Power Up Your Layouts in AutoCAD

Presenter: Mr. Anil

calendar  03/16/2022

time  01:00 PM to 02:00 PM EST

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AutoCAD revolutionized the design process with its inception in 1982. Since then, Autodesk has been a leader in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. Before AutoCAD, the entire design process (including architecture and engineering) was done by manual drawing. Upon recognizing the true potential of computation, AutoCAD was developed as digitization of hand drafting tools. Over the course of almost 40 years and several version releases, Autodesk AutoCAD has transformed the way designs are conceptualized, developed, and also documented in 2D drawings and 3D drawings.

This webinar will cover an essential area of AutoCAD, that is, layouts. From a birds eye view, a layout is a 2D working environment for creating drawing sheets. The area within a given layout is known as the paper space, where you can add various design elements and changes, including, adding a title block, displaying scaled views of model space. You can also create schedules, tables, notes, and dimensions for your drawing in this paper space.


Our webinar, with AutoCAD pro Anil will help you learn everything about layouts in AutoCAD, including:

  • What are layouts
  • What are the various methods to create a new layout
  • What are layer filters and their use casee
  • How to use layer filters to create different layouts


Cinque Terre

Mr. Anil

Autodesk Certified Instructor

An Autodesk Certified Instructor (Silver), dedicated, resourceful and innovative offering an extensive of more than 11+ years in the domain of industrial designing, training, and operations in the design engineering industry, with a high degree of discipline and involvement. Autodesk certified Professional in AutoCAD, Inventor Professionals, Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP, and Autodesk Certified User in Fusion 360. Certified Master trainer from NASSCOM for product design engineer quality pack.