AutoCAD 2021 Level 3: Advanced Training Course

Add to your foundational and intermediate-level skills to master the go-to CAD application with AutoCAD 2021 Level 3 training. The 3-day advanced course takes AutoCAD Essentials and Beyond-the-basics learnings forward, and helps you save time via specialized toolsets. In this training, our Autodesk-authorized instructors enable you to ensure seamless connections with web/mobile apps and facilitate organized workflows.


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AutoCAD 2021 Level 3 Advanced Course Overview

Vinsys' AutoCAD 2021 Level 3 is the continuation of Level 2 training. It covers advanced techniques and makes you or your team members highly proficient in using the AutoCAD software. In addition, the in-depth course explains how to identify/utilize the most appropriate tools and create them for efficient task completion.

The expert-level Autodesk-approved training is designed for those using AutoCAD 2021 with Microsoft Windows, and it is not recommended for the AutoCAD for Mac.

Course Curriculum


  • Professionals interested in creative freedom, productivity benefits, and precision required to produce excellent 3D modeling.
  • Job Roles: Engineers, Architects, Designers & Auditors.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Should have completed the Autodesk AutoCAD Level 1: Essentials and Level 2: Intermediate courses, or have the equivalent experience.

Course Objectives

  • Learning the advanced text objects.
  • Working with tables.
  • Defining dynamic blocks/attributes.
  • Outputting/publishing files for review.
  • Collaboration/automation tools.
  • Creating/publishing, and customizing sheet sets.
  • Managing layers.
  • CAD management/system setup.
  • Enhancing productivity through customization of the AutoCAD interface.
  • Utilizing macros and custom routines.

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Training Options


Instructor-Led Session

  • 3 Days Instructor-led Online Training
  • Experienced Subject Matter Experts
  • Approved and Quality Ensured training Material
  • 24*7 learner assistance and support


Customized to your team's need

  • Customized Training Across Various Domains
  • Instructor-Led Skill Development Program
  • Ensure Maximum ROI for Corporates
  • 24*7 Learner Assistance and Support

Course Outline

  • Annotation scale overview.
  • Using fields.
  • Controlling the draw order
  • Working with linked tables
  • Creating table styles
  • Working with dynamic blocks
  • Creating dynamic block definitions
  • Dynamic block authoring tools
  • Additional visibility options
  • Inserting blocks with attributes
  • Editing attribute values
  • Defining attributes
  • Redefining blocks with attributes
  • Extracting attributes
  • Output for electronic review
  • Autodesk design review
  • Publishing drawing sets
  • Connecting to the cloud
  • Sharing drawings in the cloud
  • Rendering in the cloud
  • Attaching Navisworks files
  • Overview of sheet sets
  • Creating sheet sets
  • Creating sheets in sheet sets
  • Adding views to sheets
  • Importing layouts to sheet sets
  • Transmitting and archiving sheet sets
  • Publishing sheet sets
  • Customizing sheet sets
  • Custom blocks for sheet sets

Working in the layer properties manager
Creating layer filters
Setting layer states

  • Learning concepts
  • Configuring standards
  • Checking standards
  • Layer translator
  • Options dialog box
  • System variables
  • Dynamic input settings
  • Drawing utilities
  • Managing plotters
  • Plot styles
  • The need for customization
  • Creating a custom workspace
  • Using the customized user interface dialog box
  • Customizing the ribbon and quick access toolbar
  • Customizing menus
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Custom commands and macros
  • Running scripts
  • Action recorder
  • Editing action macros
  • Loading custom routines

Course Reviews


The AutoCAD 2021 Level 2 takes you one step ahead after completing the Level 1 Essentials course. It addresses advanced features and techniques. The Level 3 training, while covering advanced tools, also allows you to learn new elements of the AutoCAD software.

Anyone with general computer skills and English language comprehension ability who satisfies the above-mentioned eligibility criteria can go for this course. However, the most applicable roles may include engineers, architects, and designers.

Yes, it prepares them to qualify for entry-level AutoCAD drafting opportunities.

The comprehensive training lasts for 24 hours, spread across 3 days.