CND Success Stories

Boost Your Career In Network Security | Success Stories With CND

Join Lee Williamson as he shares his experience as an information security officer and how the EC-Council's Certified Network Defender Program helped him to improvise security practices at his workplace while enhancing his career. He will share what were the most interesting parts of the CND program and why he recommends colleagues from the IT industry to become a Certified Network Defender.

"Certified Network Defender v2 has been designed by industry experts to help IT Professionals play an active role in the Protection of digital business assets and Detection and Response to Cyber Threats, while leveraging Threat Intelligence to Predict them before they happen. CND is a network security course designed to help organizations create and deploy the most comprehensive network defense system. The only program with 80 complex labs that gives a chance to students to learn under simulated threat environments and gain real-world skills before they start their professional career."

Lee Williamson

Designation: Network Security with an Information Security Officer

"After attempting the CND, I got amazed by the level of detail this course has, structure, flow, and the number of labs. I became a subject matter expert in all domains within CND. I then thought of teaching all those who have been trying to break into Cyber Security."

Robinson Shai

Cyber Security Assistant Manager

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