CHFI Success Stories

How C | HFI Transformed Careers: Success Stories of Cyber Security Professionals

Rachel Hawes is from the United States. She holds a degree in Criminal Justice who started her career with a retail company in the fraud prevention department. During her job, she engaged herself in educating customers about the ways to protect themselves from fraud attacks. This is when she realized her interest and inclination towards Cybersecurity as a career and started with one of the Federal Government agencies as a Cybersecurity Technician. In this video, she talks about how she was able to transition into a better cybersecurity role after completing her master's degree in cybersecurity along with EC-Council's C|HFI as a Digital Forensic Certification. This helped her upgrade her role from a Cybersecurity Technician to a Cyber Defense Operator. She also shares why aspiring Digital Forensic Investigators should consider C|HFI.

"EC-Council's Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) is the only comprehensive ANSI accredited, lab-focused program in the market that gives organizations vendor-neutral training in digital forensics. CHFI provides its attendees with a firm grasp of digital forensics, presenting a detailed and methodological approach to digital forensics and evidence analysis that also pivots around Dark Web, IoT, and Cloud Forensics. The tools and techniques covered in this program will prepare the learner for conducting digital investigations using ground-breaking digital forensics technologies."

Rachel Hawes

"There is a huge gap between IT professionals and Law enforcement personnel. In order to fight cyber-crimes effectively these two professionals have to come together and CHFI does that exactly bringing your love for IT and love for Law together."

Jeree Spicer

Business Line Risk Manager

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