Cybersecurity: Anatomy of a Phishing Exploit

Presenter: Mr. Bob Weiss

calendar  01/25/2022

time  01:00 PM to 02:00 PM EST

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Organizations all around the globe have learned the importance of data and system protection, and business leaders are aware of cybersecurity and the role it will play in the future. Security experts work day and night to strengthen their cybersecurity efforts and recover from attacks to run their businesses smoothly.

Attackers are still using ransomware and malware attacks to damage organizations, but phishing attacks are becoming a more severe issue every passing day, costing businesses millions of dollars every year. According to the FBI, phishing was the most common type of cybercrime in 2020.

These phishing attacks can be majorly divided into the following five categories: normal phishing, spear phishing, whaling, clone phishing, BEC phishing. All of these phishing attacks have seen an incremental increase in the past years. 75% of organizations worldwide experienced some phishing attack in 2020. Another 35% experienced spear phishing, and 65% faced BEC attacks.


  • Examine a Well Fargo Bank phishing attack
  • Understand various types of phishing attacks
  • Learn how to detect phishing attacks
  • Learn how to avoid these phishing attacks
  • Understand how to respond and take immediate action if such an attack takes place


Cinque Terre

Bob Weiss

Cybersecurity Instructor

Bob Weiss is a cybersecurity and information technology instructor, and owner of WyzCo Group Inc, a cybersecurity consulting firm. He has been a featured speaker at several local and international cybersecurity conferences.