AZ 104 Exam Questions Answers

10 Most Common AZ 104 Exam Question and Answers

The Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ 104 exam is a great place to start if you want to pursue a career in the area of Azure technology. You will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities necessary to create, maintain, and monitor the Azure environment for your company once you have passed this AZ 104 exam test. In addition, you will be able to manage Azure identities and governance, implement and manage storage, deploy and manage Azure computing resources, design and manage virtual networking, and monitor and backup Azure resources.

The industry standard for professionals beginning their careers in the Azure area is the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credential, which is earned by passing the Microsoft AZ 104 exam. This article will examine in detail some of the most common Q&As that you need to do to pass this test the first time around.

AZ 104 exam questions

These example questions are straightforward and fundamental and are similar to the actual Microsoft AZ-104 test questions. We advise you to prepare with our Premium Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Practice Exam so that you may evaluate your preparation and performance with real-world scenario-based questions. Practically resolving real-world scenario-based problems exposes you to a variety of challenges that allow you to grow.

This Sample Question Set’s objective is to educate you about the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam. You will become highly used to the style and degree of difficulty of the questions on the AZ-104 certification exam thanks to these practice questions. You should check our sample Microsoft Azure test Administrator Certification practice test to get a feel for the actual exam setting. You may get a sense of realism and a preview of the questions on the genuine Microsoft Certified – Azure Administrator Associate certification test by taking this example practice exam.

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Microsoft AZ-104 Sample Exam Question and Answer

Question 1:

The domain name is shared by Microsoft 365 tenants for your company and Azure Active Directory/ Azure AD. Multiple Azure Files shares are used by the business. Each share of the corporation is allocated to a distinct division. All users have data in the department property in Azure AD. The departmental file sharing must be accessible to the users. Which two categories of groups ought you employ?

  1. A security group with dynamic membership
  2. A distribution group using the dynamic membership type
  3. A Microsoft 365 group using the dynamic membership type
  4. A security group using the assigned membership type, etc.
  5. A group in Microsoft 365 that makes use of the designated membership type

Question 2:

You have a tenant called in your production Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). You deploy a development Azure Active Directory (AD) tenant, and after that, you provide the development tenant with several unique administrative roles. The roles must be copied to the production tenant. What ought you start with?

  1. Export the custom roles to JSON from the development tenant
  2. Create a new custom role from the production tenant, option
  3. Take a backup from the development tenant
  4. Create an administrative unit from the production tenant

Question 3:

You have several Azure runbooks under your Azure subscription. Every night, the rulebooks provide reports. The runbooks are set up to save authentication information in the form of variables. A more secure authentication method must be used in its stead. Which should you employ?

  1. An access policy
  2. an administrative unit
  3. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Identity Protection
  4. Azure Key Vault

Question 4:

You have a virtual machine called VM1 in your Azure subscription. Volume encryption is necessary for VM1’s operating system and data drives. You create vault1 as the name of an Azure key vault. For volume encryption, you must set up vault1 to enable Azure Disk Encryption. Which setting for vault1 should you change?

  1. Secrets
  2. Security
  3. Access regulations
  4. Keys

Question 5:

You have a tenant called in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). You must make sure that User1 has access to the tenant’s whole set of settings. It must be impossible for User1 to alter any settings. Which role ought should you provide User1?

  1. A reader of directories
  2. Security reports
  3. Reports
  4. Global information

Question 6:

You have VM1, a virtual computer in Azure. The identical parameters as VM1 must be used to generate five more virtual machines. The answer must guarantee that VM1 is always accessible. You open the blade for VM1 from the Azure portal. What ought you do now?

  1. Choose Capture
  2. Choose Scalability and availability
  3. Choose Redeploy + to reapply
  4. Pick Export template in step

Question 7:

You have an Azure subscription that includes the web app webapp1 from the Azure App Service. The domain name for Webapp1 is You must update webapp1 to include a unique domain called You check who owns the domain. The following DNS record to use is?

  1. SRV
  2. CNAME
  3. TXT
  4. PTR

Question 8:

There are ten distinct departments in your business. You have a large number of virtual machines in your Azure subscription. Only the virtual machines used by their respective departments are used by users. The virtual computers will receive resource tags specific to each department from you. Which two options ought you to choose?

Each correct example offers a full resolution:

  1. App registrations
  2. PowerShell
  3. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates
  4. Azure Advisor

Question 9:

After moving the application to Azure, you must make sure to establish a backup solution. For this need, which of the following would you develop first?

  1. Create a backup policy
  2. A recovery services vault
  3. An Azure backup server
  4. A recovery plan

Question 10:

Which Azure service keeps track of connection on-site?

  1. Azure DNS
  2. Azure Logs
  3. Azure Alerts
  4. Azure Monitor

Practice for the AZ-104 Exam Dumps

Utilizing practice exams is one technique to reduce stress and close any knowledge gaps that may be present. Since they were designed with the final exam in mind, using them could feel intimidating at first. However, because the practice exams replicate the actual exam, you’ll find that they become more and more useful with regular usage. Taking practice exams enables you to monitor your progress, identify your areas of weakness, and make improvements. The more AZ-104 practice exams you take, the more proficient you become.

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