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Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Your AutoCAD 2D/3D Course In Saudi Arabia

AutoCAD 2D/3D training covers the basic concepts of drawing and construction. This course equips users with basic drawing skills to solve problems in AutoCAD. You will learn about using AutoCAD commands to draw, use constraints, make 3D objects, utilize CAD standards, and advanced applications in AutoCAD software. Start studying AutoCAD 2D/3D training in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail) for gaining experience in 2D/3D CAD drawing.

Course Curriculum

Audience Course Curriculum (Level 1) Objectives:

•    Familiarity with AutoCAD workspace and user interface.
•    Use basic drawing/editing and reviewing tools.
•    Set the image object.
•    Use of reusable symbols.
•    Layout preparation.
•    Add text, hatches and dimensions.


•    People who use AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT with Windows operating system.
•    Those who are interested in creating simple 2D drawings in AutoCAD and creating high-precision 3D models.
•    reception
•    Working understanding of basic procedures and conditions for design/preparation.
•    Knowledge of Windows operating system.

Course Curriculum (Level 2) Course Objectives

•    Learn advanced mechanical / construction engineering.
•    Add parametric constraints.
•    Create local/global blocks.
•    Customize layers/styles/patterns.
•    Attach external links.


•    Professionals or professionally trained AutoCAD users use AutoCAD as a regular part of their daily work processes.

Eligibility Criteria

•    Working understanding of basic procedures and conditions for design/preparation.
•    Knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating system.

Course Curriculum (Level 3) Audience:

•    Professionals interested in the creative freedom, productivity benefits and precision needed to create great 3D models.
•    Occupational roles: engineer, architect, designer and auditor.


•    Professionals interested in the creative freedom, productivity benefits and precision needed to create great 3D models.
•    Occupational roles: engineer, architect, designer and auditor.

Eligibility Criteria:

•    You must have completed Autodesk AutoCAD Level 1: Core and Level 2: Intermediate courses or have equivalent experience.
•    Course objectives
•    Study of extended text objects.
•    Work with tables.
•    Define dynamic blocks/attributes.
•    View/publish files for review.
•    Collaboration / automation tools.
•    Create/publish and customize worksheets.
•    Level management.
•    CAD control / system adaptation.
•    Increase productivity by customizing the AutoCAD user interface.
•    Use of user-defined macros and procedures.

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Course Outline

AutoCAD 2D/3D certification can make you prepare for wide range of skills to improve your drawing and construction skills. It will initiate you to increase your knowledge, enhance your career, and develop your skills to work at your best. 

AutoCAD 2D/3D Certification:

•    This is a valuable certificate that confirms your expertise and experience in using AutoCAD tools and features.
•    AutoCAD 2D/3D certification proves that you have the skills to create design tasks quickly and efficiently.
•    Certification can boost your productivity and competence in handling various tasks.
•    The average salary of certified candidates is significantly higher than that of other employees. You can earn handsome salary with your certification.
•    AutoCAD software is the world's leading software. This certificate shows them that you have gain expertise in this vital technology.
•    Certification can also help you advance your career with better career prospects.

Our AutoCAD 2D/3D design training can help you learn and build the basic qualities and skills needed to become a skilled professional. We focus on enabling learning through a unique approach to learning that is more acceptable to our learners and this includes:

•    Face-to-Face digital training with flexible classes
•    Industry standard course materials
•    Tips and tricks for preparing for AutoCAD 2D/3D exams with fictitious tests
•    Personalized training with industry-leading instructors

At Vinsys, our experienced trainers will tailor the course to your needs. With this we want to achieve an important goal of the course.

The main objectives of our AutoCAD 2D/3D course are:

•    Conceptualize projects that can then be created
•    Learn the skills of drawing mechanical parts and architectural plans
•    Understand how to make engineering diagrams, electrical drawings, etc.
•    Learn to coordinate and explore different design options
•    Analyze how the user interface can be customized to speed up model editing
•    Work on portfolio-worthy AutoCAD projects
•    Planning of building and infrastructure projects assuming construction costs
•    Creation and organization of construction plans for your new engineering project

The following requirements are required to continue our AutoCAD 2D/3D training in Saudi Arabia:

•    Engineer (mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and others)
•    Draftsman, student, designer
•    Anyone who wants to learn CAD or get a certificate
•    Our courses aim to help candidates build successful careers with AutoCAD 2D/3D. There is no doubt that you can advance your career with AutoCAD 2D/3D training    in Saudi (Riyadh,Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail)

Vinsys Training Institute is a premier institute that provides the best certification for AutoCAD 2D/3D courses in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail). Retail, government and other organizations prefer to hire certified professionals to increase the success rate of various projects. We offer professional intensive, specific and subject-oriented training. We have industry-leading professionals offering tailored courses for candidates. At Vinsys, we provide various teaching materials and teach them skills that will enhance their skills in the workplace. If you want to become a certified professional, prepare to be ahead of the rest.

Course Reviews


Yes indeed! AutoCAD 2021 has been updated according to customer reviews to include improvements and new features to drive automation, increase efficiency, and increase overall productivity. Therefore, mastering the basics is a step towards optimal use.

Not all. The main purpose of this course is simply to explain the most appropriate and important tools or concepts of AutoCAD 2021. After completing this training, you can choose courses for level 2 and level 3.

Although AutoCAD, including the 2021 proposal, can be used to create 2D and 3D drawings; This particular course focuses more on creating simple 2D images.

Key benefits include Autodesk certified instructors with industry experience, formal curriculum, certificate of completion of AutoCAD courses, and 24/7 support.

Prior knowledge of basic AutoCAD commands/techniques is required. Therefore, the choice of AutoCAD 2021 Level 1 Essentials training would be more appropriate. After completing basic training, you can choose this course.

New features are more tailored to the way you work and drive automation to increase productivity. AutoCAD 2021 subscriptions and special toolkits automate tasks and save hours and days.

Label scaling, object plane documentation/creation, object drawing sequence control, standard CAD configuration/verification, electronic transfer and design feed.

Autodesk Authorized Learning Centers like Vinsys are your most trusted source for learning AutoCAD. You will receive training from certified professional instructors recognized by the Autodesk Learning Partner Community. In general, these centers significantly increase your knowledge of the product, prepare professionals for various certification exams and also help them achieve their goals.

AutoCAD 2021 Level 2 makes you one step further after completing the Level 1 Basic Course. It deals with advanced features and techniques. Level 3 training, while including advanced tools, allows you to learn new elements of the AutoCAD software.

Anyone with general computer skills and command of English who meets the above entry criteria can take this course. However, the most suitable roles can include architects, engineers & designers.

Yes, it helps the professional to qualify for entry-level AutoCAD roles.

The entire training lasts 24 hours, divided into 3 days.