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The aim of this course and qualification is to give the candidates an exposure to acquire skills that will help them support their organization’s service delivery by collaborating service lifecycle stages. This certification showcases that the participants have earned the value of one combined service management practice as opposed to separate subject areas. ITIL® processes and practices, as learnt from the lifecycle and capability streams of the intermediate certificates, are put into a context of delivering this value. The learning outcomes are intended to bring a candidate from ITIL® content knowledge to ITIL® content application and integration knowledge, and provide skills that can be used in the workplace in a tangible way.

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We are the EXIN and PeopleCert accredited training provider. We are certified to conduct trainings for ITIL® foundation and expert courses across the world.


Till date, we have trained and certified more than 10,000+ professionals worldwide in ITIL®, ITSM, and IT Governance
Our integrated pool of instructors and consultants with hands- on industrial experience conduct interactive training sessions to give a participant a practitioner’s approach of using technical concepts
Along with interactive sessions from expert instructors we provide mock exam practice test series, case study material with real-life practical examples
Before taking an actual exams we make the participants appear for numerous mock tests to increase their confidence level.
Our subject matter experts develop in-house course material customized as per the trends and principles stated by the examination body.
We include the official certification fee along with our training cost
We facilitate you to acquire the certification in your home city
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MALC encompasses the broadest perspectives of service management skills, for example those related to project management and application design, it is not intended to teach these practices, rather to refer to them as contexts for ITIL® application. This qualification focuses on strategizing, planning, using and measuring ITIL® practices in an integrated functioning model. Here you will figure out how the service lifecycle stages form an integrated whole, how process integration and interfaces work and how data, information and knowledge is shared. Post completion of this qualification we ensure you that you will gain competencies in the following areas;

  1. Key concepts of the service lifecycle.
  2. Communication and stakeholder management.
  3. Integrating service management processes across the service lifecycle.
  4. Managing services across the service lifecycle.
  5. Governance and organization .
  6. Measurement.
  7. Implementing and improving service management capability.
  1. Learning unit MALC01: Key concepts of the service lifecycle
    • Managing services and service management.
    • The service lifecycle.
    • Service value across the different stages of the service lifecycle.
    • Other key concepts.
  2. Learning unit MALC02: Communication and stakeholder management
    • Co-ordination of business relationship management across the service lifecycle, and the role of business relationship management in communication.
    • Stakeholder management and communication.
    • The value of good communication and ensuring its flow across the service lifecycle.
  3. Learning unit MALC03: Integrating service management processes across the service lifecycle
    • The integration of service management processes through the service lifecycle.
    • The impact of service strategy on other service lifecycle stages.
    • The value of a service lifecycle perspective when designing service solutions.
    • The inputs and outputs of processes and stages in the service lifecycle.
    • The value to business and the interfaces of all processes in the ITIL® service lifecycle.
  4. Learning unit MALC04: Managing services across the service lifecycle
    • Identification and assessment of customer and stakeholder needs and requirements across all service lifecycle stages, and ensuring appropriate priority is given to them.
    • How the service design package provides a link between service design, service transition and service operation.
    • Managing cross-lifecycle processes to ensure appropriate impact and involvement at all required service lifecycle stages.
    • Implementing and improving services, using key sources of information for identifying the need for improvement.
    • The challenges, critical success factors and risks of the service lifecycle stages, and potential conflicts and competing issues across the service lifecycle.
  5. Learning unit MALC05: Governance and organization
    • Governance.
    • Organizational structure, skills and competence.
    • Service provider types and service strategies.
  6. Learning unit MALC06: Measurement
    • Measuring and demonstrating business value.
    • Determining and using metrics.
    • Design and development of measurement frameworks and methods.
    • Monitoring and control systems.
    • Use of event management tools to increase visibility of the infrastructure and IT service delivery.
  7. Learning unit MALC07: Implementing and improving service management
    • Implementing service management.
    • Assessing service management.
    • Improving service management.
    • Key considerations for the implementation and improvement of both the service management practice and the services themselves.
    • Key considerations when planning and implementing service management technologies.

ITIL® MALC is the most high-level credential in the ITIL® framework as it is the final exam based module that an ITSM professional should possess in order to achieve the ITIL® expert certification. Acquiring this credential enables ITSM professional to move from knowing the theoretical aspect to actual application. With these skills, ITIL® MALC certified professionals are able to make valuable contribution to their organization.

Below are key benefits that come along with this certification;
  1. Able to gain competency across all the ITIL® service lifecycle
  2. With this qualification you are able to expand your competencies in communication and stakeholder management, integration and management of service management processes; governance and organization; measurement; and execution and improvement of service management capability.
  3. Along with theoretical knowledge you get practitioner’s approach:
  4. Here you will understand how to combine the Service Lifecycle stages and extend support to IT service delivery in an organization. We ensure you that this certification will help you strategize, plan, adopt and measure ITIL® practices in an integrated manner and deliver positive results to their organizations.
  5. Enhances organizational service management capability:
  6. Your skills to assess the level of maturity and performance of service management in an organization are fortified.
  7. Helps you develop IT Governance practices:
  8. All the certified experts understand the role of the organization structure. This assists you to implement various structures for effective service management, including for matrix organizations.

Frequently asked questions about this course.

1. What is the eligibility for ITIL® MALC Certification?
Candidates aiming for this certification must have 2 credits from the ITIL® Foundation certificate and must, as a minimum, obtain additional 15 credits making it a total of 17 credits. Holders of ITIL® Expert Certificate in IT Service Management are also eligible. Note: Documentary evidence of all credits must be presented by candidates for the MALC qualification.
2. Is the ITIL® Expert Level a higher or equivalent certification level to the ITIL® Service Manager qualification?
The ITIL® Expert is a slightly higher level certification than the Service Manager qualification because it encompasses the knowledge base from earlier ITIL® versions together with the broader Lifecycle elements.
3. Can my organization achieve ITIL® certification or compliance?
ITIL® certification is not achievable, because ITIL® is a framework of guidance and not a standard; however, an organization can achieve ISO/IEC 20000 certification. This is the standard for IT Service Management which is underpinned by ITIL® best practices. If implemented effectively, ITIL® principles can help organizations to meet the requirements and can help an organization achieve certification when audited by a registered certification body.
4. Is there a separate exam for ITIL® Expert?
No, on successfully passing your MALC exam you become eligible to be known as an ITIL® Expert, based on number of credits acquired and pre-requisites met you will be awarded ITIL® Expert in Service Management Certificate.
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