AZ 104 Certification Exam Cost

Microsoft Azure AZ 104 Exam Cost 2023

These days, Azure’s expanding range of cloud services aids in business growth, mobility, and cost reduction. Learning Azure is essential for IT workers as it expands. One of Microsoft’s certifications, the Azure Administrator one, is made to assist students to get familiar with Azure. To advance in your IT job, you must first pass the exam . Let’s Check AZ 104 Exam Cost blog in details.

You must configure computers, storage, network connections, and other Azure services generally managed by engineers and management teams to pass the certification test and show that you can administer the client environment of Azure.

Overview of the Azure AZ 104 Administrator Certification

You may manage, govern, and oversee the Microsoft Azure organizational environment by earning an Azure Administrator certification. AZ 104 exam cost and your knowledge is evaluated on the Microsoft Azure certification exam in 4 major areas:

  1. How to handle Azure ID and management, with test questions having a relative weight of up to 20%
  2. Managing and controlling storage space, with a relative exam weight of up to 15%
  3. Using and managing Azure’s computing resources, with a relative exam weight of up to 30%
  4. Azure resource tracking and addition, with a relative exam weight of up to 15%

Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ 104 Exam Cost

Microsoft Azure professional and certification examinations generally AZ 104 exam cost $165 .

AZ 104 Exam fees around 25000 INR

Below are the AZ 104 Course Content

  • Manage Azure identities and governance (15—20%)
  • Implement and manage storage (15—20%)
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20—25%)
  • Configure and manage virtual networking (20—25%)
  • Monitor and maintain Azure resources (10—15%)


The Azure site, ARM architectures, operating systems, virtualization, cloud computing, storage, and networking must all be familiar to you. This test is primarily designed for middle-class executives who have worked with Azure for at least six months and have a solid grasp of its key services, workload, security, and administration.

The enterprise cloud infrastructure is managed by the Azure administrator. In addition to setting up, managing, and regulating resources, this also entails protecting, scaling, monitoring, and configuring identity, administration, storage, cloud computing, and virtual networks. You should also have expertise in:

  • Active Directory installation and configuration, covering domains, forests, domain managers, and backups
  • Virtual machines, virtual networks, and virtual hard drives are all examples of translation.
  • Management of Warehouse Inhibition using cloud infrastructure, including backup and recovery
Training CourseDateMode
AZ 104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Training Course 25-26-Mar-01-02-Apr-2023Online
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Job Opportunities after Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ 104 Training

For years, the cloud computing market has been developing. Although COVID-19 had an impact on everyone in some manner, it didn’t appear to hurt Microsoft’s expansion into the cloud.

 Your cloud career will progress if you obtain an updated certification, such as Microsoft’s Azure Administrator Associate certification, especially given how popular cloud security is today.

An Azure specialist typically earns USD 136.5K per year or USD 70 per hour. The typical annual salary for those with 4–7 years of experience is USD 120K. There is a high need for competent experts in this industry because the vast majority of firms use the cloud.

Microsoft offers test training along with study guides and exam details for anyone wishing to take the Azure Administrator Exam. The greatest materials will make it easier for you to comprehend the concepts.

These programs and online training materials are free as well. Microsoft suggests a few training courses, including the following:

  • Administrative Resources for Azure
  • Accessories for Azure Storage
  • The Azure Architects’ Network Architecture
  • Azure Architect’s Sensory Structure’s Purpose: Calculations Infrastructure in Azure

Microsoft offers resources to help you study for the AZ-104 test. It provides the theoretical information necessary to comprehend the exam’s parts.

Benefits of having an Azure 104 Administrator Certification

  • The object of the Public Cloud:

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular among businesses; in 2022, it’s predicted to generate USD 300 billion in global sales. The client base of Azure is similar to that of AWS, and customer talks have likewise migrated away from Hyper-V in favor of Azure, according to research by the lead architect of Microsoft consulting services.

Cloud computing has emerged as the industry norm for businesses managing all of their technical responsibilities in the modern digital world. Non-technical people may find the hazy concept of cloud intimidating, so let’s simplify the terminology below.

