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Jasmine is an open source testing framework for JavaScript. The Jasmine Karma Certification Training aims to run on any JavaScript-enabled platform, to not intrude on the application nor the IDE, and to have easy-to-read syntax. The Jasmine Karma Certification Course familiarizes you to become a Jasmine expert. The professionals learn to use Jasmine.js for writing specifications, how to use Jasmine Spies for Mocking etc. The extensive study material is designed to make participants comfortable to understand the Unit testing for Angular JS using Jasmine Karma and also prepare for the Jasmine Karma Examination.



  • Introduction & instatllation of karma.
  • Testing Angular JS contollers.
  • Testing Angular JS directives.
  • End To End Testing

  • Fresh Graduates
  • Manual Tester
  • Automation Tester

  • Introduction & instatllation of karma
  • Tesing Angular JS contollers
  • Testing Angular JS directives
  • End To End Testing using angular JS Js applications
  • Introduction and configuration of karma framework





  • Professionals having experience with Jasmine Karma Experts for over 10 years of Industry and Training Experience
  • Successfully trained over 10,000 Professionals across the Globe in acquiring Jasmine Karma Certification
  • Facilitators have conducted over 500 successful Jasmine Karma Certification Trainings

Mr.Robert Nadar


Robert Nadar is an International Testing Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer, Speaker, with specialization in Performance Testing , Functional Testing ,Manual Testing and all other Test Management tools.He is an HP Certified Trainer for LoadRunner 11.0

Can I use Karma with testing framework X?

  • Yes. There are plugins for most of the common testing frameworks (such as Jasmine, Mocha, QUnit). If there is no plugin for the testing framework you like, go ahead and write one. It is simple - you can start by looking into the source code of the existing ones.

Can I use Karma to do end to end testing?

  • Karma has primarily been designed for low level (unit) testing. If it's an AngularJS app, you can use Karma with the karma-ng-scenario plugin. However, we recommend Protractor for high-level testing.

Can I use Karma on Continuous Integration server ?

  • Of course! Check out the docs for Jenkins, Semaphore, TeamCity or Travis.

Which version of Karma should I use?

  • The latest stable version from NPM (npm install karma). See versioning for more detailed information about Karma's release channels.

Which version of Node.js does Karma run with?

  • Karma works on all LTS versions node in active maintenance state (see LTS docs for more info) as well as the latest stable version. That is 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, and 8.x at this point. Karma is released under the MIT license. Site by Friedel Ziegelmayer. Logo by Isaac Durazo.

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Mr.Ammar Elkaderi

Senior Business Analyst

I generally review any trainer and corresponding training program on the basis of the value it adds to the participants. Must say, this training course (my first with a corporate training company like Vinsys) added a lot of value and I had a lot of clarity on the subject. The fact that the trainers actually discussed several industry scenarios helped me to relate to a lot of things pretty easily. Overall, I am delighted that I attended this program and upgraded myself in the right way!


Mr. Kiran Raghavan

Senior Business Analyst

I stopped attending training programs almost 5 years back as I could never survive the whole length of a training session with my eyes wide open – my engagement levels dropped pretty soon once a professional trainer started talking without being highly interactive. But, I realized that for my current role in my organization, I had to attend this training session sooner or later. And to my surprise, I could survive the entire duration of this training course, which for me was a great achievement. I have to thank the wonderful trainer provided by Vinsys who was able to keep us engaged for every second of the training program – definitely not an easy task to do!Also, the study material shared was comprehensive and the combination of trainer talk and notes, helped me to get a solid understanding of this topic. This fulfilling learning experience has made my resolve stronger to continue attending more training programs in near future – preferably from Vinsys. In fact, I have already started browsing through their upcoming training calendar to spot any relevant certification trainings that may suit my job profile.


Ernest Williams


Had a satisfying learning experience with this training at Vinsys. Pros:Simple language used by the trainer to explain the concepts.Strong hold of the subject for the trainer which enabled him to clear the tiniest of doubts easily. Good pace maintained throughout the program.Innovative demonstration of few relevant case studies.Highly interactive session.Cons:Wish this program was a bit longer. Got to learn a lot and wanted to learn more!


Shyamal Saxena


Training is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is an art of communicating the right things, in the right manner, and to the right audience. The trainer for this programme was able to do exactly that. He possessed immense knowledge and was able to communicate most of it to all the participants (including me) that attended the highly effective training programme. A well-organized learning session that upgraded everyone – can easily say this on behalf of all the participants based on the feedback post the session!

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