operations. It guides the interested candidates to opt for the relevant certification according to their career goals and choice.

Any cloud platform needs engineers to keep the entire work running smoothly. They are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and evolving the cloud infrastructure of web applications. Cybersecurity has become a major concern nowadays. In fact, studies reveal that a high number of people IT professionals have put their cloud migration projects on hold because of security concerns. So, it is the job of the AWS engineers to put these security concerns to rest. Many recognized institutes are offering training for AWS engineers. However, these AWS engineers need to attend online courses or go through training magazines to update their knowledge.


The entire IT sector has a lot of expectations from AWS engineers. In general, they are responsible for the planning, growth and implementation of AWS cloud infrastructure. Their primary responsibility is to work with the AWS cloud platform, develop it further and keep it functional.

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