The Internet is a cloud, and cloud computing is a business model that offers easy, all-encompassing access to a common set of computing resources, such as servers, networks, applications, services, and so on, through the Internet.

  • Simple to Learn and Adapt:

Given that Windows is the most widely used operating system, Microsoft effectively controls the market. Most conventional platform design, distribution, and administrative responsibilities may be handled by Azure.

According to a poll, the following questions are the most effective way to gauge the effectiveness of a cloud platform similar to Azure:

  • Does this improve the major application development project for Azure?
  • Does DevOps benefit operations?
  • Does PowerShell integrate with the console?
  • More compatibility with the.NET platform:

For developers used to the.NET platform, Azure’s key benefit is its integration with it. Instead of searching for different cloud providers that offer cloud integration for the coding platform, this enables users to conveniently concentrate on developing their apps. Instead of stressing about the security of customers and their data at Azure, this enables businesses to concentrate on application development and other crucial business factors.

  • Services to meet all needs:

Azure cloud services offer all facets of cloud computing and give service providers the necessary infrastructure.

Additionally, Azure provides its clients with administration tools so that they may test out their services without any issues. There is frequently no need for making cloud architecture exclusive to huge institutions.

Due to its usefulness, aspects like dependability, updates, and service levels are more enticing to consumers nowadays. Databases and use will assist customers and Azure professionals in achieving continuous data interchange in addition to vendor charges.

  • Azure is more economical:

By allocating compute, storage, and database expenses to business needs without over-processing, Azure delivers a cost-effective IT environment. Moving away from some infrastructure tasks also results in cost and human resource savings. Participants were able to swiftly grab business chances to boost work and income since they could supply profitable IT resources.

  • Organizations need the following assets:

With Azure’s demonstrated knowledge, you may expand your company and become a key member of your team. The benefits of Azure’s return on investment in the cloud environment are utilized through Microsoft Azure certifications. Utilizing the payment option can help your business save money on IT and prevent unforeseen expenses.

For SMEs who benefit from completely managing their cloud infrastructure, Azure provides the ideal blend of local and cloud computing centers when compared to other cloud services on the market. Businesses may grow and shift workloads with greater ease and at considerable cost savings thanks to Azure’s cloud architect.

  • Commitment:

We advise enrolling in a certification program with Vinsys to accomplish this objective and those of other participants. The qualifications you obtain have a crucial place in your work as well as on your CV.

Having Microsoft Azure credentials shows that you are committed to working toward a certain objective. The greatest companies will value these traits and, over time, help you advance in your career. It may also result in a range of employment possibilities.

  • Clause of an enterprise agreement:

Companies may utilize an enterprise agreement clause to create their applications using Microsoft Azure and to get discounts on Microsoft tools and goods while using Azure cloud services. Businesses may utilize Microsoft services to their full potential in this scenario.

The ecosystem of cloud service providers gives businesses a wide range of settings and building capabilities that directly address their unique workload requirements.

IT teams should, for instance, take pure virtual case-independent and non-metallic systems into account when determining departmental shared resources as a measure of prospective performance.

  • Gain better DevOps skills:

DevOps is one of the most recent IT innovations. It is a collection of procedures where development and operations are merged to offer clients solutions. You may offer cloud services including design and application policies, process automation, cloud monitoring, and continuous delivery using DevOps expertise.

Processing enormous volumes of data, which is characteristic of workloads, is frequently a key criterion. The overall cloud infrastructure is still cost-effective for production workloads, but IT professionals must be more tenacious, for instance by selecting resource proximity and conflict to fulfill performance needs.

Why Join Vinsys

In conclusion, applicants for this research should be knowledgeable in identity and access control, data, application, and network protection in the cloud and hybrid environments, as well as security monitoring and threat prevention.

The duties of an Azure specialist include managing the security environment, spotting and fixing flaws in different security measures, implementing threat management, and responding to rising security events.

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