Certified AI Cybersecurity Specialist Training Course

The Certified AI Cyber Security Specialist course trains candidates on the basics of Machine Learning and Cyber Security, best practices to Malware Analysis, Cyber Security, Cyber Security attacks using Machine Learning, password brute force attack and anomaly detection through demo/hands-on sessions.


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Certified AI Cybersecurity Specialist Course Overview

Cyber-attacks using AI are increasingly on the rise. AI can efficiently help companies manage their cybersecurity risk, resource constraints, and technical challenges. AI-powered systems relatively present specific features that can be attacked in non-traditional ways. This Certified AI Cybersecurity Specialist course is developed for professionals to understand how to use tools provided by Kali Linux Cyber Security penetration testing, basic concepts used in data preprocessing prior to training ML models, develop machine learning solutions using python and use python’s data science libraries in a Kali Linux platform.

In this AI cybersecurity training, you will also learn to create, train, test, and optimize machine learning models to suit applications. Vinsys is an authorized training partner to deliver GICT training.

Course Curriculum


Professionals interested in learning cybersecurity and those working in the cybersecurity domain can attend this Certified AI Cybersecurity Specialist course.

Course Objectives

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Qualitatively explain definition of Cyber Security
  • Quantitatively and qualitatively explain the fundamental concepts of Cyber Security and Cyber crimes
  • Qualitatively explain the causes and emergence of frauds and quantitatively build solution to mitigate occurrences
  • Use tools provided by Kali Linux Cyber Security penetration testing
  • Understand differentiate machine learning from traditional programming paradigm
  • Qualitatively explain the causes of malicious websites and quantitatively build suitable machine learning and/or artificial intelligence model to pre-detect their occurrences
  • Understand basic concepts used in data preprocessing prior to training ML models.
  • Develop machine learning solution using python and use python’s data science libraries in a Kali Linux platform.
  • Create, Train, Test and Optimize machine learning models to suit applications

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Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Unit 2: Best Practices to Cyber Security
  • Unit 3: Penetration Test with Kali Linux
  • Unit 4: Machine Learning Basics
  • Unit 5: Machine Learning & Cyber Security
  • Unit 6: Machine Learning in Cyber Security exercises
  • Unit 7: Malware Analysis
  • Unit 8: Attacks on Machine Learning
  • Unit 9: Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Course Reviews


Vinsys is a leading training provider and has been mentoring the career goals of many professionals across the globe since 1999. With the fast-paced advancements in the training industry, we have been innovating our training methods while including new, trending skill-enhancement courses. Vinsys has empowered more than 750,000 professionals and aspires to help accelerate the careers of more curious minds who wish to explore areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This AI Cybersecurity Specialist course is a popular addition to our module and our students are very happy with this training.

According to January 2021 data from PayScale, the average cyber security analyst's salary is about $76,500.

Of course, it is. As Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of literally everything available today, its intervention in the cybersecurity field is largely impactful. This training introduces you to a career path that is progressive and highly rewarding. Thus, you can be sure of great career opportunities after this certification course.