Security Problems in the Supply Chain

Presenter: Mr. Bob Weiss

calendar  05/17/2022

time  1:00PM EST to 2:00PM EST

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With businesses growing rapidly in this hyperconnected world, the dependency on suppliers to carry our business operations has increased. This dependency has opened doors to security risks to the entire supply chain that includes logistics, vendors, external suppliers, and transportation. If not properly monitored, assessed and secured, this dependency can become a vulnerability.

In 2021, there was an alarming increase in the number, severity, and success rate of attacks against third-party and supply chain providers, especially those targeting code repositories and software update systems. These attacks against Accelion, CodeCov, Pulse Connect Secure, SolarWinds, Kaseya, Log4j, and other third-party platforms draw the necessity to understand methods of protection against future attacks of this sort.

This webinar will help you understand the role security must play in your supply chain and how to apply security best practices to mitigate security problems in supply chain in the future.


  • Detecting supply-chain attacks
  • Tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Indications of compromise
  • Preventing supply-chain attacks


Cinque Terre

Bob Weiss

Cybersecurity Instructor

Bob Weiss is a cybersecurity and information technology instructor, and owner of WyzCo Group Inc, a cybersecurity consulting firm. He has been a featured speaker at several local and international cybersecurity conferences.