Autodesk Certified Expert in Generative Design for Manufacturing Exam Prep

Excel in generative design for manufacturing using Fusion 360 through our two-day Generative Design for Manufacturing Expert Certification preparation training. The Autodesk-certified instructors (ACIs) cover industry-relevant aspects, help secure the expert-level credential, and expand your career opportunities.


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Autodesk Certified Expert in Generative Design for Manufacturing Exam Prep Course Overview

Vinsys' Autodesk Expert in Generative Design for Manufacturing certification training provides you with generative design skills. It focuses on core skills, from setup, review, to the post process of generative designs. 

The detailed course also leads to thorough preparation for the industry-recognized Autodesk Expert in Generative Design for Manufacturing accreditation exam. 

Course Curriculum


  • To learn navigating the user interface.
  • Identifying areas of the browser.
  • Transitioning through various environments.
  • Knowing the available file types.
  • Displaying a part or assembly.
  • Creating fully constrained sketches.
  • Creating extrude, loft, revolve, and other basic features.
  • Modifying geometry with fillets and chamfers.
  • Using form tools for creating/modifying form body geometry.
  • Using mesh tools to smooth, repair and manipulate mesh bodies.
  • Creating surface extrudes, revolve, and patches.
  • Creating/managing assemblies and assembly motion.
  • Using Edit Model in a generative study for preparing a design.
  • Defining generative study materials.
  • Defining generative starting shape, preserve, and obstacle geometry.
  • Creating loads and constraints.
  • Defining generative study objectives.
  • Defining generative study manufacturing methods.


  • Individuals with in-depth knowledge/skills in generative design for manufacturing using Fusion 360. 
  • Professionals interested in acquiring generative design skills. 
  • Those who wish to earn the Autodesk Expert in Generative Design for Manufacturing certification.


  • Knowledge of Fusion 360 components. 
  • The ability to use Fusion 360 features.
  • Basic know-how of Navigation in Fusion 360. 
  • Engineering experience equivalent to approximately 400–1,200 hours of software experience is recommended.

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Course Outline

  • Creating Digital Components/Assemblies.
  • Creating/Modifying Freeform Parts.
  • Modifying Mesh Bodies.
  • ID Problems for Solving with Generative.
  • Utilizing the Edit Model Workspace.
  • Setting Up the Generative Design Space.
  • Defining Generative Design Conditions.
  • Determining Generative Design Criteria.
  • Examining Generative Materials.
  • Creating a Generative Preview.
  • Solving a Generative Study.
  • Exploring Generative Study Outcomes.
  • Creating an Editable Generative Design.

Course Reviews


It is a design exploration process where the generative design software goes through all possible permutations of a solution and quickly generates design alternatives. The benefits come in the form of testing and learning from each iteration to find out what works and what doesn’t.

This accreditation is meant for candidates with advanced skills/abilities for solving complex challenges in workflow/design utilizing Fusion 360.

Multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, active-screen, hot-area, and graphic interpretation questions.

Pass or Fail. Passing scores are not disclosed beforehand.

Vinsys is the leading Corporate/Individual training provider and an Autodesk-authorized center with seasoned industry experts sharing an official curriculum. 
Our instructor-led Fusion 360 online training, customizable skill-development programs, and 24*7 support ensure the most comprehensive upskilling experience, necessary for capitalizing on valuable Autodesk Fusion 360 opportunities.