Cybersecurity: The Evolution of Ransomware

Presenter: Mr. Bob Weiss

calendar  03/08/2022

time  01:00 PM to 02:00 PM EST

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The field of cybersecurity is growing rapidly, where both the scammers and attackers and the security specialists battle every day to outsmart the other one. Cybercriminals are coming up with advanced threats and types of scams regularly, and cybersecurity experts are innovating ways to prevent and combat these attacks. Malware attacks, phishing attacks, and ransomware attacks make the headlines regularly.

Ransomware attacks have been taking place for about two decades now and are accelerating faster today. In these ransomware attacks, scammers steal a company’s data and then encrypt it so the company cannot access it any longer. Following this, the scammers blackmail the organization, and threaten them of releasing their private data unless a ransom is paid. According to a Forbes report, the average amount of reported ransomware transactions per month in 2021 was $102.3 million.


In this webinar on ransomware attacks you will get to learn everything about ransomware attacks, including:

  • The growth and evolution of ransomware attacks over the last years
  • The current state of ransomware attacks
  • The intentions and goals of the ransomware attackers
  • The top proven ways to secure your organization against these ransomware attacks


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Bob Weiss

Cybersecurity Instructor

Bob Weiss is a cybersecurity and information technology instructor, and owner of WyzCo Group Inc, a cybersecurity consulting firm. He has been a featured speaker at several local and international cybersecurity conferences.