Unboxing Virtualization in today's Software-Defined World

Presenter: Mr. Bob Weiss

calendar  04/12/2022

time   1:00PM to 2:PM EST

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One of the important industry trends is the increasing use and importance of virtualization in the modern network. Technology is moving toward a software-defined, virtualized everything. In this Webinar, we will explore many of the Software-Defined and Virtualization processes that are becoming a bigger part of our environment, with the goal of understanding that these separate concepts are part of a larger whole, as an industry trend.

Software-defined virtual systems have massively impacted three major areas: machines, networks, and applications. Cloud computing showcases the most common example. Virtualization fosters a computing environment to run various independent systems (virtual machines) simultaneously.

The virtualization software market is estimated to reach 149 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2026. Professionals aspiring for careers in Security or Technology are expected to have conceptual knowledge of virtualization and its applications. This webinar is your first step to understanding different aspects of virtualization.


  • What is virtualization
  • Advantages of virtualization
  • Hardware virtualization
  • Network virtualization
  • Application virtualization
  • Virtualization, Software-Definition and Cloud Services


Cinque Terre

Bob Weiss

Cybersecurity Instructor

Bob Weiss is a cybersecurity and information technology instructor, and owner of WyzCo Group Inc, a cybersecurity consulting firm. He has been a featured speaker at several local and international cybersecurity conferences.