(ISC)² Certification Training Courses

Gain Expertise By Acquiring Advanced Cybersecurity Skills, Embracing New Domains,
Validate Deep Technical Competence & Grow Your Career With (ISC)² Certifications.

Upskill & Reskill Your Workforce Through Tailor-Made Training Courses.

Understand in-depth concepts of cybersecurity, which includes risk management framework, cloud security, security administration, cybersecurity leadership, and much more.

Leverage advanced customized corporate training solutions, providing thorough knowledge about the cybersecurity domain to get an edge and stay ahead of the technology curve.

Set your team up for success. Gain access to the most updated courseware for ISC2 certifications like Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP), Certified Authorization Professional (CAP), HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP), Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), and Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP).

(ISC)² Certifications Training Key Features:

Proven Industry Experience.

Accredited Courseware.

Scenario-Based Practical Approach.

End-to-End Post Training Support.

Regular Mock Tests.

(ISC)² Accredited Trainers.

Flexible Training Schedules.

Tailor-Made programs.

Online training in a Tech-Enabled Learning Environment.

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With (ISC)² Certifications

CISSP Certification

Learn & Gain Strong Understanding About Information Security.

SSCP Certification

Learn To Implement, Monitor & Administer IT Infrastructure.

CCSP Certification

Learn To Acquire Hands-On Skills & Expertise in Cloud Security.

CGRC Certification

Learn Technical Skills & Understand Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC).

CSSLP Certification

Learn To Incorporate Security Practices Into Each Software Development Lifecycle Phase .

(ISC)² Cybersecurity Courses

CISSP Certification

CISSP Certification

  • The 5-days instructor-led online training covers in-depth learning about IT system security compliant with the ISC² CBK.
  • Meant for IT professionals with a minimum of 5 years of work experience in 2 or more domains interested in gaining expertise in globally recognized CISSP information security standards.
  • Make you ready to be on the information security learning path for passing the 180-minutes-long Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam.

SSCP Certification

SSCP Certification

  • Tailor-made online training course that enables learners to get fundamental knowledge to execute & manage robust security practices for safeguarding organizations from cyber threats and attacks.
  • Intended for Information Security Analyst, Systems Administrator, Security Consultant & Security Engineer.
  • Prepares you to take the certification exam of Certified Cloud Security Professional with confidence.

CCSP Certification

CCSP Certification

  • 5-day online training course effective for gaining core expertise in cloud design, data, security, compliance, and risk.
  • Appropriate for Security Administrator, Enterprise Architect, Systems Engineer and Security Manager.
  • Enables you to gain the skills required to earn a Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Credential.

CGRC Certification

CGRC Certification

( Formerly Known As CAP )

  • Certified in Governance, Risk and Compliance (CGRC) course training provides knowledge & skills to integrate governance, performance management, risk management and regulatory compliance within the organization.
  • Opted by IT, information assurance and information security practitioners and professionals.
  • It lets you enable with hands-on expertise on the topics like security controls, risk management framework (RMF) and categorization of information systems, etc.

CSSLP Certification

CSSLP Certification

  • Acquire advanced technical skills and understanding crucial for Authorization, authentication, and auditing during the software development life cycle (SDLC).
  • Ideal for software development & security professionals responsible for implementing best practices at every stage of the SDLC.
  • Prepares you to clear the 3-hours-long CSSLP Certification Exam.

(ISC)² Certifications Training Option

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(ISC)²-approved Subject-matter Experts

Updated Study Material

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

A: Three pathways are prescribed to become an (ISC)² member. First, you need to pass any one exam out of six certifications exam. Then, you have to submit an application for endorsement to validate that you are experienced in holding the credential. After the approval of endorsement, you need to pay the Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF).

A:You have to pass an (ISC)² credential examination to become an (ISC)² Associate. If you do not hold the years of experience in working needed to earn the certification, you can become an (ISC)² Associate till the time you gain the required experience to hold the certification. You may retain the ISC² Associate designation for one year after the permitted number of years to fulfill the terms of service.

A: CPE activities are basically an education exercise you do which opens the door to further development in the cybersecurity domain as a professional. CPE points can be extended from year three to year one (of a new three-year cycle) if they are above the minimum requirement in the last six months of that cycle.

Enhanced IT security skills:
  • For CCSLP and CCSP: Group A CPE points up to 30
  • For SSCP, CAP and HCISPP: Group A CPE points up to 20
  • For CISSP: Group A CPE points up to 40